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By the Blood | The Battle of Concord Dawn

- - - - - The Confederacy CIS Mandalorian Empire ME

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Darth Metus

Darth Metus

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This had been a long time coming.

As the saying often went: "Mandalorians have long memories." And, throughout modern history, their Clans had made a point in living out this mantra. One such Clan, known simply as Verd, had an Alor which held a lofty office within the Southern Systems. That Alor had been served Exile from their lands and dedicated his days and nights to building something Great. And that monumental project joined hands with the Galactic community, forging strong bonds with the Alliance, the Coalition, and many other virtuous nations across the stars. And so, when the Mandalorian Empire raised its hand against this Alor's allies, he remembered.

When they spat in the face of Honor above Dagobah, he remembered. Now, he would live out that mantra.

Now, the Confederacy would make the Mandalorian Empire answer for what they had done.

Retribution had come to Concord Dawn. As the bright star began its ascent from beyond the horizon, bringing light to a new day, early warning systems began to blare. Defensive grids, old and new, would fill the Halls of the Empire with claxons - something immense was coming. Something vicious was cutting through a blur of azure stars, heading straight for their world. This unknown was a Task Force of the Confederacy's finest - the infamous Storm Fleet that had just come fresh from a clash above Tatooine. Now, before even the average child rolled out of bed, the congregation of capital vessels reverted into Realspace.

And at the front of the line was the Dread Spear - a Subjugator II commanded personally by the Vicelord of the Confederacy. Seated upon the command throne, the exiled veteran of Mandalore now looked upon the homeworld of an old rival. Vilaz Munin. From what he recalled of the regime Ra Vizsla had set into place, Munin had become one of the Four Dogs which laid happily at his feet. Darth Metus would make his response here, for even the Exiled hesitated to think of bringing battle to Holy Mandalore herself. But here? Here, the Vicelord had no qualms about personally setting fire to all that Dog loved...and to show the Empire that they every Sin had a consequence.

"Prime the Scimitars and make ready the Landing Craft. Send the Uraktos forward to draw their fire." His orders hissed from behind a T-Visor. At once, a cadre of Ramships broke away from the Confederate line. At full speed did they hurtle across the abyss, quickly entering into the Stations' effective range within a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, the Dread Spear's own hangar came alive with movement as a pair of Couriers were made ready for takeoff.

The clash ahead would be long and fierce.

But the Confederacy would have an answer for their Allies. And the Vicelord would see his banner flying over the burning remains of his rival's home.


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Darth Nius

Darth Nius

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Nius loved the cool air of his father's ship. Up until he met his father, he had only been in musty, old and nasty ships, usually owned by some outlaw or bandit he was hired to kill. Regardless, Nius was the happiest he had been in a long time. He finally found something fun: conquering others. Even if he did wind up making them happy as well, he had a sense of authority. He also loved having blood connections. Meeting his father was proboably the best thing that had ever happened to him. Currently, his father was planning to attack the Mandolorian Empire. He watched as his father issued orders with and authority unparalleled by any other person Nius had ever seen. His father wasn't just a leader, but a true leader, one that has such a high level of respect from those around him that he could literally command them to do anything. To be honest, Nius was a bit jealous. But this time, he didn't want to act on his selfishness. He wanted to observe and praise, as his father was one of the few things he treasured.


Nius wasn't sure if the Confederacy had a quarrel with the Mandos before this conflict or not, but regardless, he was going to spill some blood. He loved being part of the Confederacy because they weren't Sith, but they allowed Sith. It was a perfect fit for him, who only believes in Sith principles and fights both sides for his own good. That's why he fights for them. So that people like him, that seek to attain power, knowledge and status could advance in this galaxy. Regardless of all of these thoughts, he wondered why his father was deciding to fight the Mandalorians. After all, he was a Mando himself, and Nius was pretty sure he was loyal to his race. Maybe a blood feud? Maybe making up for a past attack or fault on the Confederacy? Regardless, they were dead meat. The Confederacy was immensely powerful, and was ready to fight until the end.


Nius decided he was too curious on the matter. He walked past all of the officers, engineers, whatever they were, and reached the hull near his father. First, he bumped into an officer.


"Oh goodness, I'm so sorry!" The officer said.


Nius was getting better at controlling his temper. "No, that's okay. I'm pretty sure it was my fault anyways." The officer moved along. Nius was amazed at how far he had come from his more..... bloodthirsty days. A year ago, he would have struck that man down where he stood. Now, he politely apologizes. He's not sure if this change is good or bad. Probably good, as he shouldn't kill his father's men. He walked up beside his father. "Hey pops, why are we attacking the Mandos?" he also added, "Oh, and what can I be of use for?"


