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Owas Sarric

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Beatal Sarric

Beatal Sarric

    Little Beastie

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  • Intent: Will most likely pop up in a few of my Oc's rps, and I want to be able to go into greater detail with this one alien. Develop him a bit more (He may become a used character as well, we'll see) 
  • ​Image Credit: Link -> Nother' link
  • Role: Was gifted Beatal, she acts as his bodyguard now; He's Beatal's master
  • Links: Beatal Bio 


  • Age: Early 30s
  • Force Sensitivity: Force-sensitive // Knight
  • Alignment: Darkside // Republic
  • Species: Falleen - Devaronian hybrid
  • Appearance: Charcoal horns protrude from his equally as dark mane - a small mohawk that travels neatly in-between the space provided by the bone-like structures - and they protrude out and up. They are often shielded with extra pointy steel guards, intimidation is key (That and the fact that they are abnormally sensitive with an uncommon influx of nerves filling them, it wasn't often that he broke into tears whenever a piece managed to get mangled or broken off). With a skin color of a green so dark it's almost considered a muddy brown, piercings and scars never fail to grace his skin. Built leanly and ectomorphic build, he stands at 6'11 with muscle that's anything but defined or noticeable. It's there though, don't get me wrong. His eyes are most commented on (besides the horns), they're a glistening silver that never seem to loose their shine. His spine is even protruding with a dorsal fin. All in all, relatively well built, "handsome" dude. 


  • Legal Name: Owas Sarric
  • Alias: Toony 
  • Loyalties: ​Companion of Beatal, other than that he works alone. Few connections 
  • Wealth: Above average wealth from many successful heists, raids, bounties, etc. (Work, in general)
  • Notable Possessions: Your average sith lightsaber, old and beat up leather notebook, a lil' fighter that's stored in his larger, more habitable ship, and lastly, his Baudo-class star yacht (image
  • Skills: Skilled fighter with a lightsaber or blade, relatively well versed with his force abilities (Used often for battle) such as Dopplegänger, Crucitorn (Only used in severe cases), that shock/lightning thing, throwing crap,etc. The usual. Space Marine before he became a smuggler/thief, too. 
  • Personality: He's definitely off. May it be the space madness that ensues when you're flying around, or the lack of any emotional support that kinda pushed him over the edge, either way he's odd. The hybrid is actually quite chatty and content, egotistical in it's finest. His ego could probably crush yours any day. Lacking any kind of focusing ability he's easily distracted and very excite-able, much like a small child. A trouble maker if I ever saw one. Fear or common sense seems to surpass him at times, jumping boldly and headfirst into most situations. He's kinda an idiot. 



  • Light saber/force/Jedi powers 
  • Somehow charismatic - probably capable of chatting his way out of something
  • Few connections - no one knows him too well (No blackmail I guess)
  • Rigid skull - Harder to injure him thanks to Falleen genetics
  • Sharper teeth (Strength I suppose?)
  • Considered more intimidating that usual with the horns and the all in all 'sith' look
  • Highly resistant to poison
  • Decent pilot 
  • Good at repairs (Ships, droids, etc.) 
  • Surprisingly green thumb - Gardening occupation doesn't look too bad


  • Lets his ego get in the way sometimes 
  • Your average, everyday Sith really. Nothing that makes him stand out against other opponents
  • Handicapped by horns - If they're even bumped he'll be sent into a world of pain
  • What's a blaster? - Doesn't know how to shoot
  • Crummy vision - close/nearsighted (Can't see far away)
  • Maybe crazy
  • Noticeable - Hard for him to fit into any tight/small spaces
  • Hardly sneaky - Very, very, very clumsy



Born to a single, Falleen mother on Tatooine, Toony learned the meaning of hard work real quick. Tending to the gardens, repairing droids, cleaning the house, taking care of their animals, he was much more buff than he is now. Much more sane, too. His mother worked at a Repair shop in town, on his days off he would go down and visit her. Play with the other children, wreak some chit, even stealing an extra piece of food or a useless droid part. He became a thief real quick. Of course as he got older the more intense his heists would be, using speeders to raid other towns and villages nearby. The teen's name soon became uncomfortably well known. No one wanted him around - if you couldn't tell - and scores of eyes watched him where ever he went...it seems the successful thieving session of this life was over. Tatooine really was a crap hole. Toony had grown to hate it, so he left. Saying goodbye to solely his mother and close friends he stole - yet again - a old marine's ship (It was parked behind the local bar) and took off into space. Although, his freedom was very short lived. The actual marine's came about - they could track his ship - and kinda took him captive. Of course, he got himself outta this one yet again. Chatty little punk. He was let go under the requirement he joined their forces, and worked until he righted himself for stealing an officer's abode. It was actually quite interesting, I could give you some stories during this time, but I gotta keep this short. More years went by and in his 20s, a darksider approached him. Something along the lines of 'I've seen what you can do, you'd be a great jedi'. Of course he gave in, being a jedi was only every little kid's dream. Dark jedi, not so much but what's the difference right? Republic has more cool powers. The same jedi trained and whipped him into shape, gifting him with his infamous Beatal when he 'graduated' from his master's teachings. That's where they are now, traveling space, creating chaos and thieving as per usual. 

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Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV


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Under review :wub:



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV


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This seems like a really cool guy! I see nothing wrong, so pending approval.



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke


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