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- - - - - Meissa System Jedaii Order Nordia Noroo Eyktan

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  • Intent: To create a new world within the Meissa System, for the Je'daii to unearth in the future and utilize for storyline purposes.
  • ​Image Credit: AlphaVIWiki
  • Canon: N.A
  • Links:




  • Planet Name: Nordia/Nor'oo (in the Eveng tongue)
  • Demonym: Nordian
  • Region: Outer Rim Territories
  • System Name: Meissa System
  • System Features: Ner (G-Type Main Sequence Star) | Kyrios, Mymenos and Mathisi (Moons) | 36 Hour Rotational Period | 602 Day Orbital Period | Located in the Habitable Zone | 6th Planet From Ner | Sits along the Crusaders Way Hyperlane
  • Coordinates: T-59
  • Major Imports: Medical Supplies, Technology
  • Major Exports: Arborous Materials


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate | Type I Atmosphere
  • Primary Terrain: Forests | Plains | Oceans
  • Major Locations:
  • The Temple of Learning: Known as Iknimaya ('Holder of Blessings') to the natives, and often called like this by its inhabitants, the Temple of Learning is the Je'daii academy in which the Younglings are brought to learn the ways of the Order, in an environment that is both safe and adequate for the many lessons the young ones must apprehend during their years as initiates of the Order. The Temple's grounds are large and ample, found nestled in the conjunction point of Feyhoo's Wingspan and the Neiran Forest.

  • The ObservatorySince the Nordian sky is filled with constellations, is aligned in a way that allows many of the other planets in the system to be occasionally seen and provides a great surface upon which to place a center that studies the aspects of the Meissa System, the Observatory was built. The natives call it tanhí'ur ('The Stargazer').

  • Eyktan Ekii: The tribes of the Eyktan, the Ekii are sprawled all over Nordia's surface. Some of them have chosen to live deep inside its many forests, others in its cold and tall mountains, other near its cliff-covered coasts or near rivers and lakes. The Eyktan are characterized by being very adaptable, and each people (forest, mountain, coast or river) display their distinct cultural differences. The Je'daii are recognized and welcomed into the tribes, regarded by the clans as honorary Tsmukan (siblings / sons and daughter of Nor'oo).

  • Ewrang Tautral, the 'Big Trees'Though every tree in Nordia grows to be gigantic, there is a special area within the Neiran Forest where the famous 'Tsawl Utral' (tall trees) grows. This area of the forest is near-sacred to the Eyktan and a hub in which many of them, from very different origins, reunite. The Ewrang Tautral is usually guarded by the Na'ring Eyktal ('people of the forest') since the location is within their territories, but all clans are welcome into it. A gigantic net of trees is formed within, and it is famously the place in which the young Eyktan learn to navigate the heights of the forest.

  • Mathisi's Mount: A small mountain standing behind the Temple of Learning, Mathisi's Mount is famous for the beautiful small forest that stands on its flat top. The Eyktal have offered the place to the Je'daii, who use it as a meditation area since they have experienced it to be a great point from where to appreciate the contrasts of the life in the surroundings and thus, to see the balance within it all. 

  • Neiran Forest: Neiran Forest surrounds the Temple of Learning, expanding for many, many miles around it. The trees that grow in it tend to be the tallest -even if all trees in Nordia surpass the average size of tree species in an impressive manner- and the forest canopy is inhabited by many Eki, who recognize and choose the central trees of the forest to build their tribes around. The forest floor is rich with prey, though this also means there are predators too. The natives avoid it except when hunting, since the danger is significantly lower when there are little creatures that move above you.

  • Tirretu Forest: Tirretu is the forest known for housing the Tanleng Slär, the 'bark caves'. Given the disposition and physical phenomena of the place, the trees' trunks have become twisted and open, creating a web of tunnels and passages the natives know as the bark caves. Though everywhere in Nordia can be potentially dangerous for the unwary wanderer, Tirretu holds the same level of threat than its sister forest: Neiran. However, the clans are more scattered here and thus getting help in the event of an accident might be more difficult. Also, the great difference between them is that the cave system makes Tirretu even more disorientating than the other forests, for eyes that do not hold the knowledge to navigate them.

  • Way-si Forest: "The Singing One", Way-si Forest is a colorful and bright place, housing some of the strangest species in Nordia. It is a great labrynth of plants and creatures, as beautiful as it is deadly, particularly because of the great number of poisonous and venomous species that inhabit it. It is also the forest with the shortest trees.

  • Mat'ko JungleNamed the 'monster' by the natives, Mat'ko is a tropical forest, house of the worst predators in Nordia, some of which even the natives know to stay away of. Only a few large tribes have made of Mat'ko their home and they are respected and feared because of it, the O'mat'ko Ekii "Beastpeople Tribes". O'mat'ko Eyktan are rarely seen out of their Forest, since they have agreed to guard the other neighboring woodlands from the beasts that inhabit theirs. 
    • Temple Ruins: Hidden within the dangerous Jungle lies a great fallen temple, covered by decades of growth of the jungle that is slowly starting to incorporate it as a part of its own. The temple is undiscovered and no one knows what rests within it.

