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Marguerite Podolsky

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Marguerite Podolsky

Marguerite Podolsky

    High Domina

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PROFILE: High Domina Podolsky

Born Marguerite Podolsky of Starmark, House Exillion. Currently serving as the youngest High Domina of House Exillion at the age of fourty-two. High Domina Podolsky stands at 5' 8", weighs seventy-two kilograms and can be identified by her hazel eyes, brown hair and fair skin. Her distinct Domina scarification can be seen marking her forehead. She has been tested as negative for Force sensitivity. The following is a report from the House Exillion Sciptorum.


| Warning |
 | Reading further without proper authorization is punishable by execution. |


\- Marguerite's established network of agents spans Starmark, this makes her capable of discreetly manipulating major political movements as well as minor localized events.

\- As a seasoned academic of Lorrdian culture she has a respectable understanding of kinetic communication and has proven herself able to accurately read the body language of others to her benefit.

\- Training alongside the chapters of the Order of the Tower, Marguerite has become an adept warrior and honorary member of the Order. She maintains a strong personal and professional relationship with the Order and has shown she can rely on their intelligence and strength of arms when required.

\- Podolsky is highly vulnerable to manipulation of the Force and this has been abused by enemies of House Exillion in the past for purposes of torture and information.

\- Working in a team-based environment has led Marguerite to heavily rely on her fellows. The upper echelon of the Forum Proditors fear that she may be too reliant on her allies to assist with her short-comings. If isolated on a mission it may prove fatal.

\- Melee combat is a lacking component of High Domina Marguerite's training. If she were to face one of the infamous Sith or Jedi in combat she would be easily overwhelmed and slain. The assembly of the Forum Proditors have placed a request to the upper echelon to continue her training in this field.