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Supreme Admiral Omarest Croscal, the Hammer of the Republic

TSE Supreme Admiral

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  • Intent: To fill the position of Admiral of the Armada for TSE / Upgrade the NPC
  • ​Image Credit: Click - Wookieepedia
  • Role: Admiral of the Armada
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  • Age: 50
  • Force Sensitivity: None-Force User
  • Species: Human [Tetan]
  • Appearance: Croscal is a man who takes pride in his appearance, likening it to the grandeur of order and efficiency. His face is clean shaven, his light blonde hair kept short and swept back across his scalp, and his body swaddled in the finest Imperial garb. He wears a light gray double-breasted tunic and trousers, a black leather belt with silver buckle, and a pair of black leather gloves and black durasteel-capped leather boots. A weapon holster rests on his left hip, and his right breast is decorated with several Imperial medals while his rank plague is pinned on his left. He is hardly seen out of his uniform even when off-duty, as he believes that a right and true Imperial officer should never degrade themselves by donning civilian wear. 


  • Name: Supreme Admiral Omarest Croscal, Hammer of the Republic, the Stellar Vulptex
  • Loyalties: The Sith Empire
  • Wealth: High
  • Notable Possessions: Croscal owns a myriad of small trinkets collected over his long career, but his greatest and most prized treasure is a massive forty foot Jedi statue pried off of its foundations outside of the former Jedi Temple on Tython. He keeps the massive statue in a specially constructed chamber adjacent to his person quarters on the Vengeance for Empress Teta.
  • Skills: Croscal is a skilled tactician and battlefield coordinator, often effortlessly conducting battle as one would conduct an orchestra. He has honed this skill for the better part of a decade fighting a constant grueling war against the hated Republic, each battle granting him a better understanding of the enemy he faced and reinforcing his resolve that the Empire was the only salvation for a galaxy mired in chaos. He possesses a photographic memory and can memorize entire pages at a time, allowing him to absorb information quickly so he can quickly formulate a strategy with the resources afforded to him. In his heyday he was a prolific painter, although that skill had been allowed to corrode over the years. He is also fluent in several languages such as his native Basic alongside Huttese, Durese, Sullustese, Bothese, Zabraki, Kuati, and Binary.
  • Personality: As the son of a Tetan aristocrat, Croscal believed himself to be above the ragged wastes of the galaxy. He was raised in an atmosphere that rewarded haughty behavior, and punished dissident ideologies. Power and wealth were what governed a society, not empyreal notions of liberty and freedom for all; some beings were predisposed to be lorded over by others, that was just how the galaxy worked. Even as a young man he had vehemently opposed the Republican government that had come to sweep over his planet like a plague, advocating that an absolute monarchist or even an imperialistic government was better suited for Empress Teta. 

    As he aged he came to despise the non-Humanoid races, viewing them as grotesque and unsuited for anything other than chattel slavery. Even races like the Twi'leks and Togrutas were viewed as lesser, and were treated as such by Croscal whenever possible. However, his racism slowly eroded away as he was introduced to the more moderate policies employed by the New Sith Empire and its meritocratic style of governance. 

    His views on the Sith are mixed, as he admires their overly imperialistic attitudes but simultaneously distrusted their use of the Force; as it was an alien and foreign concept to someone so grounded in the material rather than the spiritual or mystical. Still, he could never deny their effectiveness on the ground or in space, as a handful of Sith was usually enough to turn the tide of war in the Empire's favor through their use of the Force.

    While he willingly trusted the Sith despite their use of the Force, he wholly thought that the Jedi were abhorrent. They embodied everything Croscal despised in a society, pacifistic and coddling towards the mindless proletariat. Should they be allowed to preach their profane nonsense to the whole of the galaxy, then chaos and anarchy would continue to reign supreme without end.


  • Weapon of Choice:
  • Combat Function: Croscal's primary duty is to command his flagship in battle against the enemies of the Sith Empire and all Imperialists. He rarely serves a function outside of his primary task, and thus is not well-equipped for anything else.



Omarest Croscal, the Hammer of the Republic, the Stellar Vulptex; loathed enemy of democracy and stalwart patriot of Imperialism was born into the ailing noble house of Croscal two years after the turn of the ninth century after the Battle of Yavin. His father, Baron Herialex Croscal, had squandered the last remnants of the family's once inexhaustible fortunes on failed business ventures, gambling, and the vile liquor that seemed to endlessly wet his lips. 


