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The Bounty Hunters' Guild

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Sidon Eshe

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The Bounty Hunters' Guild serves as a central organization that supplies information, resources and - more importantly - contracts for bounty hunters. Through brokering deals with clients, the Guild secures the best rewards for their members, ensuring a high-return on completed deals. In the past, members of the Guild operated as single individual cells, but the new focus of the faction has altered this method; and as of now, all members are entitled to utilize a shared armory, filled with top-of-the-line weapons, armor and accessories for any contract type, as well as the option of pairing with other hunters or being hunter-team allocated for dangerous contracts.


As previous, the Guild is entitled to a small commission of all contracts, 15% of total contract reward, however the benefits have now changed and include:

  • Live contract updates via the ShadowNet (accessible via secure login on most terminals)
  • Access to information network to assist with contract/s (accessible via ShadowNet)
  • Access to the Guild Armory (50% repair fee on damaged stock)
  • Shared member contacts for teamwork (bonus credits on completion)
  • Hunter-team system for difficult contracts (bonus credits on completion)
  • Discounts at preferred armament suppliers (specific to dealers)

In order to maintain high efficiency within the Guild, and to ensure members do not adversely affect one another, there are strict guidelines for all members to abide by. Guild members are expected to specify if a contract is solo or teamed; and if the former, to never interfere with another member’s solo hunt. Nor are members allowed to bring harm to one another Guild member, or seek to sabotage another’s operation. Beyond that it is all fair game, and should a hunter fail, the Guild always ensures the contract is brought to a more competent member for completion; with a higher cut of course. If a hunter is exiled from the Guild an expiration notice is handed out, and a bounty placed on their head, to ensure the integrity of the Guild remains intact.

Bounty Hunting remains one of the galactic underground’s most lucrative professions. From the highest nobles and wealthiest CEOs to low lives and jealous wives, there’s always a contract to be found. The Bounty Hunters’ Guild exists to provide a means for tagging and bagging - to bring the best hunters from around the galaxy into one operation for mutual profit and to maximize clientele. Whether alone or with fellow hunters, the Guild expects the absolute best for every contract.


After all, the Bounty Hunters’ Guild was founded for one purpose: To provide a confidential operation capable of carrying out any bounty contract in the galaxy; for lucrative work is always dangerous.


Join us today - earn more credits than you know what to do with!




The biggest changes:


  • The Guild no longer focuses on individuals. Contracts can now be completed solo or with teams. Enjoy RPing with your fellow Hunters!
  • New benefits from being with the Bounty Hunters' Guild; check out what services are now on offer here, because they are definitely more lucrative than previously, so make sure to use them as part of your membership!
  • The Guild will be holding NPC'd contract events; these will be for hunter development, interest and reward gain, to assist everyone involved. These will involve dangerous contracts, and require teams, so let these serve as a good opportunity for the experienced to show the new how it's done!
  • Legacy systems (thanks to Arekk for his original ideas) have been reworked, retooled and re-imaged. Check them out, get familiar, begin spreading the word to fellow RPers to help us get involved with the galaxy.
  • Active recruitment is now in effect. We want members, so if you know friends or RPers who might be interested in either making a hunter or providing contracts, contact them and arrange it - being proactive gets results!
  • More suppliers than ever! I am working extensively with companies to sign up to the corporate sponsor program, which will get you - and other hunters - equipped in some seriously amazing gear.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.




So what are you waiting for? Come check us out and join us today!


If you have questions, contact Sidon Eshe or join our BHG discord here.

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