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Promenade Stadium - Home of the Eadu Edgehawks

- - - - - GSL Edgehawks Promenade Designs

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Cady Arwyn

Cady Arwyn

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  • Intent: To give the Eadu Edgehawks a place to call home.
  • ​Image Credit: AsiaBig
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  • Structure Name: Promenade Stadium
  • Classification: Shockball Stadium
  • Location: Eadu
  • Affiliation: Galactic Shockball League
  • Accessibility: It's a public sports arena. All it takes to get in is either an employee pass or a ticket.
  • Security: 
  • Description: The sheer amount of awe and amazement one feels when walking towards Promenade Stadium is only beat by the feeling once you walk inside of the building. The building is massive in size and clearly made by architectural geniuses, which it was. The bright neon Promenade Stadium sign perched on the outside of the stadium can be seen for miles. The facilities within the stadium are state-of-the-art, the seating numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and the choices of greasy snack food are abundant.



VIP Boxes - There are 30 VIP boxes across the stadium. They are located between the middle and upper stands. You can tell where they were because of their crystal clear glass and the men in flashy suits behind them. The VIP boxes are top of the line when it comes to luxury. The fresh carpeting and wood on the floor provides to ultimate in comfort and style. Several displays showing close-up views of the game from multiple angles hang from the ceiling. To top off the VIP experience, a full bar is within each box and a master chef droid to cook whatever one's heart could desire.


Owner's Boxes- The Owner's Box is only a slight step up from the VIP boxes. They contain all a VIP box does with the added luxury of a private spaceport solely for use by team owners and their families.



Cady had went on a bit of a spree when she spoke with planetary leaders in regards to bringing the Galactic Shockball League. Her first hit was with Eadu and the Sovereignty. After meeting with Varik Ice and discussing terms, Cady went forth with the construction of the stadium. Funding from the Sovereignty, however, was not enough to finalize construction. The stadium needed full sponsorship. Cady went to the holonet to seek that sponsorship. She received many offers, but only one stood out to her. Natalie LaForte offered her company, Promenade Designs, as the major sponsor for the stadium. Cady had a contract drawn up and Natalie signed it. From that point, the stadium project was known as Promenade Stadium. The opening ceremony for the stadium started with a parade and the ribbon cutting ceremony. Thousands were in presence, and millions were watching it at home.

Ria Misrani

Ria Misrani

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Under Review

Ria Misrani

Ria Misrani

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Neatarino :D


Sending to Mentor


Madison M. Maxwell IV

Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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Ria MisraniCady Arwyn


Oh, I like this. Nifty stuff outta the box.


Pending secondary approval!



Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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