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Quarth - Children of the Stars

- - - - - Quarth Corellian Transplant

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Jorm Kell

Jorm Kell
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  • Intent: To create an interesting new species for the SW galaxy 
  • ​Image Credit: All images by Aurelien Rantet
  • Canon: No
  • Links: None


  • Name: Quarth Corellian
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: In Galaxy
  • Language: Quarth
  • Average Lifespan: Same as average human
  • Estimated Population: Scattered 
  • Description: The Quarth are a mollusk-like humanoid species from the Unknown Regions that is known for their incredible piloting skills, love of exploration, and talented hyperspace engineers. After their homeworld was destroyed by the Vong thousands of years ago deep in the Unknown Regions, their Force Sensetive leaders utilized their skill of instinctive astrogation and their advanced hyperdrive technology to send several ark-type vessels into the Deep Core to escape the Vong invasion. With a strong military tradition and love of the stars the Quarth were welcomed into Corellia with open arms. 
    • Breathes: Type I
    • Average height of adults: 1.9 Meters
    • Average length of adults: Humanoid
    • Skin color: Green and Blue-Green
    • Hair color: Black, flat, tentacle-like hair.
    • Distinctions: The Quarth are a mollusk-like humanoid species originating in the Unknown Regions. Relatively tall and with a muscular build, the Quarth sport several sensory tentacles, usually two to four, but more is not uncommon. They tend to have irises in shades of yellow, red, or orange with rectangular pupils. Neither sex has a traditional nose, instead they have nose slits where a nose would be on a human. Males often have rigid flaps of skin that hang over their mouths similar to a mammalian mustache. As a whole the species tends to have green or blue-green skin. Similar to a mollusk or slug most of their internal organs are located in and around their back rather their front. To account for that, their entire back, or mantle as they call it, is covered in a thick, bone-like substance that shares a similar color to their skin if not slightly darker. Children are born with tails, but out grow them during puberty stages. Males are usually bald, while females have flat, black, tentacle-like hair. 
    • Races: None
    • Strengths: 
      • Instinctive Astrogation: Force Sensetive members of the Quarth tend to have a talent, however limited, to Force Piloting and Instinctive Astrogation. Even in non-sensitive Quarth, their antennae alert them to minute shifts in Hyperspace allowing for more accurate jumps. 
      • High Flight Tolerance: The Quarth's physiology allows for extreme conditions in flight and starflight that would kill most sentient lifeforms, making them excellent pilots capable of death defying stunts
    • Weaknesses: 
      • Mantle: While their organs are behind a hardened shell, all of their organs save for their brain and reproductive organs are stored in their Mantle. Should it be destroyed or cracked open, death is almost a given.
      • Salt: Some popular and common artificial and mineral salts boil their skin. This can be avoided if cooked into something, but extremely salty foods can still cause symptoms akin to bad allergic reactions and can even cause death.
    • Diet: Omnivore
    • Communication: Galactic Basic, Old Corellian, Quarthtese
    • Technology level: Quarths' technology level is on par with the rest of the galaxy.
    • Religion/Beliefs: The Quarth are a secular people, but all Quarth believe in the Unifying Force.
    • General behavior: Cocky, brash, cunning, and charismatic are all traits people would attribute to a stereotypical Corellian but these also describe the Quarth! Adventurous and daring even before their immigration to Corellia, they had been exploring the Unknown Regions for centuries before they had even met the Chiss and Vong. Built on a strong military tradition and from years living on large arks, the Quarth have kept many of their habits from when they were a lost, flotilla-based people. While they respect authority figures in the military, they also challenge the status quo in order to further their own growth and to foster growth in others. A strong belief in the Quarth is that if you don't make a point to challenge, no one will ever reach the furthest stars. 
    Originally from a world in the Unknown Regions, the Quarth were a strong military force on the edge of the Galaxy. With advanced hyperdrive technology and a culture that fostered instinctive astrogation, they were one of the first worlds taken by the Galaxy spanning Rakkatan Empire which stole their early hyperdrive technology which allowed them to spread so quickly. Thousands of years later and the species was still making star maps of the Unknown Regions and making outbound flights into other Galaxies, closely guarding their travel routes through the Hyperspace Anomaly. However, their extragalactic meddling would have them become involved in several small wars in the Vong Galaxy where most of their military was lost fighting the Vong. After a lone survivor escaped the Vong and warned the Quarth of their immanent arrival, the Quarth leadership began developing several arks to save their people from the incoming extragalactic assault. The Vong had followed the survivor, only slowed by rebellious systems, and found and destroyed the Quarth homeworld before all of the Arks could be completed. With millions dead and incomplete Arks, the Quarth leadership and heroes led the Quarth to the Deep Core where they would stay and fight against the Vong alongside the rest of the Galaxy after which they would immigrate to Corellia. Their hotblooded attitude and strong military discipline brought them much respect, even among hardliner isolationists. They've been on Corellia ever since, acting as shipwrights, soldiers and pilots of CorSec, explorers, and everything in between.

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Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV


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Under review :D



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV


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What a cool species and a unique backstory, everything looks great. Pending approval B)



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

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