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Regular competitive fleet combat

- - - - - Fleet Skirmish Competition

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Kaine Australis

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I have been toying with a great big battle idea, though far more structured than "unlimited numbers, unlimited players" and here it is, consider it a test concept, not unlike what Mythos has suggested.

Two teams of five. Each player is limited to 5km of ships, though they can trade, teams are limited to 25km total.

Two teams face off, in open space, defending a planet or station objective, or elsewhere. We can set time or post limits, at which point a team of three judges will decide the result; one from each team, one neutral, will decide, or play them to their conclusion.

Signups for either team are not faction based, and substitutions may occur so a reserve list will be made after the ten spots are filled.

As for stakes, if the concept gets interest, we will keep records, teams can be entered, and we will try to organize regular fleet combats, with suitable rewards such as unique ships, technology and weapons for champions. 

Suggestions are appreciated. None of this is set in stone, and can be adapted to suit those interested in being a part of this. Questions here, or in PM. Let's get something happening.


'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but, for others, I can kill.'