Darth Metus


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Gray Raxis

Gray Raxis

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Location: Concord Dawn, ground side

Immediate Allies: None right now

Immediate Enemies: None right now

Equipment: Raxi'gam ; Ms. Medica pack ; WA-01 & WA-02 ; Calm ; Revolver ; Pistol ; Whisper (Gray's lightsaber)


 The new laws within the Mandalorian Empire stated that the force could not be used on Mandalore herself. It was a good transition law if the end goal was to ease the tension with the fervent anti-force Mandalorians that still existed. Gray hoped to make sure it was a transitional law and not one that stayed for decades to come. He did obey it and so didn't use the force even to see while on Mandalore, but the force cared less about laws. He had a strong sensation that he needed to be somewhere. This somewhere was not Mandalore herself, but rather Concord Dawn. It was something he couldn't exactly understand as that planet was doing fine from what he knew, but he knew better than to make assumptions by now about these things. All he could do was trust in it.


 It was during the night that Gray's ship had landed and he found himself on Concord Dawn. He was decked out for a fight. His clan armor was on in its blue and gray color scheme with the Raxis wolf over the heart. He had his sidearms holstered on his hips, Calm on his back with a medical pack, and Whisper's hilt rested on his right hip as well. When was the last time he was this prepared for battle? Castamere. That hell of snow, trees, and stone. He had led his clan into battle but it had quickly turned into a fight for their survival. He had failed them then, but today he had come alone. They were back on Mandalore working on restoring their sacred home. It was best they keep doing that while he waited to see why he was needed here on Concord Dawn. This was why people didn't trust the force. It gave no details or answers just vague sensations. It was annoying and frustrating but something he learned to deal with as it was never wrong, even if not in the way you would expect.


 Gray had sat himself up on a ledge of rock that overlooked the land below. He was free to use the force here. A small blessing. Since he was free to use it, he began to meditate in the darkness of the night. He drew the force within him for a bit then let it out. Back in then out. Tidal waves of energy washed over his body for a time before he finally just let it flow freely in and out as it wished. He connected himself and with it his body rested. Eventually the sun began to peak over the horizon. He knew because he could feel the heat of it. His natural sight was gone, so something like seeing a sunrise was beyond him even when looking out with the force. Everything had been peaceful enough with a ting of something about to happen until now, but as the ball of impossible fire rose so too did the sensation of that something being here. Whatever it was that Gray had to wait for was here or near enough that it was finally time for action. He stood up slowly. Time to ready himself for what was to come. The Manda demanded action and he would answer it devotedly.

Muad Dib

Muad Dib

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It was a somber mood upon the bridge of Charlie the Unicorn. The Commander of Task Force Unicorn, which was part of Storm Fleet, sat in the command chair silently. Almost brooding. Instead of his typical attire he was decked out in his beskar'gam, his buy'ce resting on the armrest. Stars streaked by the viewports as he frowned. His life had been filled with war and death. Loneliness and wandering. Yet he had found a home that accepted him. A people that embraced him. A Cin Vhetin, a clean slate.

Leaning back into the chair frowning while lost in his thoughts. He had joined the mando'ade and found a home in Manda'yaim. Had gained allies, friends, and a clan. Had become Alor of Clan Farr. Had shared Uj'alayi and Ne'tra gal over a few friendly Keldabe Kisses. Had spilled blood and sweat with vode across countless battlefields and planets. And yet in the end Ra the Undying had banished the force sensitive from the mando'ade, reduced the roles of the alors, and began looking to strip the force from those born with a higher midichlorian count.

Lieutenant Ames began the countdown to reversion which brought the Mad Master's attention back to the present. Today the Confederacy was striking against the mandalorians for grievous actions against their allies. Yet a deeper wound festered for some in the Confederate ranks. Being used then ostracised and then finally exiled for the oddity of birth. And Muad Dib was angry.

As the capital ship dropped from hyperspace orders came from the Subjugator II. Rising Muad motioned to Captain Hrakness to join him.

"Send the Blastoise Cruisers ahead. Ready the shuttles and drop pods. The command is yours Captain."

Giving Harkness a curt nod he moved from the bridge and entered the turbolift. As the doors closed a faint hint of a malicious grin was etched upon his hard face.

