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Big Trouble in Little Jar'Kai (Rogue Squadron/GA Pilots)

- - - - - Galactic Alliance Rogue Squadron social pilots Naboo

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Rayf Vigil

Rayf Vigil

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Previously on the Ongoing Epic Rogue Squadron Pub Crawl Campaign

Push It to the Limit


Big Trouble in Little Jar'Kai

A Bar Wars Story



Little Jar'Kai, Naboo



Rayf had barely had a chance to take over as Rogue Leader, and already his squadron was up for a brief rotation off the frontlines. Upon the Alliance's pullback from the Dagobah system, the Rogues had been issued a forty eight hour pass for some long overdue shore leave. Renewed conflict with the First Order had been hard on these pilots, over the past few weeks the squadron had suffered some casualties, and as a result they had picked up a few rookie aces as replacements.


Some of these rookies had already been flying as Rogues for a little while, but they would be picking up one or two new additions during their layover on Naboo. A U-Wing transport had ferried each of them down from the squadron's new wartime posting, the ANS Aryx, one of the Alliance's precious few Subversion-class Stealth Carriers. A few other transports had landed nearby, fellow pilots and crew on shore leave from the task force in orbit.


Initially they had planned on visiting Theed, but although they were a staunch ally the Nabooian government still had strict rules on how many active duty soldiers they were prepared to allow into their capital at any one time. Rayf had volunteered Little Jar'Kai as an alternative, having been to Atrisia once before the battle that had devastated its original capital. Since the GA had been on the forefront of rebuilding their homeworld, the remaining Atrisian refugees were more than happy to host weary troops so long as they behaved.


And so now Commander Vigil found himself in the position of playing chaperone. He had promised to give each of his pilots more or less free reign, so long as they obeyed all local ordinances and checked in at regular intervals through their comlinks. However, like their commanding officer he had a feeling more than a few of them already had drink on their minds, so after disembarking the transport he had loudly announced his intentions to visit the Isle of Lanterns.


One of the Gion Glitterati Ward's most celebrated bathhouses, this entertainment establishment was the closest thing that passed for a cantina in a city like Little Jar'Kai. Rayf crossed the bridge leading to the man made island which gave the bathhouse its name and passed through its front threshold, not bothering to see if any of the Rogues had followed him from the spaceport. They would make their way along in time or not, either way their Corellian CO was in dire need of some refreshment.


Rogue Squadron

NOTE: Non-Rogue Squadron GA pilots are also welcome to join in! Issue your squadron a pass for shore leave or create some other reason to be on Naboo, and meet up with us in Little Jar'Kai!

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Cuan Kunn

Cuan Kunn

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Cuan was maybe one of the very few pilots in Tiburon Squadron that was not a Force user. As a result, he tended to seek solace with the other pilots of the Alliance, and by orders, was often rotated to help the likes of Blue, Cobalt, Rogues, and Wraiths. And with the Tiburons running off after Coren and getting some skirmishes on the borders of the Alliance space, the Sullustan had taken one of the rotations to get some R&R among his own kind. Or at least not the super regimented pseudo-Imperial training that the Chiss XO of Tiburons created. Starchaser was a good squadron commander but the Chiss really freaked Cuan out.


The alien had gotten himself off to Naboo, with a few of the other front line squadrons, including the Rogues. It was a world he’d been to a few times. But not one he had been making a point and purpose to visit. But if others were going? He could take the time to check out Little Jar’Kai.


Could be fun, right?


The one problem, was a Sullustan was going to stick out like a sore thumb, but they were in Alliance turf, it wasn’t like they were out dealing with a world and going to come across some cranky First Order Anti-Alien Space Socialist Worker. Still, he made his way into one of the cantinas in Little Jar’Kai and smiled.

Ava Cartwright

Ava Cartwright

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Avalynn had never been to Naboo, but what she was seeing the new Rogue liked. The Ralltiiri had of course heard the stories about the Mid Rim jewel, but it was much more beautiful up close and in person than imagined. Course the mix of Atrisian culture gave Little Jar'Kai where the Galactic Alliance had picked for their port of call quite the charm too. 


