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"The Witty Tease" TS-2 Class Corvette

- - - - - Corvette Tristram Tulasenan

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Tristram Senan

Tristram Senan

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  • Intent: To provide Tristram Senan and Tulas'enan with a personal ship.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Civilian Corvette
  • Length: 115 meters
  • Width: 40 meters
  • Height: 23 meters
  • Armament: Very Low: laser cannon x2 (1 on each side of the nose)
  • Defenses: Moderate: reinforced hull ; deflector shields x2; concussion shield ; ion shield
  • Hangar: None: Can hold 2 speeder bikes or 1 speeder in the hold & 1 small shuttle
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class: High: 1 ; backup 9


  • Communication systems: receiving, transmitting, encrypting, and decrypting
  • navigation system
  • holonet connected
  • escape pod x2
  • distress beacon
  • internal & external speakers
  • holoprojectors in every room, the cockpit, and the hold
  • small medical bay
  • medical kits in every room, the cockpit, the hold, and each escape pod
  • survival kits in every room, the cockpit, the hold, and each escape pod
  • living quarters
  • captain's quarters
  • lounge
  • training room
  • meditation chamber
  • sewing room
  • droid pilotable
  • can hold 12 passengers
  • small hold



  • Swift- The Witty Tease is an agile corvette for its size. It can move at greater speeds and maneuver swifter than other ships its size. This is in part due to the use of the d'Lanseaux engines, which are advanced engines that produce a higher top speed than regular ones, and the number of engines it has. It has 2 primary engines on the back and 4 secondary engines, 2 on each wing. This means it has more power than a regular ship. The sleek design combined with the engines allows it to turn quickly and precisely.
  • Defenses- The Witty Tease has notably better defenses than a comparable ship of its size. The reason for this is the use of the reinforced quadanium steel hull and its shields. It comes with a total of 4 different shields. Half of these shields are dedicated to environmental protection from the hazards of space and atmospheres, such as debris and radiation. The other two do help protect from environmental hazards to a degree as well, but one is a dedicated deflector shield for combat and the other an ion shield that can protect the ship from ion weaponry for a bit longer. Because of these factors, the ship can handle more of a beating than a regular corvette of its size.


  • Combat- The Witty Tease is fast, maneuverable, and can take a beating, but it is severely lacks firepower. With only a pair of laser cannons, it is hard to forget it even has weapons at all. This is further an issue as most other corvettes of this size come with 3-4 times as many guns. The placement of the cannons as well further exacerbate the issue. Being on each side of the nose, the cannons can only fire forwards like a starfighter. The only way to take out another ship is to get behind it and keep the nose pointed in the direction you want to fire. Because of this it has issues switching targets and handling multiple ships at once. The best option for the crew is to take advantage of the ship's speed and defenses to flee rather than charge into combat.
  • Thirsty Girl- The Witty Tease consumes a lot of fuel and energy. Between the multiple shields, the engines, and the other features added in, the ship has a high rate of consumption. Long trips are ill advised as the ship can find itself stranded out in the blackness of space. She also can't handle prolonged engagements of combat or being chased. The more abuse her combat dedicated deflector shield and ion shield take, the closer she becomes to running out of power and being dead in the water. It is best for the ship to avoid systems that lack fuel deposits, or failing that carry extra fuel enough to make it back to fuel deposits.


 Tristram had always been a bit of a vagabond after he left the Jedi order, but never did have a ship of his own. He could just find transport where he needed to go in one way or another so he never felt the need for it. It wasn't until after he married Tula that he found himself in need of a ship of his own for not just him but his new wife. So he got a hold of a member of his order, the Order of the Nighthawk, that liked to make ships, he was given a custom version of a new line of ships. He named it the Witty Tease since both he and his wife loved to tease each other so much.