Darth Nius Darth Metus Gray Raxis


Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Mood: Disney songs kind of happy

Location: Aboard the Crimson Shadow, orbiting Concord Dawn

Person to cause trouble with: Katrine Van-Derveld

Weapons: the Force, a Czerka knife, and a lightsaber




Scherezade was happy. Like, really happy. The kind of happy that her half running, half singing, half dancing aboard the Crimson Shadow. She'd made sure all comms were off on her side before she started twirling around herself all prettily while chanting


"We're going to kill the Mandoes!


We're Going to Kill the Mandoes!




And she did so with joy and glee often reserved for little children. She didn't know where Kat was at the moment, but it didn't matter. The order to land would arrive soon enough, and then they would, and she had her weapons, and she'd trained a bit more since the final time she embarrassed herself in public, and there was absolutely no reason in the 'verse that today would be like then.


Because this time, she was ready. She was prepared. She was going to open tuna cans and rip their insides to shreds. She was going to find as many colorful armors as she could to kill people in. And then she was going to keep a chunk from every corpse and dunno, maybe make a really need psychedelic poster out of it to hang on her wall when she got her own house.


This was bloody awesome. This was better than a good cup of coffee. This was better than a rancor you could hug. This was... This was... Amazing!


"We're going to kill the Mandoes!" she shrieked in joy again as she gave yet another twirl.

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Shia Kryze

Shia Kryze

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Location: The Huntress
Allies nearby: None

Engaging: Ramships & landing craft controlled by Darth Metus


"That... is a lot of CIS warships." Shia remarked almost idly from her command throne. "Going to personal control."


There was a wrench, then she was the sleek, dangerous frigate. Her heatbeat the pulse of the engines, her breath the racing of the powerplants, things she did not have names for became the sensations of weapons and sensors. Her mind swept the space around her as the frigate smoothly raced up to full speed and her shields came fully online. Even the crew's actions felt like extensions of her body.


She could hear the bridge officers going about their duties, it did not seem at all abnormal that several of them had almost automatically picked up the words to Dha Werda Verda, their voices echoing between status reports and rising over the noise of suddenly redlined engines.

They're not here to make friends... neither am I.

She swept along the line of ramships and landing craft like one of the Night Owls her family protected. She couldn't stop the Dread Spear - and she couldn't hope to stop the fleet with it, but she could do a great deal of damage to those droid ramships and landing craft before they made contact with the platforms or made it groundside. Immense ionite-charged explosions rippled in her wake, aiming to shatter shields like soap bubbles and scramble electronics across a widespread area, even as the ion cannon fire lanced out towards those vessels who might escape that wrath.


There was no attempt at stealth or subtly, just a razor-fast frigate custom designed for hunting and disabling prey... that happened to on her pre-test trials around Concord Dawn when a force composed of droids chose to attack.


She had no feeling to describe what it was like to 'wear' a vessel as armour, no way to tell if the thrill in her heart was a precisely tuned drive unit, or the sheer joy of the hunt.


Before her vision, a timer ticked downwards: 84.29, 84.28... the clock before the system automatically booted her from direct command interface unless she fry her nerves and addict herself to the feeling. Frankly, the latter was probably already true.


She couldn't stop them, but she could give them a good old Keldabe Kiss for a greeting.




(OC: Not intending to fleet this. Just an opening before going dirtside, so not worrying about fleeting stats.)

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Aedan Miles

Aedan Miles

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Location: Concord Dawn space

Allies: Darth Metus

Enemies: Any challengers.


Aedan Miles sat calmly on the bridge of his flagship a dark smirk on his lips as he started to hum violet eyes gleaming savagely as he stood and walked forward. His force was smaller than that of Metus he was merely here to clear the way for the force going in to land. He started to laugh before signaling his communications officer to open a system wide channel while his EWAR team prepared to oppose any attempts to hack them. "To any and all Mando'ade in system that want to try and stop us I dare you to come after me. My name is Aedan Miles Alor of Clan Akaata. To prove my position I am commander of the Alor-class Dreadnaught known as the Werda Kyr'am anyone who claims even remote knowledge of our customs would know about this ship. So i say again come and face me for I am here to take what my clan deserves." He closed the channel shortly after his speech gesturing once as he watched the other three ships in his force move forward the Eclipse an IFW Vindicator-class cruiser taking point as his ship was flanked by a pair of IFW Gladiator-class frigates the Apocalypse and Apotheosis. They moved forward at a crawl a series of fighter craft leaving the Werda Kyr'am to form a defensive screen at the fore of his force. 




