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Coruscant Jedi Temple

- - - - - Galactic Alliance New Jedi Order

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  • Structure Name: Coruscant Jedi Temple
  • Classification: Jedi Temple
  • Location: Coruscant
  • Affiliation: New Jedi Order
  • Accessibility: Finding the location is easy enough, with the Jedi Temple taking a prominent place on the Manari Mountains skyline. Several locations, such as the Great Hall and the Room of a Thousand Fountains, are open to the public. However, more secure locations are either completely off limits to the public, or passage is only allowed under escort by a ranking Jedi Knight or Master.
  • Security: Ostensibly, the Jedi Temple has little in ways of overt defenses. No turbolasers or armor on the building facade were in the designs, however that does not mean the temple isn't protected. An extensive sensor and security system is in place, controlled and monitored from the Operations Center. Hidden ray shield traps, concealed security droids and passages to allow the Jedi to move quickly through the building in case of attack, and a deflector shield to prevent the Temple from getting bombarded if the occasion happens. The main door is reinforced, and while decorative, is also made of turadium. Security patrols are generally made of Jedi Knights specialized as Guardians, Sentinels, or Inquisitors.
  • Description: On approach to the Jedi Temple, one would be struck with the blend of modern and ancient aesthetics. A long walkway leads to the main entrance of the Temple, the Temple itself appearing to be an edifice of polished marble and stone. Two spires and their base consist of the main building, transparisteel walkways connecting the two at various points above ground level.




Great Hall

- The main part of the Temple beyond the entrance, the Great Hall is a vast multi-leveled chamber. On the rare occasion the entire Order needs to gather, it can be converted into a large meeting hall, otherwise meetings can be held in several of the smaller meeting chambers and rooms off the main walkway. A bank of turbolifts in the back lead to other sections of the Temple, with certain levels requiring a Jedi ID code to access. Various internal branches of the Jedi, such as the AgriCorps, EduCorps, and ExplorCorps have offices or meeting spaces for their members off the Great Hall. One other chamber off the Great Hall is a waiting room designed for those needing to meet with a Jedi that does not have government access.


Jedi Archives

- Perhaps the most important part of the new Temple is the reconstructed Jedi Archives, the combined repository of all the knowledge the Jedi Order has gathered in their long years. Designed much like the old Jedi Temple archives was, the Archives is a large space with various branching halls. Each one is packed with shelves full of holobooks, with some special collections having such artifacts as datacrons and ancient scrolls for private viewing (these cannot be removed from the Archives). Analysis chambers are available for trying to identify unknowns a Jedi might encounter in their duties. Lecture halls have also been included, where interactive lessons can take place on a variety of subjects taught by the Jedi librarians on duty. The Head Archivist for the Order has quarters off one of the halls, while offices have been put aside to serve as headquarters for the Jedi Inquisitors. Within the Inquisitors' Headquarters is a vault that is used to lock away dangerous dark side artifacts they have recovered, and only Masters are allowed access to these vaults... under strict supervision.


Room of a Thousand Fountains

- Painstakingly reconstructed, the new Jedi Temple on Coruscant has rebuilt the Room of a Thousand Fountains in the lower areas of the Temple. An artificial waterfall dominates the center of the room, the water from it streaming out into different pools and streams. Small arching stone bridges go over these individual streams, and the room is dotted with meditation pads and benches along the flagstone walkways. Planting beds, with trees, flowers, and other greenery from a thousand worlds dot the area, and the pleasant and soothing sounds of the fountains can be heard anywhere in the room.


Operations and Communications Center

- The nerve center of the Jedi Order, especially in these times of war. The Operations and Communication Center is equipped with the latest communications equipment available in the Alliance, with a fully interactive holographic display in the center of the several stories tall room. A constant stream of data pours into the center at all given times as the Jedi continue to help wage war against the dark side in real time. It is not uncommon for military officers to be present or briefing the Jedi on the latest movements of the GADF here. The Op and Com Center also plays host to the command offices of the New Jedi Order's slowly developing personal fleet.


Halls of Healing

- Ostensibly, the Halls of Healing are the New Jedi Order's infirmary. Equipped with the latest in medical technology and state of the art medical facilities, the Halls of Healing are a place of healing and research. Bacta tanks are present in one chamber, while beds for the injured are reserved in another. Research labs are used by the Jedi Healers in studying various illnesses in the hopes of finding a cure, including Sith-created viruses if samples are obtained by the Jedi in the field. The Jedi MedicalCorps and Circle of Healing have chambers in this section.


