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Varindar Asyt

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Varindar Asyt

Varindar Asyt

    Jedi Hotelier

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NAME: Varindar Asyt


PLAYBY: Crystal Chesters

FACTION: Silver Jedi Order


RANK: Jedi Knight


SPECIES: Dathomirian


AGE: 25


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 1.70m (5'7")


WEIGHT: 57 kg


EYES: Blue


HAIR: Brown


SKIN: Fair-skinned









  • Loyalty: Once you gain her trust, she will trust you until either something nasty happens to you (or her) or death does a party part, whichever happens first
  • Fashionable: She tends to follow fashion trends closely and to be tastefuly dressed when outside of a cockpit
  • Sense of orientation: She can almost always find her way back from whence she came; very useful when piloting
  • Agility: she can move fast, jump high and other feats of agility; this is especially apparent in the water, where her skill as a swimmer is compared to that of aquatic races
  • Beauty: As pretty as a champion swimmer can be, she can come off as gentle and non-threatening; plus she has a capital of charisma around her
  • Cooking: She is a good cook, especially with grilled meat (she does, in fact, cover the extra hours in the kitchen of the hotel's five-star restaurant on occasion if a chef calls in sick)


  • Slavery: Due to her stay in captivity among the Ta'jar Blood Gang, Varindar will recklessly put herself in harm's way to fight slavers, especially upon confirmation of slavery operations
  • Mandalorians: After the Mandalorian Empire administered the Cure to her fellow sisters, she harbors a deep hatred of Mandos outside of a hotel context; in a hospitality context she will grudgingly respect them as she would any other guest
  • Blackouts: For this reason she will be wary of heavy firefights; she will likely faint and black out when there are lots of simultaneous deaths at close distances
  • Attachment to the Crown Nebula Hotel: She will hold the hotel dear and even risk her life over it
  • Vain: she will try to show off, sometimes to the point of exhibitionism
  • Paranoia: she tends to see moneylaundering in every swimming competition


Standing 1.70m for 63 kg, Varindar's blue eyes feature prominently among her face, dominating a rather delicate body frame, around her fragile skeleton. Also featuring breast-long brown hair, and an archetypical swimmer's body as a result of her experience and skill as a swimmer, Varindar is otherwise unremarkable for a woman that size (by today's galactic standards), sporting no scars, birthmarks, blemishes or other physical defects that are outwardly visible. Her whole body's delicateness (well, as delicate as is possible with a swimmer's body) is naturally present, especially on her fair-skinned complexion, making her look rather innocent to someone that sees her for the first time, but her outward innocence belies her past, especially given the past few months' events, including sexual harassment at the hands of the Ta'jar Blood Gang, as well as seeing some of her fellow clanswomen get administered a cure for blocking their Force-sensitivity.


Born on Dathomir in 828 ABY, Varindar was born into the Howling Crag clan, with a childhood that was more geared towards agility training, but, since there was a lack of consistency in the clan's training methods, she remained a very raw Force-user for years, lacking in several areas in her Force-training. As a result, she was doing menial tasks around the clan's village such as housekeeping, clothes cleaning and other tasks, with limited opportunity to learn even more mundane knowledge outside of hygiene and housekeeping, but whatever opportunity she had, she could seize on it pretty much without fail. And then the Mandalorians came, administering some cure that ended up stripping the patients from their Force-sensitivity, and many sought refuge off-world, especially outside Mandalorian space. In fact, she was so eager to escape the Mandalorians that she took the first ship off-world, leading to her being held captive under the hands of the Ta'jar Blood Gang.


It turned out that the Ta'jar Blood Gang made her work as a slave or near-slave in their hotel on Trandosha, the Crown Nebula Hotel, and the hotel experienced high turnover during that period, merely staying afloat because of a moneylaundering scheme powered by fake guests, often using the identities of current or former slaves under the Ta'jar Blood Gang to make the bookings, and then cancel the bookings within three business days, causing the entire stay to be charged under the cancellation policy in effect at the time. When she was working as both the receptionist and one of the maids of the hotel, she received only one pay check, several weeks late, and she thus paid out the salary arrears out of the money seized from the Ta'jar Blood Gang once the hotel was taken off their hands. In addition, she was victim of regular sexual harassment from the then-owner, Ithuvask, alongside verbal abuse, which was only resolved since Jessica Med-Beq finally uncovered the truth behind this establishment.


After her run-in with the Ta'jar Blood Gang in her escape from Mandalorian space, her fortunes turned up: she became the general manager of the Crown Nebula hotel on Trandosha, which, at the time, was a rather undesirable posting for Jedi, making her the most prominent hotelier on that planet. Plus, given that she was a Force-sensitive, relatively untainted by the dark side, she was inducted into the Silver Jedi Order, where she was promised as well as a spot in any reserve branch of her choice. However, she inherited a Crown Nebula hotel with mostly-inexperienced staff, made up of refugees from the various Great Galactic War theaters, most of which were captured as slaves by the Ta'jar Blood Gang prior to the Order buying the hotel from the Blood Gang: Thyferra, Utapau, to name the main planets of origin of the hotel's personnel. Under Varindar's watch, the Crown Nebula hotel no longer requires a minimum 2-night booking, among other changes.



Padawan-level Knight-level Master-level


Force-sense | | | | |

Instinctive Astrogation | | | |

Telekinesis | | | |

Art of Movement | | | |

Telepathy/Comprehend Speech | | | | |

Breath control | | |

Psychometry | | |

Force-barrier/Tutaminis |

Pyrokinesis/cryokinesis | | | | |

Tapas |

Electric Judgment |

Precognition | | | | |




Soresu (Padawan-level)


A Chiloon-III heavy fighter









As a Padawan:

As a Knight:

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