Rex Taff

Rex Taff

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Location: Hanger bay

Allies:Scherezade deWinter, Muad Dib, Darth Nius, Darth Metus, Aedan Miles

Enemy: None yet,

Equipment:WESTAR Rogue Armor,WESTAR WA-01 "Blast & Stab", rexs-sabrestaff/

Standing in the hanger bays Rex was readying himself, he wasn't quite sure why they were attacking the mandolorians but he knew why he had signed up for a good fight. Jumping aboard one of the first landing craft in an attempt to help on the ground as soon as possible. "I was always a ground troop never did belong in space" he said to himself. About half way down the landing craft was hit with an ion shot, "Damn it" is all Rex said before trying to the cockpit and was attempting to reboot the systems. Managing to do it just before landing, they still crash landed, Rex saw all the droid in the craft were done for. "Damn".


Reaching into the force to try to find anyone else that is when he felt Gray Raxis. "Right well, my guess is he is someone, I am going to have to fight." He sighs as he says it. Then he begins moving towards the force user hopefully no one would try to stop him.

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 Company - Mirdirmorut


Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Song : Sabaton - Resist and Bite

Location : Concord Dawn Space
Objective : Resist, and bite.

The alert had gone out as soon as the vessels from House Verd emerged from hyperspace and, quite honourably really, had announced their intentions clearly. To say Clan Australis was woefully underequipped and undermanned on Concord Dawn was putting it mildly. One capital vessel was all that stood between the pitiful defence stations and the incoming fleet. Beyond those paltry defences, General Kaine's training cadre on the surface was unprotected. It was up to the fleet to buy the General time to get the civilians to safety.

The Bes'bavar pocket carrier Te Goran moved to meet the invaders, going to battle stations on the order of her ancient Captain; Olyvar Australis.


Near eighty years old, the old salt had a beard to his waist, and wore an eyepatch. Known far and wide as "the old pirate", he was a wily and experienced commander. Experienced enough to know he was doomed, he was resolved to go out well.


Launch everything we have, and engage those bandits. The old pirate rasped to his bridge crew.

Target the enemy flag. Fire when ready.

The two turbolasers of Te Goran spat green fire at the enemy Dreadnaught. Alongside the fire came ten Missile boats and five Gunships, escorted by a full squadron of twelve fighters, and two flights of four interceptors.

This would be an alpha strike. Te Goran's captain was prepared to sacrifice his and his people's lives, to buy the defenders time, they'd hit with everything they had in one punch...


Location : Concord Dawn, Groundside, Australis military camp
Objective : Prepare for Battle


General Kaine was asleep when the attack warning came in. A booted foot kicked his bed and he awoke.

General, we're under attack. Space forces, looks like CIS. They look like they're serious.

Adrenaline was already melting away the neural cobwebs before the General had even swung his legs off the cot and sat up. Vevut pressed a cup of steaming caf into his hand.

Looks like some serious osik, Boss.

Kaine sipped the caf and let it burn its way down his throat. As he tasted, he blessed Vevut, the good lad that he was, had "salted" the caf with a little tihaar, to fortify his General for battle.

Then let's make sure it's the enemy that eat it. Get the civvies into the shelters. Guns up, we're going to have incoming. Keep the ori'rami'kade close. We're going to have a fight on our hands, and there's only five of us to deal with it.

He necked the caf and tossed the cup in the waste, then stood up and went to put on his party dress. 

Today was a good day for someone else to die.

Outside, he could hear the four defensive AA railguns spooling up even as the ori'rami'kade supervised getting the non combatants under cover. The paltry defenses they had here wouldn't stop a determined attack, merely let the enemy know where the Australis encampment was, he knew. Still it was the principle of the thing, he couldn't very well not shoot back.


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'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'




    K.I.A. by Nessa

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Location: hangar of the Subjugator II

The hum of anticipation flowed through the troops standing by on the deck. Confederacy soldiers, House Verd mando'ade, mercenaries, and droids stood idle as they waited for the orders to load the transports and descend. The men and women were filled with the plethora of emotions that came before battle. Rough commraderie, tall tales of amazing feats of prowess, bawdy jokes, the silent of unbloodied, hushed prayers ... The list went on. But one thing each and every one had in common was that they were ready. Once more into the breech. Once more into danger. Once more to war.

Riggs was no exception.