Detention Center

- Located in the deepest section of the Temple, the Detention Center is where the Jedi hold both criminals and dangerous Force users they have captured. Criminals are held in simple holding cells, not unlike those used by police forces around the galaxy. Ray shields and heavy metal doors protect these cells, but it is the cells designed to hold dark siders that are truly protected. With no magma cells present, unlike at the Sullust facility, the New Jedi Order opted for another approach. Going off the old Asylum Center, ysalamiri in olbio tree groves have been positioned around the cells, but just in case, emergency ray shields can be deployed in the event of an attempted escape. The cells are constructed from reinforced turadium. Jedi Temple Guards patrol the Detention Center, and the Jedi Sentinels' Coruscant headquarters are located in this area as well. As a personal joke to the head of the Sentinels, a small holo-image was added that shows an old magma cell from Sullust that cannot be removed.


Dormitories and Offices

- The living quarters of the members of the Order. Padawans and younger Knights are sorted into different dormitories, while older Knights are afforded their own private quarters. The Masters in the Order also have quarters in this section, although more spacious than the Knights. Attached to each private accommodations is an office or workshop space for the individual Masters, with remote access to the Jedi Archives. Also in this section are temporary quarters for any visiting diplomat of Fringe Forcer that needs a place to stay while on Coruscant.


High Chamber

- Built at the apex of the taller spire, this chamber is used for meetings for the various Masters in the Order and their equivalents among the Fringe Forcers if they decide to attend such meetings. Arranged much like the old Jedi High Council Chamber, a circle of chairs rings the room, with each chair having a holo-projector in case a Master is off-world and needs to attend a meeting.


Mourning Court

- A somber reminder that Jedi are not invincible and have many enemies, the Mourning Court is where services are held for those that fall in the line of their duty to the galaxy. A funeral pyre is in the center of the room, and dotted around the chamber are busts of famous Jedi that had died. Seating is arranged in a stadium style, rising up in a graceful arch. Walkways along the top of the chamber allow guests and Jedi walking through the Temple the ability to loom down into the chamber. The ceiling also has a retractable portion that can allow sunlight and fresh air into the chamber, a way to represent the continuing light and life.


Training Area

- Every Jedi knows they need to constantly be training in these trying times, and thus the Coruscant Jedi Temple is equipped with a large training area that can be designed and reconfigured for whatever scenario the Masters wants to put the students through. Whether it be an arena, an obstacle course, or even a simulated battle projected by overhead holo-projectors, the training area is designed to prepare the Jedi Order for the fight against the darkness. The area also is home to the Jedi Quartermaster and the armory.



- A Jedi Temple is not complete without its own hangar, as many Jedi have their own fighter or personal craft. Designed large enough to accommodate the New Jedi Order's needs, the hanger is protected by twin turadium blast doors and a shield, much like many ship hangars, if the need arises. Nestled around the hangar are various storage spaces for parts, fuel, and all the other needs a pilot might need to keep their ship going.


After the Galactic Alliance retook Coruscant from the One Sith, it was decided that the Jedi needed to establish a new Temple on the planet. However, for a time, the project was placed on the backburner as the New Jedi Order had been headquartered on Sullust since the GA's inception. However, due to the destruction of the Sullust Temple during the Contigency incident and the Alliance's re-orientation towards the Core Worlds, the New Jedi Order under Omai Rhen decided the Jedi Order needed to be based on Coruscant in solidarity with the Alliance.


The new Temple, established in the Manarai Mountains instead of the original Temple District, would play host to a gathering of Jedi of different factions, even in the middle of the move from Sullust and the backlash of the incident. This new Coruscant Jedi Temple takes many of the features from the old Temple destroyed by the One Sith in their conquest of Coruscant over a decade ago and modernizes them, while also remaining faithful to what came before. It would serve to be a new home for the Jedi, one that could give the Order more visibility to the Alliance public and raise morale. The Jedi had finally returned to Coruscant officially.

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Taeli Raaf


You work here, you know it's good :P


Nice to see the Jedi Temple firmly established back on Coruscant.


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