When Herialex eventually passed away from a failing liver, Omarest inherited a broken and desolated house whose debts were so astronomical they were nigh impossible to properly calculate. Facing total destitution, Omarest could imagine only one solution to his family's woes. 


First, Omarest implored the banks of Empress Teta for several large loans on the condition that if they went unpaid then the bank would acquire the family's ancestral lands and titles. It was a bold gamble, his family decrying his actions as foolish and self-destructive, but Omarest listened to none of their bickering. He used these loans to purchase a large mercenary army outfitted with the best weapons his money could buy, and used them to launch a lightning campaign against all of his father's debtors.


Gamblers, crime bosses, thugs, they all bowed to the end of his blade. Their coffers were emptied, and the lowlifes who had bled the Croscal family dry were executed. With the family funds re-invigorated the first thing Omarest did was pay his mercenaries several bonuses to assure their continued loyalty, and then he paid off his loans to the bank; freeing him from their shackles of debt just as he had with the less legitimate debt collectors.


After securing his family's stability, Croscal enrolled in the Royal Tetan Military Academy to pursue a career in warfare and strategic command. He was an exceptional student, eager to learn, a quick study, and rarely earned the ire of his tutors. However, he was known by the students as something of a teacher loyalist, always reporting transgressions (no matter how minor) to the academy authorities and constantly seeking to uphold the rule of law and the social hierarchy.


This eventually came to a head when several students whom had fallen foul of Croscal's watchful eye, ambushed him after curfew with the intent to murder him. Croscal valiantly fought against his assailants, but their numbers overwhelmed him.


He would have met his end there if it wasn't for the timely intrusion of Marek Tureček.


Marek was one grade higher than Croscal in the academy, but that did not hinder their ability to socialize and develop a friendship of mutual respect and admiration for history and naval tactics. Marek had long since realized that Croscal's strict adherence to the rules and his willingness to report infractions would land him in hot water with his classmates, so he had kept watch over his friend as a precaution.


With stun gun in hand Marek incapacitated one of Croscal's attackers, while the academy authorities swarmed in to apprehend the transgressors. Despite the fact that Croscal had been spared of an ignoble death, his injuries were so severe that he was contained within the academy's medbay for several weeks before he was well enough to continue his studies.


Croscal thanked Marek for coming to his aid, but privately he resented the fact that he had to be saved by someone else. That resentment eventually compounded into a quiet hate for Marek, and the bitter Croscal eventually cut off all contact with Marek after he had graduated the military academy with top honors.


After graduation Croscal was assigned to the patrol frigate Champion of the Empress where he served as adjutant to Captain Greta Kollek, who he would eventually replace after an unfortunate encounter with Kikto Saracens in the Koros Sector that left Captain Kollek maimed beyond recognition and listing in and out of a deadly stupor. 


Some say that Croscal had intentionally sabotaged the frigate's defenses to oust Captain Kollek, but whether or not that was the truth would never be confirmed as Kollek died in her sleep several days after the incident. Croscal was then promoted to captain by right of seniority, and he proved to be an effective, if not heavy handed, commander in their quest to root out and destroy piracy wherever it reared its ugly head.


Croscal would serve Empress Teta faithfully, and by extension the Republic, for many years. However, the more he came to understand the workings and inner machinations of the Republic, the more and more he began to despise its democratic leanings.


In a system where everyone, even the foolish, the corrupt, and the outright ignorant, have an equal voice in the affairs of state then there could be no chance for progress. Stagnation would set it and the Republic would be beset from all sides by all manner of vultures seeking to rip away chunks of its territory. Croscal was often vocal about his opinions of the Republic, and because of that he was kept away from the Republic's offensives against the Sith Empire in the Tingel Arm lest he decide to defect and join the Imperials.


Republic officials weren't the only ones who had noticed the blossoming Imperialist leanings in Croscal. Marek, his old comrade from the academy, was deeply concerned with his friend's attitude towards the government they both served. He attempted to make contact with him, offering support and an open ear, but he was firmly rebuked by Croscal.


When the Sith Empire collapsed, the fears of Croscal joining the Imperials seemed like a distant memory. However, it wouldn't be the last time the Republic had to face the threat of the Sith, and when the Sith rose again they hit much closer to home.