Sitting on a crate he braided the ropes in his hands as he listened to the other three members of his fire team called the 'Fanged Ones'. They had found each other through a series of hunts and wet work. Forging bonds of trust they had elected to stay together. And so the others found themselves following Riggs into battle over and over again. Cain and Abel were twin brothers from Corellia who were raised by their smuggler father. Yet as they grew their father realized their abilities and talents laid not in smuggling but in muscle. Each stood nearly seven feet tall and were built like tanks. Cain loved anything that was rapid fire destruction while Abel loved anything that went boom. At the moment the twins were in the middle of an arm wrestling match. Amusingly and ironically they were neck and neck.

Glancing beside him he smiled slightly at the Sith woman. The striking crimson hue of her skin and amber eyes made her striking. The short black hair, high cheekbones, and lithe frame made her beautiful. But in her eyes echoed a loss that was ever present. She turned and nodded at Riggs before going over to clap the twins on their shoulders. "Get ready", she said in a husky voice. Calling a draw the brothers prepared.

Yes, the people were ready. His people were ready. All they waited on was the order.




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Location : Concord Dawn, Groundside, Australis military camp
Objective : Prepare for Battle




A dozen speeder engines roared, as a group of Mandalorians appeared over a nearby rise. The vehicles were painted crudely in Clan Carid colors, silver and gold, and each carried a warrior of the clan equipped with the usual gear for a Mandalorian fighter. The only real exception was the leader, Deram Carid, who led the pack of speeders, dressed in his custom beskar'gam and assortment of weaponry. As the group slowed, they joined the encampment put in place by clan Australis; and parked their respective vehicles behind the array of tents and equipment, avoiding putting them in plain sight to be shot at.


Sliding off the large speeder, Deram adjusted the strap of his minigun, before walking over to meet up with the other warriors nearby. The other members of Clan Carid went about preparation and conversation, largely left to their own devices, with the intent of falling in with the other Mandalorians and joining ranks. They knew what to do, they weren't simpletons. Nonetheless, Deram saw the individual he was looking for, and made his way across the mud and grass, passing numerous tents and caches and emplacements.


"Hey, vod," The tall Mandalorian called, helmet tucked under one arm. "How's the preparations going, Kaine? We did a sweep, looks like we've got some time before any enemies appear on our front door."


Glancing over the makeshift camp, Deram nodded to himself. This was going to be a tough battle, but the challenge was definitely worth the danger.


"Do we know what we're facing? Numbers?"


There wasn't much else to do currently, now it was just a waiting game. Hopefully others would arrive shortly, which would increase the ranks and improve odds of success...




Allies Nearby: Kaine Australis

Enemies Nearby: -




Equipment outlined in character bio

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Cassiopeia Caranthyr

Cassiopeia Caranthyr

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Location: Concord Dawn, Groundside, Australis Military Camp
Items: Outfit, MandalArms M1 Personal Absorption Shield, Verpine Shatter Rifle

Cassiopeia had woken up from a fairly nice slumber only a couple hours before. She had already had some coffee, a small meal, and she already had a couple extra weeks of lesson plans created for the kids. The camping trip was turning out splendidly for her preparing forCassiopeia had woke up early, though and with not much else to do, she decided to finish her lesson plans for the coming weeks. Otherwise, she had planned for a relaxing few days.

Except it turned out it wouldn't be too relaxing. The alerts of an impending attack rocked the camp. Cassi herself wasn't exactly sure why they were being attacked - she didn't follow galactic politics too much. She had other things she had to keep up with, anyways. Maybe some type of revenge against the Mandolorians? Considering she herself only recently began to consider herself one with her being invited to join Clan Australis, she didn't know much of the stories that happened.

She immediately decided to go to Kaine, he would know what was going on. On the safe side, she decided to make sure her personal absorption shield was on, and made sure to grab her verpine shatter rifle and several daggers. Hopefully, it would be enough to defend herself and others from an attack.

Once she had all of her items on her and ready to go, she quickly ran to where Kaine was staying. He would know what was going on and what she should be doing. Who were they up against? How many? Could their ships tear them apart from in space? She felt fairly in the dark, something she didn't particularly like.

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Darth Athora

Darth Athora


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Location: Concord Dawn

Objective: Prepare the riders


Hot oil splashed onto Kervo's coveralls as he continued working on his speeder bike, tweaking the last few upgrades he had recently installed on it. He always required peak performance from his riders, so he lead by example by always working on improving himself and his gear. "Just one more little bolt here and..ah, there we go." With the bike put back together, Kervo was ready to ride once more.


And just in the nick of time, too.


"Vod, we just received word that the Confederacy has come with major heat. They ain't looking to make friends."


Kervo sighed. "Have you alerted the riders?"


"I have. They're suiting up now."