  • Hufwe PlainsProbably the most striking terrain geographically speaking, Hufwe plains are a set of flat plates, raising approximately 200m over the White Sea and separated from each other by varying distances of one to a few meters. Very few animals dare cross them and it is a popular place for the Eyktan to reunite and for their young to practice jumping.

  • Immaran Plains: The place were most of the food is grown, the Immaran Plains are secure and very fertile land used by the Je'daii for cultivation purposes mainly. They are still a very beautiful place and every once in a while the Younglings are taken here so that they can spend some time outside the temple.

  • Lesezwa PlainsFar away from the Temple of Learning, the Lesezwa Plains are a savannah, wild terrain inhabited by animals and by Swotulu-Yktan Ekii (tribes of the river people), who live along the banks of Mymenos' Mirror. The savannas are a sight to see and there is a lot to discover in this region, which is one of the least explored ones of Nordia.

  • Feyhoo's Wingspan: Or Feyhoo Tsyal'u in Eveng is the Great Mountain Ridge of Nordia. It extends from the Oantris Ocean, all the way across the plains and forests to the coast of the Phelliga Ocean, extended for thousand of kilometers. The sheer size of it is the reason why the Temple of Learning was strategically hidden between it and the biggest of the Forests, it is nigh impossible to find among the immensity. The mountain-ridge is home to the Ayram-Yktan Eki (mountain people tribes).

  • Mymenos' Mirror: The most renowned water body in all Nordia, the river flows all around the planet, with several branches opening from it into the jungles, plains and falling from the mountains. The main body of the Mymenos River (called Swotu Rey'eng, the River of Souls), holds great cultural importance to the natives who see it as the physical representation of the connection shared by all who live in Nor'oo.

  • The End of Nor'oo: It is known that the forests, plains and mountains all stand far above sea level, and this is because before the beautiful coasts of white sands, stand very high cliffs towering over them. This two cliff-walls are known as the Ends of Nor'oo, named in the time when the Eyktan didn't believe there was anything beyond the seas. The Txampay-Yktan Eki have made their homes in the face of the cliffs.

  • Oantris OceanThe eastern ocean, Oantris is a mass of water buzzing with life. There are not any known heavily sea-fearing cultures since the Eyktan keep mostly to the land and the coasts. There is a lot to uncover in both of the two great oceans of Nordia.

  • Phelliga Ocean: The western ocean and the one closest to the Temple of Learning, Phelliga is much calmer than its eastern sister and because of it, a little bit more known to the inhabitants of Nordia. Back in the day, the Je'daii constructed a series of tunnels within it that connect different points of the area, allowing one to walk underneath the tons of water. This passages are known as the Seafloor.

  • White Sea: The white sea is much smaller than its counterparts Phelliga and Oantris and nestles itself within the continent forming a very large 'bay'. In a sector of it stand the tall Hufwe plains, sprouting from its floor, climbing up in thin mountains and finally opening themselves in flat tops, that serve as the plains platforms. The White Sea receives its name after its beautiful beaches of white sand.
    • Teyrni Beach: The most known and visited beach, Teyrni means "white sand" and it is a very popular spot for fieldtrips with the Younglings. 

  • Kyrios: Cold and filled with lakes, Kyrios alternates large icy/snowy plains with frigid lakes. The whole solid structure of it are actually large chunks of ice floating in a single cold ocean, meaning that the "continent" is in constant movement over the planet's surface. The conditions are much too harsh and very little species, specially adapted to the cold, have managed to make of the moon their home. It should be considered a habitable moon, given its characteristics, but the difficulty of living in it have left it uninhabited.

  • Mymenos: The biggest among the three sister-moons of Nordia, Mymenos is called Se'ayl by the natives and known as the "waterfall paradise". Mymenos, much like the planet within it, covered in lush jungles that didn't use to host any sentients. The Je'daii were the first to discover it, given that the natives of Nordia lacked space-faring technology. Mymenos is plagued with tall cliffs and rivers, turning it into a serenade of waterfalls. A handful of Eyktan remained on Mymenos after travelling there with help of the first Je'daii settlers, they are known as the Tawtoo Eyktan, "sky Eyktan". 

  • Mathisi: The Great Dessert, Mathisi is blanketed in sand and receives the worst of Ner's attention, making it hot, dry and windy. It is believed that Mathisi is rich with mineral reserves, gem caves and, most importantly, crystal caves. None of these allegations have been confirmed yet, for Mathisi is even less explored than its frigid sister, Kyrios.(no RMs)


  • Native Species: 


Vorn tiger

Hook hawk

Eyktan (native sentient species, codex subbed)


  • Immigrated Species: 

Tejdóru (brought by previous Je'daii settlers)

Melluswing Glider (brought by previous Je'daii settlers)

Mamooth (brought by previous Je'daii settlers)

  • Population: Sparsely Populated | Concentrated mainly in the temple of Padawan Kesh and the tribes of Eyktan, known as the ekii (sing. eki).
  • Demographics: Originally the only species known to inhabit Nordia were the Eyktan. With the arrival of the Je'daii, the demographics now include Humans and Aliens of many different species. Some worth mentioning are Togrutan, Ithorian, Essedari and Twi'lek. However, since Nordia is the home planet of the Je'daii Academy -where Younglings begin their Journey towards becoming Je'daii- a remarkable variety of sentients can be appreciated.
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Eveng (native tongue of the Eyktan). 
  • Culture: 

    Previous to the arrival of foreigners to the lush planet of Nordia, it was inhabited by only one sentient species known as the Eyktan. The Eyktan were, and in many ways still are, far behind the technological and social development some other parts of the galaxy experienced. They were nomadic, hunter-gatherers who lived in tribes called Ekii (singular Eki) lead by a single leader, the Tieyktan/Tieyktana (male/female). The Eyktan were inspired by subjects such as nature, war and the three moons present in their night sky which they know as "Nor'oo Trii", the Three Eyes of Nordia. Because of this, most of the ancient culture to be found revolves around the old customs of the Eyktan people.


After the first arrival of the Je'daii to Nordia, the planet experienced the influx of a new culture. Overtime, the Eyktan adopted many of the cultural characteristics of the new comers and so Nordia took a big, sudden step as far is its development goes. The Eyktan, having befriended the Order, switched many of their previous, warmongering believes into an approached inspired by the balance the new inhabitants cherished. The beliefs of the Je'daii order ended up permeating through almost all of the cultural spheres in Nordia, from social customs, to the arts and more. The Eyktan tried to copy and learn from their new Tsmukan (literal translation of the word for 'siblings', in this case meaning new inhabitants of Nor'oo), the cultural landscape thus changing completely.


As some may expect, another of the main focus points of the Nordian culture revolves around youth and the many promises that come with it. The Eyktan as a race have always demonstrated affection and admiration for young kin -seeing them as the beacons of Future hope- and the Je'daii settlers mostly have chosen to develop under the banner of Padawan Kesh, the love and care for children is a widely shared aspect. Joining their efforts, the inhabitants do whatever they can to ensure Nordia is a haven for any child who finds their feet on its surface.



  • Government: Since the Eyktan did not develop a system of government for the planet as a whole, the Je'daii took charge of administering the planet. Nordia is under direct administration of the leading figures of Padawan Kesh and thus, under the administration of the Je'daii Council conformed by the Tho Yor Masters. The Eyktan keep on living in their tribes, each led by a Tieyktan or Tieyktana (male leader/female leader). Tieyktans have been chosen by their people centuries ago, and since then they choose a member of their tribe to teach in the ways of leading so that he/her succeeds them they pass away/pass down the leadership.
  • Affiliation: The Je'daii Order
  • Wealth: Low. It is estimated that Nordia possesses considerable wealth that far exceeds the revenue obtained by the export of its arborous resources. The planet is rich with resources yet to be discovered, that could prove to make the wealth of Nordia skyrocket should they be exploited. (no RMs)
  • Stability: Very high. The original inhabitants of Norida, the Eyktan, used to be a warmongering species, the many Ekii constantly at odds with each other. Differences of any kind, big or small, were brought forth to create conflict, yet this saw its end with the arrival of the Je'daii. The Eyktan united their forces, out of weariness of the newcomers. Yet they did not find enemies in them, rather a people who brought with them teachings the Eyktan wished to make their own too. The settlers acted as the harbingers of diplomacy, and the natives decided to put their trust in the keepers of the Balance. A long-lasting friendship was built between the settlers and the natives, who had also abandoned their aimless desires for conflict and guided their efforts towards helping and working with the Je'daii.
  • Freedom & Oppression: In Nordia, two different 'governments' can be appreciated. The first is the administration of the Je'daii Order, concerned with both the external affairs of the planet and the functioning and well being of the Order's Academy settled in the planets surface. However, they have also become a figure of guidance and counsel for the native species of the planet, the Eyktan who in turn still keep their tribal form of ruling. Neither impose upon the inhabitants of Nordia a feeling of oppression, and as long as the balance is kept and no unrest stirred, Nordia is a place of freedom and peace, its inhabitants working together towards building a place both safe and healthy.


  • Military: There is no such thing as an organized military corp in Nordia. Each Eyktan eki has its warriors and hunters, and since war used to be a main focus of their lives, all Eyktan are trained in the combat style of their people. Since they turned their heads on the violent nature of their ways, choosing to follow a new path based in moderation and defense as shown to them by the Je'daii, the tribes keep on training their members but only to call upon these skills when in times when self defense is required. Then, there are the Je'daii Journeyers, Rangers and Masters who inhabit Padawan Kesh alongside the younglings. Both the Je'daii and the Eyktan would be able to respond in the defense of Nordia should the need arise, but it must not be forgotten that the world houses the young of the Je'daii, and its inhabitant's main priority will always be to ensure the safety of the younglings.
  • