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Borik Maccon

Slugball Koensayr Manufacturing

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  • Age: 23
  • Force Sensitivity: NFU
  • Species: Neimoidian
  • Appearance: A slimy looking creature, Borik is not to far from your average Neimodian. He's a pretty hefty being from years of living the life of luxury as the CEO.


  • Name: Borik Maccon
  • Loyalties: Koensayr Manufacturing, Zahori Denko
  • Wealth: Affluent
  • Notable Possessions: None
  • Skills: 
    • ​Financing
    • Negotiation
    • Entrepeneurship
  • Personality: Borik is a greedy and ruthless being. If something ends up with him getting income, he'll happily do whatever it takes to get it.


  • Weapon of Choice: His guards
  • Combat Function: If he were to ever find himself in a combat situation, Borik would be running and hiding from the fighting while his guards protect him.


Borik was a young slug when he started his first business, a fast food join on a corner in the middle of Nar Shadda. IT started off fairly well until the place was shot up by thugs from the Hutt Cartel. From there, he decided to change venues and found a job with the Galactic Shockball League, selling his greasy food to all the Shockball fans. This new job offered much more security than a burger joint on Nar Shadda. But, that success didn't last long because Borik's spot was bought out by a larger corporation. However, he found even more luck when he was able to run into Zahori Denko, who recently came into owning Koensayr Manufacturing. Borik got himself into her favor and she eventually saw him as a trustworthy person. When she realized that her focus must be on her position as Vice Admiral, she needed someone to be the face of the company. She had a few options first, but they all failed so she eventually went to Borik. He hadn't run such a large company before, but he believed he was ready. Plus, Zahori wasn't a woman you could say no to.



Feeto Chivaro

Feeto Chivaro

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Zahori Denko


Under review.

Feeto Chivaro

Feeto Chivaro

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Zahori Denko


Nice hat.


Approved, pending secondary.

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