 The Witty Tease is built as any TS-2 class corvette. She has a reinforced quadanium steel hull and frame with starship and electronic components placed in between. Several shield generators were added on to provide further protection from both environmental and combat hazards. Two laser cannons, one on each side of her nose, were added to provide some semblance of a means to defend herself. From there she differs from the other TS-2 class corvettes because she was given d'Lanseaux engines instead of regular ones. This gives her more speed and slightly more maneuverability than her standard siblings.


 Many features were added onto the TS-2 class corvettes, which the Witty Tease shares as well. She was given a communication system that can support receiving, transmitting, encrypting, and decrypting messages. She was given a holonet connection so that even while in space she could receive and send out holonet transmissions. Holoprojectors were places all throughout her so that messages and holonet transmissions could be played from any area. A distress beacon, 2 escape pods, medical kits, and survival kits were added into her design so her crew and passengers could survive anything wrong that might happen. She was even made so that she could be piloted by a droid as well as her organic owners. She was given a small hold to store extra supplies and act as a hanger for a pair of speeder bikes or a single speeder and a small shuttle. She was given living quarters, a lounge, and a medical bay for the needs of her crew and passengers.


 It is from here that the Witty Tease differs in her features. She was given an anti-ion tracer so that her hyperjumps couldn't be tracked. Speakers were hooked up on her inside and outside that can play music and messages, by the request of Tristram. Her captain's quarters were overhauled and turned from looking like a regular, although bigger, spacer bunk room to being a decent sized master bedroom from a house. The overhauling of quarters was not limited to her captain's quarters either. One of the rooms in the living quarters was converted into a meditation chamber, another into a sewing room for Tula, and two were combined and converted into a training room. With that done, she had gone from being a civilian transport corvette into a home for Tristram and Tula.


Captain's Quarters/Master Bedroom

 This room is the size of 3 bunk rooms from the living quarters. It contains a comfortable king sized bed, a pair of dressers, several closets, a couch, a coffee table, and several nightstands around it. It is hooked up to the holonet and contains a nice desk with a computer and projector built into it. A nice bathroom with both a shower and a tub is in the room and a kitchenette. It is far nicer than the bunk rooms and has a comfortable, homey feeling to it.


Living Quarters

 The living quarters is a section of the ship made up of 10 bunk rooms. Each bunk room can have 2 people in it. They come with a pair of bunk beds, a pair of lockers, a pair of small desks with a holonet connection and projector, and a bathroom with a shower. On a regular TS-2 class corvette that means the ship could support up to 20 passengers, but the Witty Tease has 4 of these rooms converted into a meditation chamber, training room, and sewing room. This means she can only house 12 passengers now or 11 if Tristram is kicked out of the master bedroom by Tula.



 The lounge is a spacious section of the ship that includes things to let her passengers relax. The kitchen and a public bathroom are located here. There are several tables with booths around them for people to eat at and just talk. A large monitor with several chairs and couches in front of it is set up so that holonet films and videos can be watched. There is a table set up with a pair of booths on opposite ends of it to be used in playing out various holo games. Over all it just gives a different place than the bunk room for people to be at.


Medical Bay

 The medical bay is small and only able to have 3 patients in it at once. It has 2 medical beds and a single bacta tank in it. The rest of the room is full of cabinets and lockers that house the various medical supplies, such as bacta needles and scalpels. A doctor droid stays in a recharge station in this room, only coming out when there is a need for medical examination and surgery.



 This section of the ship is an open area dedicated to storing supplies, equipment, and vehicles. Lockers are all over the walls for storing everything from arms & armor to power cells. It also has places that allow for a small shuttle and 2 speeder bikes or 1 speeder to be locked in place when not in use. The rest of it is open area for storing cargo. Straps and locks were built into the floor all over it as well. It can only handle enough cargo however to support the needs of the crew and passengers on board the ship plus a little more. It is a civilian transport ship not a cargo ship after all.

Elani Zambrano

Elani Zambrano

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Under Review.

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Elani Zambrano

Elani Zambrano

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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