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More Than a Memory

- - - - - Kashyyyk Silver Rest

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Jyoti Nooran

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Lake Heron, Silver Rest 


"Time," Jyoti called out to Allyson from her boulder as the Corellian tapped the bright orange buoy near the shoreline. Its twin was set much farther out on at lake at nearly 50 meters.

"2.20, " she reported. "Still just outside the average, but we're getting there."

The average for a 100 meter segment for humans sat between 1.30 and 2.15 minutes. Considering the Allyson has only just regained full motor functionality with the regrowth of nerve and muscle tissue at the Rest, she was making excellent time. Though she knew her Corellian counterpart wouldn't be satisfied with just that. Their hypercompetive natures wouldn't allow it.

"One more go? I'd like to see to see you get under 2.10 at least. That's nothing for you."

Allyson Locke


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Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke

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Allyson splashed the water with frustration, she felt like she wasn't getting anywhere and with what she had done she should be good. Looking over at Jyoti, the Corellian tried to smile knowing that the Echani was trying to encourage her. Her body was sore and the compression of the wetsuit she was wearing was tight.

A hand brushed her brunette hair from her face as she tried her best to refocus. “Gotta give me some leeway Jedi. I just finished healing…” Despite her achy pain, Allyson waited and when she was told, she used the buoy to push off. She put everything she had into the last attempt. Allyson needed to make that 2.10 time. If she didn't she knew she wouldn't leave the water.

Her body strained, but she continued to push it beyond what it wanted to do. Hitting the second buoy she popped up and headed to the shore. A water bottle and a snack bar was waiting for her with a towel. Drinking the water first she looked towards the Echani, a smirk spread on her face as she was confident she did better than the 2.10.

“How was it?” Pulling her hair from the braid, her fingers unwrapped her hair and quickly used the towel to dry off.

Jyoti Nooran