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Ceraluen-class siege submarine

- - - - - submarine

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A Ceraluen firing two baradium missiles





  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Model: Ceraluen-class siege submarine
  • Affiliation: Open-market
  • Modularity: Yes: ordnance
  • ProductionMinor
  • Material: Durasteel (outer hull), quadranium (pressure hull)


  • Classification: Attack submarine
  • Role: Attack submarine
  • Size: Extreme
  • Length: 170m
  • Width: 13m
  • Height: 12m (pressure hull) 20m (mast)
  • Weight: Extreme: 17,000 tons surfaced, 20,000 tons submerged
  • Minimum Crew: 20
  • Optimal Crew: 60
  • PropulsionAir-independent propulsion
  • Speed: Slow (40 kph)
  • Maneuverability: Very low
  • Armament: Very high
  • 5 heavy VLS (35 missiles total; one can choose between cluster missiles, assault concussion missiles or heavy baradium missiles)
  • 6 proton rocket-caliber flex-tube launchers (4 forward and 2 aft); 60 proton rockets total (or equivalent in other ordnance)
  • 12 modified quad-lasers (all topside; can fire at targets up to 5 km above-surface altitude)
  • Defenses: Very high
  • Squadron Count: None (1)
  • Passenger Capacity: 400
  • Cargo Capacity: Very low: 350 tons



  • Silent while underwater due to air-independent propulsion
  • Heavy firepower
  • Heavy defenses


  • Limited ammunition: if the proton rocket magazines are exhausted, the craft is vulnerable
  • If the missile magazines are penetrated, the submarine can be killed
  • Slow, ponderous
  • Large broadside target
  • Low cargo capacity

Description: The very stoners that designed the Rasta Sub anti-aircraft submarine struck again, by designing the Ceraluen, one of the largest submarines in Silver Jedi service. The Ceraluen is intended to attack ground targets and catch attackers off-guard by firing heavy ordnance from its five heavy VLS units, capable of firing assault concussion missiles, cluster missiles, heavy baradium missiles, or other ordnance up to the size of assault concussion missiles. In addition, to defend itself against surface and submarine threats, it is equipped with six proton rocket launchers, capable of firing a variety of ordnance up to the size of a proton rocket and, also to be able to deal with airborne threats, a dozen modified quad-lasers that enable those to be used against underwater targets. As with submarines of that size, and capable of diving around 300m, the Ceraluen is double-hulled, with the outer hull being durasteel and the inner pressure hull being sound-proofed against a quadranium layer. Due to the extreme size of the Ceraluen, it takes up the resources of an entire squadron of submarines to itself, and, as is expected of a submarine this size, the Ceraluen is very slow and its maneuverability can be compared to that of a Hutt on an oil slick. Also, in an amphibious or an underwater engagement, its sheer size and sheer firepower makes it a priority target for enemies.


Due to the greater space, the number of passengers that can be brought onboard has increased to 400, albeit with very little comfort: it is not intended to be used for transporting sentients underwater for prolonged periods.

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Iona Immarya

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<p>Under Review.</p>


Iona Immarya

Iona Immarya

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne


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