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Ashla - Caedyn's Pupper <3

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Caedyn Arenais

Caedyn Arenais

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  • Age: Pup (Six Months).
  • Species: Yorshi.
  • Height: .3m (Adult).
  • Length: .3m (Adult).
  • Weight: 5kg's (Estimated Weight).
  • Appearance: Scruffy shades of brown fur with small protruding horns at the front of the pup's head. Her teeth sit just above her lower lip and her ears are most notable for the span of the fur that rises up above the rest like little wings. The Pup has big wide adorable eyes for which almost make up for Ashla's mischievous behavior.


Ashla's only possession is a black leather collar with a name tag and Caedyn Arenais' Focusing Crystal from his First Lightsaber. The Crystal itself has been attuned to Caedyn through Meditation in the force and therefore aids in the boys being able to sense the young Pup across large distances. 

  • Personality:

Ashla is still just a young wee Pup but she is as playful and mischievous as any other Yorshi youngin'. Her personality is a perfect match to Caedyn's as the lad has been craving the need to care for something and share in his exploits and exploration with someone else. From the early days of their companionship the two have bonded and Caedyn has come to fiercely love his little pup, ever so a pet person, he now has someone else to get into trouble with. 


Ashla and Azrael (Asha Hex's cat) can often be heard chasing each other around The Prophet when venturing from place to place.

  • Training: Doggy Daycare (House Trained & Obedient).
  • Combat Function: None.

​Though protective of Caedyn Arenais, Ashla is a small pup and cuter than anything. She will growl and bark away to warn Caedyn of a possible threat that she might have sniffed out but when it comes to posing a challenge to predators of any sort, unfortunately this cute little pupper falls short of the bar.


​Highly effective towards Girls due to adorable Puppy Dog Eyes and cute features.



Since Caedyn's leave of his homeworld Commenor and his entrance into the Je'daii Order under the tutelage of Asha Hex at the age of fifteen, it was quickly noticed how few teenagers there were his age. Being the youngest within the Order at the time, Caedyn's Master began to question what might do well to help the young lad and offer some sense of companionship and affection in his days beyond their training and livelihood together. 


It was during their first flight together that Asha Hex broached the concept of owning a pet to the boy, Caedyn taking his time to think over the prospect yet unable to find a reason as to why he wouldn't want a little creature to call his own and care for, soon began to question and research what sort of little critters there were out there. Given that Azrael (his Master's cat) was as lazy as he was, though affectionate, Caedyn grew fond of the idea in owning a dog of some sort; they well known for being man's best friend and far more reliant and generally joyful to spend time with.


Thus was how his attention was drawn to the world known as Leritor, a mineral rich world in the mid-rim which just so happened to be home to a size-able number of Yorshi, fluffy little dog-like critters that grew to an average of three meters in their full maturity and otherwise didn't take a great deal to fuss over. 

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Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV


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Under review :D



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV


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This brightened my day, what a sweetheart. Pending approval!



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

Allyson Locke

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i want one...