"Good. Get them to their bikes and tell them to form up at the nearest encampment. We've got work to do.."


Kervo's kin nodded in affirmation and ran off. Kervo pushed himself off the ground and walked over to a nearby shed, where his work clothes were. He threw off his coveralls and put on his gear, ensuring all his buckles and knots were good to go before bringing his helmet down upon his head. His view lit up with the systems in place in his helmet as his gear was fully activated and ready. "Blood Riders, ibic cuyir gar alorir. We are under attack. This is no drill. You will form up on me and we'll kick these invaders right off our world. Ra's spirit will guide and protect us all. Oya?"


The Blood Riders were eager and bloodthirsty. Been some time since they have seen real combat. Many lives would be lost today, but, many of those lives lost will be to blood rider axes.


Kaine Australis | Deram Carid | Cassiopeia Caranthyr | Gray Raxis | Shia Kryze



Yasha Cadera

Yasha Cadera

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Location: Concord Dawn Vertical Food Production Facility #2
Allies: Mandalorians Kaine Australis Deram Carid Silas Mantis Shia Kryze Gray Raxis Kaden Mantis Caz Australis Kervo Namadi
Objective: Rouse the Masses
Mand’alor the Undying was gone. 
The ‘Dogs of Ra’ were gone. 
It was time the galaxy realized the Mandalorian Empire was no longer under the thumb of those who committed the duplicitousness of Dagobah. Yet, those outside the Empire who knew this change had taken place were few, as the Mandalorians were a private lot since the Civil War, which divided them and threatened a further annihilation.
In the skies above Concord Dawn, a sizeable force appeared. The CIS navy had to be cautious, and start farther out. The Mandalorians had re-engaged their defensive grid since before the Civil War, planted mines… it took solid pilots a great deal of stress to navigate anywhere close to a Mandalorian controlled world without just permissions. 
Mand’alor the Hell Wolf had been touring vertical food garden towers, when the call came in. As it was, the Mand’alor looked up at the sky and nodded as she put on her helmet and locked the enviro-seal. She nodded and an image of a tall, beskar’gam-clad woman appeared in every frequency viable by the CIS fleet, and Mando’ade. 
“Enemy vessels. You have entered sovereign Mandalorian space. Turn back now, or you will be fired upon without mercy or restraint. Get out of my house. Mando'ade, a force expects us to bow down and die. Let's prove how wrong their assumptions are, shall we? Mand’alor out.” The message, short and simple, no doubt would be ignored. 
“Ma’am! We have to get you to safety.” Ambrose Vizsla put his hand on Yasha’s shoulder, and the young woman shrugged. 
“Australis is nearby. Coordinate our troops. Send the Yalilyr to protect the town, and rouse the Mando’ade. Solus! Take me to Australis.” 
Climbing on her bes’uliik, the young warrior rode to war, calling the private comm channel of her adopted father, Gray Raxis. "Buir, there's an enemy insurgence attempting to make landfall on Concord Dawn. I'm making for a defensive position on the plains. Where are you?"

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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Location : Concord Dawn, Groundside, Australis Military Camp
Objective : Organize the defenders


By now the General had finished his personal preparations, and was huddled with his four Ori'rami'kade, going through last minute reviews for their operational plan. It was simple. Inflict maximum attrition on the attacking forces, keep them away from the civilians as long as possible, and hope to hell reinforcements arrived before they were all wiped out, which was looking a real possibility; the tactical situation was grim indeed. Still, those on Concord Dawn with Kaine this day were Mandos, and they did not kneel.

Kaine was about to reply to Carid when he spotted Cassiopeia entering the tent and noted her verpine rifle, a fine instrument, nodding a greeting to her. He then turned his head to Carid, amplifying his voice so everyone would hear over the growing din outside the tent as the Mandalorians readied for war. Vehicle engines whined and roared. At the same time, Kaine broadcast to the Mandos in the area.

::Mand'alor, Alors, Vode, this is General Kaine Australis.

I wont lie to you, this is gonna be dicey. We've got limited heavy defences, the opposition will certainly hit the ground in numbers.

Our job is simple, slow them down, whittle down their forces, keep them away from the civvies, and make this engagement drag on long enough for the cavalry to get here. Dig in, and fight hard. We've got a decent position at the Australis encampment, we'll hold here as long as we can, and then fall back and make a last stand at the settlement. That's it. Save the heroics, we need every warm body we've got.

Fight hard, fight for your vode, and win. We are the mighty, and the mighty don't kneel.



Kaine switched back to local communication.

