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The Wretched Hive Sponsorship

- - - - - The Wretched Hive

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Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

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Company Name: The Wretched Hive

Company Link: The Wretched Hive

% Bounty Take: 5% flat rate

% Repair Paid For:

  • 100% ship repair (single ship, corvette or smaller)
  • 50% ship upgrade discount (not counting exotic technology)

Short-Term Disability Payout: Room and board on the good ship Wretched Hive for a week.

Long-Term Disability Payout: One-time lump sum equivalent to 100% of bounties collected, up to a maximum of 5,000,000cr, OR a permanent home on the Wretched Hive.

Additional Benefits:

  • Standard shipyard services (fuel and basic consumables) available at cost on the Wretched Hive or in Bay 17, Port Mynock.
  • Access to proprietary Wretched Hive technology at cost.
  • Access to Outer Rim Coalition spaceports, within reason.
  • 100,000cr benefit for every pirate ship or leader decommissioned.

Additional Requirements: OOC: Must visibly reference the Outer Rim in some way (signature, signature tag, custom title, rank tags, etc.). IC: No torture, no going after kids or similar ugly jobs, no taking jobs for Sith Lords, no screwing with the Outer Rim Coalition.

Hunter Equipment Starter Kit Link: Here


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Sidon Eshe

Sidon Eshe

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We want to thank you for becoming a corporate sponsor.


Your Hunters won't let you down.