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Family is more than Blood (Clan Australis and friends) [others please PM to join]

- - - - - Home Family Friendship

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Caz Australis

Caz Australis

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Caz smiled at Rex and handed him his drink.


"My apologies my friend.We've had quite the influx of Australis' lately so keeping names straight has been a difficulty for me.But it's a pleasure to meet you.Please, enjoy yourself tonight.It's on us."


Caz turned to face her husband and tucked her head into his neck.  


"This is quite the party,my sweet. You've been quite busy building this clan.I had no idea when I married you I'd be Momma to so many!" she winked and giggled at him."Granted, we did it in an rather unorthodox manner... sort of missed out on the fun of making them ourselves."She stood up on the tip of her toes and planted a kiss on his lips.  "We can work on that later.Right now, I do believe I will have another drink."


Kaine Australis





Rex Taff

Rex Taff

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Rex continued to listen to Gerarich Thanor and Cassiopeia Caranthyr before @N'Jay Crowe started asking if he could get in. "yeah man go for it I won't stop you. An opening, we always have an opening my man. Kaine Australis oi, this man wants to be an Australis my good man."


Rex then had something very strong to drink and feel over. Laughing then blacking out.


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