That's it, ladies and gents. Carid, Cass, you're with me. Vevut, you and the boys are on the perimiter. Give the militia some spine, but get back here in one piece. I need you.

Vevut and the other three Australis commandos hefted their MandalArms weapons and exited the tent, heading out to the camp perimiter to reinforce the local militiamen who were by now in their trenches, bunkers, and foxholes.

Kaine, Carid and Cassiopeia were left alone in Kaine's tent. The big General looked to his companions.

Let's go find who else is in this osik storm with us, shall we? And he led the way outside, to the battle.

Deram Carid Cassiopeia Caranthyr Yasha Mantis Gray Raxis Kervo Namadi Shia Kryze Silas Mantis Tal Vizsla



'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


Katrine Van-Derveld

Katrine Van-Derveld

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Current Mood: Confused
Location: Aboard Crimson Shadow
Tag Team: Scherezade deWinter, Shia Kryze
Allies: Confederacy (Darth Metus, Darth Nius Muad Dib Aedan Miles Rex Taff Riggs)



Katrine could hear Scherezade throughout the ship as she held her position at the pilot seat, keeping the Templar-Class Light Freighter under control as they made their way towards the destination. While her Ward was all too happy to engage the Mandalorians and Uncle Isley clearly had a beef to settle with them, the newly official Nightmother had a mix of confusing thoughts. On one hand, they taken the side of the Empire on Dagobah and they had been on a crusade against Force Users and yet on another, she had been taught that the Mandalorians were protectors of the Witches by her Nona. When needed, they had come and protected them, they had been their friends since before her birth.

Since present reality and original reality were so different and Katrine had already caused so many things in the past, she couldn't help but wonder if this too was her doing, somehow. Was she some sort of butterfly moving her wings on another side of the galaxy and a tsunami sweeping on the farthest ends?

Why do you put such a heavy burden on your shoulders? The spirit wondered gently as she felt its beak gently tap on her her left shoulder. "It makes sense," she whispered as her fingers ran across the controls, exiting hyperspace as she followed after other Confederacy ships. Katrine was adept at flying, dangerously so even according to her Mother but she was in no way skilled for a fleet battle so her first job was getting her and Pebble safely to the ground... well, safely... as long as they didn't crash and burn, it was fine, right?

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RC 212

RC 212


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Gray Raxis Kaine Australis Yasha Mantis Kervo Namadi Cassiopeia Caranthyr Deram Carid


Australis Military Camp




Since she'd been back the Skyfighters had proven their worth at Ploo and were sending out a call. She'd established herself as the temporary Alor of the shattered Fett Clan, by election of the men that followed during the conflict. Still Alleria would rather have handed the mantle to another. She was content in the Sky dishing justice to the enemies of Mandalorian Law.


But Concord Dawn was there new home. Every day new Fetts came home to their fold, rejoining their brethren, heeding the call.


And that they'd defend.


Around the perimeter the Green armored Commandos dug in, checking their Jetpacks and caching fuel with munitions. Heavy weapons emplacements had gone up every seven feet, with interlocking grids of fire. A berm had been erected and towers quickly reinforced with steel and mounds upon mounds of dirt. Last they'd put up a laser wire perimeter.


The real ace in the hole was her radio strapped to her armor though.


And about a half dozen confiscated X-Wings and Gunships, all painted Green, Red and Brown. Each with a snake across its bow.


She spotted the pair of older Alors and walked over rifle loose in her hands, headset on but helmet off.


It bounced like a bucket as she strode past the line into their circle.


"Ner Vod. No sightings yet then?"


Deram asked about numbers.


"Nothing from what we can see. Sensors are working and as soon as we find and fix their LZ...."


She patted the blocky radio.


"We'll finish half of em before they get close to our lines. Gotta ask though, whats the play if they try and skirt us and go for the the jugular?"


She meant of course the City, rife with civillians. If it could be called that. Every Mando knew how to fight, even the old and the young.

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"Sue me....wait no don't. I need the Credits."

RC's Raiders

Gray Raxis

Gray Raxis

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Location: Concord Dawn, nearing the crashed CIS ship

Allies: Mandalorians

Enemies: Confederates ; Rex Taff

Equipment: Armor ; WA-01 & WA-02 ; Back ; Revolver ; Pistol ; Calm ; Whisper (Gray's lightsaber)


 Following the guidance of the force, Gray found himself walking for some time. What was it that he was needed for? This whole being led by the nose business had been old a long time ago, but he couldn't stop now. Others might think it was just the will of the force moving him, but Gray knew differently. This was more than just the force. This was the will of the Manda. He was needed for some purpose and regardless of how he felt about it, abandoning his task now would be turning his back on his people. He wasn't about to be doing that.