Without warning, Coruscant, the shining jewel of the Republic, was taken by the Sith in a daring invasion from the Deep Core. Empress Teta was cut off from its Republic benefactors, and faced two options: They could either hold their ground and stay true to the Republic, even if it would lead to their downfall -- or they could bend the knee to the Empire, and be spared from annihilation.


For Croscal it wasn't a choice at all, he had long chafed at the foolishness of the Republic and saw much potential in the Imperial government of the One Sith. Marek, on the other hand, was a fierce supporter of democracy and freedom, and he opposed his old friend vehemently.


When the Empire began to encroach on the Koros Sector, the naval defense force was split down the middle. Half wanted to join the Empire, the other wished to stay with the Republic. 


Fighting broke out above Empress Teta between the pro-Imperialists and the Republicans. 


Croscal had boarded the defense platform above the planet, intent on usurping its weapon systems to destroy the Republican forces in orbit. He was stopped by Marek in the control room, and blasters were drawn. Marek pleaded with Croscal to remember what he had pledged an oath to, that he had sworn to give his life to protect the Republic.


Croscal replied coldly, murderous fire smoldering in his fair eyes: "I pledged my soul to Empress Teta, and only Empress Teta."


Without hesitation Croscal gunned down Marek, shooting him five times in the chest. Two of those shots tore apart Marek's heart, and he died long before his body even touched the ground. With no one to stop him, Croscal overrode the platform's defenses and turned them against the Republican forces. Hundreds died as their ships were strafed by heavy turbolaser fire, and those that had survived managed to limp out of the system just before the Imperial Fleet arrived.


The Fleet's commander gave the orbital defenses his ultimatum, but the decision had already been made. Croscal declared that Tetan airspace would be open to the Sith Empire, paving the way for the planet's eventual capitulation as a memberworld of the Second Sith Empire.


It was during this time that Croscal met the Serenno-born Thaddeus Krell, a fellow noble turned naval commander who shared many similar interests with Croscal beyond their shared age. Thaddeus and Croscal would often talk long into the night about philosophy, politics, and the current state of the galaxy as they saw it. They both believed firmly that a strong hand was required to shape the galaxy into something resembling a livable state.


Through Thaddeus, Croscal came into contact with the Sith Lord Darth Vornskr; Voice of the Dark Lord and the despotic King of Panatha. Vornskr took Croscal under his wing, tutoring him in greater areas of Sith and Imperial philosophy and even promoting him to the position of Vice Admiral. 


Croscal's hard-hitting nature and ruthlessness against the Republic earned him the moniker of the Hammer of the Republic. 


However, after the short, but brutal, Civil War that saw the death of the Dark Lord and the rise of a provisional Dark Council in his place, the Empire started to tear itself apart as its war campaigns stalled and began to unravel. Seeing the writing on the wall, Croscal first considered returning to Empress Teta (which had been hit hard during the war) to see if he could aid in the rebuilding efforts. But when news of the Galactic Alliance's approach into the sector, he realized that if he returned home he would be executed as a traitor.


So he left with Thaddeus and Vornskr, now named Carnifex, to Panatha where he lived with his former comrades for several more years before joining them on an excursion to the Tingel Arm. It was there that Croscal's naval expertise proved invaluable in the establishment of a new Sith Empire based from the fortress world of Bastion.


For his contributions Croscal was declared the Supreme Admiral of the new Imperial Armada, and was given command over all of the fledgling Empire's navy. Thaddeus Krell was appointed to serve as his second-in-command, which Croscal was grateful for as he had come to enjoy Thaddeus' company and advice on military matters.


Croscal was gifted a new warship as well, a Invictus II-class Battlecruiser which he proudly christened the Vengeance for Empress Teta, vowing to liberate his homeworld from the grasps of the Alliance or martyr himself trying.

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While I don't actually see anything wrong with this submission, I can't help but feel as though it would have been better suited as a modification request than a resubmission as nothing groundbreaking was added from the previous submission. Please keep this in mind for the future, as much of this submission is just a straight copy from its previous iteration.


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It is, of course, allowed to make submission modifications on older subs but making a new submission is fine too for the most part. It really depends on your preference.


Looks solid to me otherwise.


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