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Expedition to N'zoth OOC

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A salvager's dream is what N'zoth could be right now. Remnants of an orbital shipyard called the Black Fifteen. The site of battles, genocide and political upheaval in other words junk everywhere.

It was the Coalition's Explorers once again headed off to look at history, to see what could be found among the floating junk, pieces of ships, and a bit of history the meeting place of a rebel princess and and Admiral. Yes it you looked close enough there was all kinds of treasure, weapons, and perhaps some almost completed ships in the orbital ship yard.

Even the Vong had been there at one point.

Objectives this trip, investigate the orbital station salvage what you can.

Explore the planet points of interest Black Fifteen, Hariz Downside or the Valley of Rejection.

Find out is there a connection between N'zoth and Zoth?

Or bring your own objectives

Link - http://starwarsrp.ne...ition-to-nzoth/


For participation - CmfqcBW.jpg

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