 After some time, Gray heard chatter over his com system from the local defenses. A large fleet had arrived and had already began to attack. Next the sound of defensive systems firing at these ships followed. He froze up. Flashes of memories took him over. Snow and trees and stone being bombarded by artillery fire. Blood dying white until it turned pink. Death and suffering of his clansmen all around. Failure. His own failure as a leader, as an alor. A war and battle considered a victory, but one he personally knew he hadn't won. It all turned him inward. Doubt and regret filled him as a cold sweat began to cover his skin. He was petrified, but he needed to move. He had to push through it. He had to conquer himself. It took him some time, but he managed to do it. As he righted himself, the sound of a ship plummeting towards the ground caught his attention. Was it an enemy or an ally? Without the use of his eyes he couldn't say, but either way he needed to respond to it. He began to move towards it.


 As he got close to the crash site, Gray began to feel a force signature. It was not as strong as his own, but it was stronger than that of a normal person. They were a force user of some kind, but he wasn't sensing much from them one way or the other. Perhaps a neutral? He was still connected with the flow of the force and letting it build up inside of him. Because of this, he sensed the person long before they came into view of his force sight. From the outline of them they were wearing... Mandalorian armor? It was more than just that though. That was a set of his company's Rogue line and they had on one of his wrist attachments as well. From the outline of it it had to be the same "Blast & Stab" he had on his right wrist. Could this mean they were friendly? That idea went out of his mind as he noticed the outline of a saberstaff on them. No, this was an enemy. He needed to be ready for a fight.


 Drawing his revolver into his right hand, Gray called out before Rex could see him, " Surrender now while you can. I'm giving you one chance. Take it or I'll be forced to drop you. Understood? This is your only warning." With that done, he got the young man in the line of fire for his revolver. It would have been better if he had a longer ranged weapon, but without the use of his eyes there was no point. He could easily rely on force sight and his instinctive astrogation to fire more accurately than he had when his eyes worked. He was a good marksmen back then too, especially with handguns. Now all he could do was wait for the person to make their choice while he remained hidden from them. They could use his signature to locate him, but he was fine with that. It just made them an easier target.

Ria Misrani

Ria Misrani

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Location: Verd Jitaor, Concord Dawn

Objective: Protect the Village


Concord Dawn would always have a place in her heart. Amaya had built a life here, married her husband here and gave birth to her son here. She knew every line every mark and settlement along the rough and dotted edge of the agricultural world. Was she fond of her neighbors? Not particularly, but so long as they didn't bother her or her people she did not bother them and when they looked Jorus Merrill and his Coalition in the face and practically spat on them and their foodstuffs. Amaya welcomed them and maybe it was the Nabooian blood that flowed through her veins but she was not so quick to lift a hand against her own. And now her father put her in a particularly troublesome position. One that saw a no-win scenario before her, but she had to think of her people and of her family. "Caal." She looked to her naval commander, "hold small over our lands and Munins."


"What?" He barked, "you would extend your protection to that dog?"


"I extend nothing to that two-faced schwinehund, rather I extend it to his people and his minor houses for he clearly does not think of his actions and the consequences it could have for them."


Caal growled but was silenced by Teyn's strong grip on his shoulder. "We must preserve Concord Dawn at all costs, from both Mandalorians and the Confederacy if necessary."


Amaya nodded in kind to her husband, "any word on the other homesteads?"


"Not yet," Teyn replied, "Lorsima's going to try to contact them if Dwenai can get nothing."


"I'll do it," Amaya interjected, "have Dwen take our troops and patrol, set up artillery at the edge of the plains."


Darth Metus had placed Amaya in a very troublesome position but nevertheless, she would do what was necessary to preserve the people of Concord Dawn. She knew her father had his own timing and sense of justice when it came to Mandalorian matters. Unfortunately, it always reared itself at the most inopportune moments although she supposed the only positive side of this was that she had yet to yield to the new War Dog that many of her so-called-brothers called Mand'alor. Like blind rabid packs of bloodthirsty men, they did whatever what was asked of them by whoever wielded the biggest bone, and ate scraps as if they were full meals because they knew no better or refused to see better. She relaxed her shoulders and adjusted the pauldron on her shoulders, "one day our people will see that there is a better way to be, but until then we'll do what we have to protect them otherwise this world would burn, my father, would make sure of it." 

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