As the parade of fighter jockeys made their way from the landing pad where they were dropped off for some R & R to the Island of Lanterns, Rogue Five slowed to window shop a moment before entering the bathhouse "cantina". Goldie was interested in buying a silky satin kimono bathrobe with a dragon on the back to wear during downtime in her quarters aboard the Aryx; Ava's new home away from home. Just because she was serving now in the military didn't mean the golden blonde had to give up all niceties that made her feel like a woman. 


"Hmmm... Now which color would be best?" she asked herself finger to pale pink lips in a thoughtful manner as a pair of steel blue orbs gazed at the modeled display in the shop's window with a discerning look. 


Rayf Vigil  Cuan Kunn  Jax Rhane @pilots

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Duke Dyson

Duke Dyson

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In just a few years Jax Rhane had already visited many worlds.  Each one carrying out a new adventure for better or sometimes for worse.  Already being exposed to the most temperamental climates and acidic homeworlds,  there was nothing that Naboo could throw it’s way that he hadn’t already experienced.To his own luck there was no reason to actually prepare, just pack light and to stay out of much trouble as possible. When he found out that the Rogues were going to be given an issued break and be allowed to visit the little town of Jar’Kai he was thrilled.  He had never actually stepped foot on the homeworld of Naboo but as a kid on a dessert wasteland living in rash conditions every single day of his life,  Jax wished that in another lifetime he evidently lived there. Commander Vigil was putting them all on probation for 48 hours which was actually quite generous considering their current situation. Initially Jax wanted to see the glorifying city of Theed in all it's spectacle but due to it's government enforcements the quaint little town of Jar'Kai would have to do.


Walking off the landing pad with his fellow rogues everyone mostly scattered.  Most of them making way for the bathhouse immediately over Vigil's loud announcement with cheers and other dialogue that Jax didn't pick up on due to taking in the breathtaking sight that consisted of higher up mountains and waterfalls full of energy and life. Not something that was found on most planets,  at least the ones that he had set foot on. Once he had time to process Jax's boots finally proceeded to step over cobblestone streets and made his way towards the bathhouse.  On his way there he encountered a disarray of entertainers and street dancers that he stopped to watch on by and take in every detail.  Unlike others who had grown up on better pastures it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for himself so to savour in every moment as best he could was ideal. 



Rayf Vigil,  Ava Cartwright,  Cuan Kunn

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Ava Cartwright

Ava Cartwright

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Ava slipped into the quant shop. An Atrisian merchant came to greet her dressed in native wear. 


"I see you look at display in window. Black always good choice for pretty lady, but for you... blue. It match your eyes, make them pop for flyboys, yes," the older woman grinned with an assuming look that she was buying the dragon kimono bathrobe to entice a man. 


"Well I'm actually a pilot myself so how about I take the blue one rather because it is my favorite color," Goldie smiled back politely, then added. "though I will take your observation under consideration... pop huh?" she chuckled softly while pulling out her coin purse.  


With the intimate apparel purchase stuffed into her pilot bag, Rogue Five made her way into the bathhouse following Commander Vigil's lead; not that she was stocking him or anything. Dressed in a casual outfit all in black since the squadron was off the clock, Ava made her way inside to the cantina area. The Ralltiiri's throat was dry and well it had to be five o'clock somewhere, right?


While she waited for her ordered drink at the bar, steel blue eyes spotted where Rogue Leader was sitting. He wasn't old old, but was well-seasoned for a pilot. What the man lacked in youth, he more than well made up for in experience no doubt. Age really was just a number, and it was more so what one did with it that counted most. 


Hesitating for only a moment whether it was a good idea or not to disturb Rayf Vigil in down time, the golden blonde walked over to the Corellian's table; a red-berried Twistler in hand. 


"Excuse me, sir...  It seems everyone else has made themselves scarce or are up to no good. Would you mind some company?" 


Jax Rhane Cuan Kunn @pilots

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