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Adril Kerrigan-Alcori

Kerrigan-Alcori clan Firemane

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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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  • Age: 6
  • Force Sensitivity: Force-Sensitive.
  • Species: Human
  • Appearance: Resembles a younger Siobhan Kerrigan. Average size for a child her eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, doe eyes. Spends a lot of times outdoors and dresses the part.


  • Name: Adril Kerrigan-Alcori
  • Loyalties: Siobhan Kerrigan, Tegaea Alcori.
  • Wealth: Her mothers are extremely rich because they run a megacorporation. Little Adril is not old enough to draw upon this wealth herself. She doesn't have to worry about her parents not having the credits to buy her nice toys though.

Notable Possessions:

  • Training lightsabre
  • Jester plushie. One day she may get a real one...partly to teach her responsibility.


  • Bit of a tinkerer
  • Good with animals


Personality: Of the two twins, Adril is quite similar to her namesake, Adril Tythorin, though fortunately she has inherited less of her negative traits. She is brash, adventurous, gregarious and outgoing. She's also a bit of a brat and used to getting her way. She has a strong appetite for adventure...but at the same time very little experience with the outside world as she was raised in a sheltered manner.She is a bit of a prankster and good at trolling her caretakers.



Like Livia, Adril was raised on somewhat sanitised stories of the adventures of her two caretakers, Tegaea and Siobhan. Being a child, she has yet to understand that war is not fun and games or a fantasy story where the good guys always triumph and overcome evil. So she dreams about becoming a noble warrior who fights bad guys.



Adril shares a bit of a friendly rivalry with Livia. Both are polar opposites, as Livia is a scholarly type who uses 'big words' and is a neat freak who's organised almost to the point of OCD. By contrast, Adril stays away from books, loves the outdoors and tends to play practical jokes on her sibling. Such as messing with her by replacing book 8 with 10 because Livia is the type to order her books alphabetically. Both love each other, but also quarrel a lot. In other words, like typical siblings.



Adril barely remembers her biological mother, and thus looks to Tegs and Sio for guidance, regarding them as essentially being her parents. Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori assists the couple in raising the little ones. Adril gets on well with the eccentric empath, though she has a tendency to pull pranks on the blind woman by hiding her things. Adril is surprisingly good with maths, but lazy in that regard. She has more fun tinkering with machines and is fond of animals. Especially dangerous ones...like Yazgid.




  • Weapon of Choice: Toy blaster. Training lightsabre, theoretically. She's a little rich kid. She has plenty of bodyguards to protect her. And can scream and stomp her foot pretty loud.


Combat Function: She's a little kid. Recently, she's started to learn how to use a training lightsabre. She can use it about as well as an overeager Youngling who's never faced an actual opponent.




The story of Adril's conception is somewhat dramatic, though nothing dramatic has actually happened to her. Her biological mother is the former Natoline Kerrigan. Siobhan got to know the rogue Jedi during the short-lived Army of Light, and took her under her wing. They lost touch, but years later Natoline resurfaced on Kaeshana, after being infected with Sith Poison by a Sith Lord and spending some time in the Netherworld.



After she was cured of the poison, she joined Firemane and was later adopted by Siobhan. Sadly, her father was an evil mafia boss, who did not take this well. Especially after Siobhan choked him once for being abusive to his daughter. Moreover, Natoline soon manifested a rather troubled personality.



Disappearing some time after helping fight pirates during the Firemane expedition of Tygara and being rescued from Dark Eldorai cultists by Siobhan just before Kaeshana was devastated by an asteroid, she resurfaced again. This time with child, for her father had inflicted a honey trap on her. Reluctantly, Siobhan decided to help the increasingly unstable girl, whose mental state had been aversely affected by her experiences in the Netherworld. However, shortly after giving birth to triplets, Natoline was exiled for consorting with criminals.



She left two of the twins, Adril and Livia, in the Firemane power couple's care, but vanished with the third, Althenea. Siobhan and Natoline met one last time on Kessel, to where the latter had tracked her cruel father. She'd also brought her remaining child to the location. By this point she'd succumbed to madness. The result was a rather chaotic episode that ended with Natoline's father and most of his gang dead, while Natoline vanished with Althenea. All in all, there were many regrets.



Adril knows preciously little about this. Far as she knows her mother was an acolyte of Firemane and died nobly. Auntie Siobhan and Auntie Tegaea are looking after her and her twin sister Livia. Thus Adril has been raised in rather sheltered circumstances. Initially she lived on Tygara, then on the Ashira's Light station, till her parents put down roots on Tygara. As her parents travel quite a bit, she's used to spending an extended period of time on starships or stations.



The little one was named after Adril Tythorin. This Eldorai was a powerful Jedi and Rogue Force User and also the trainer of Siobhan. After many melodramatic heartbreaks, adventures and quite a lot of radical feminism, she gave her life to destroy an eldritch abomination ravaging Ahto City. Little Adril can be just as tempestuous as her namesake. Hopefully she'll turn out to be less of a wet hen.



Believing that she failed Natoline, Siobhan is quite strict with the little ones, but still very loving. Like most children, Adril is the type to test the boundaries of what her surrogate parents will permit, though she loves them deeply. Siobhan's recent stroke and recovery period has forced her to mature a bit, even though the details of her aunt's health scare were obviously sanitised for her. Among Firemane grunts, she's known as the Little Fire Princess. Given her brash persnality, she will probably turn out to be a trouble magnet like Young Siobhan! So far Adril has not had much contact with people her and received little formal training, though this will change in the future.

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Jairus Starvald

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Under review.


My apologies for the wait.




Jairus Starvald

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Siobhan Kerrigan


Nice little non-combat NPC to deepen out the RP, nothing wrong with that. Also confirmed that there aren't more direct sources for the image.


Pending secondary approval!




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