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Rogue Squadron

Galactic Alliance pilots starfighters military

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Who We Are


Created by Admiral Sieb Tevv, the Rogue Squadron is a group of the Galactic Alliance’s best pilots. Each equipped with the necessary skills to triumph in aerial battles, yet each handicapped by a vice that suggests they may not be the best pilot to work with the preset Alliance Squadrons. The first line of air defense, the Rogue Squadron works on top secret missions and cleanses the skies of threats against the sanctity of the Alliance.


What We're About


Rogue Squadron is one of the Galactic Alliance's oldest and most popular subgroups. Heavily inspired by one of EU's most legendary group of pilots, the Rogues are a special interest group not only for those interested in writing a misfit ace, but in forging the same sort of deep bonds and character relationships as the characters in the books through social RP, development and a welcoming atmosphere to new writers and their ideas. Participation in PvP threads is not required, but it is strongly encouraged, as we are a military unit which may be called upon in times of conflict.


What About the Spaceships


Called upon to perform in a variety of roles, Rogue Squadron is a mixed squadron but predominantly focused on the X-Wing. Each Rogue is able to make use of a cutting edge TR-20 model specially submitted for the squadron, but may also feel free to fly a variety of other models in our navy manifest or from canon sources. Popular alternatives include the more classic looking Sprite-class and the heavily armored Dauntless-class. More exotic choices may be approved at command's discretion, and pilots are welcome to submit their personal starfighters through factory.


Where Do I Sign Up


Our recruitment thread is here, which includes a roster of active pilots. The group is limited to 12 characters for now, but when there is strong demand for positions inactive pilots are purged and new characters are added on a first come, first serve basis. If our roster is full, feel free to peruse a list of other possible Alliance squadrons to join while you wait for a spot to open up here.

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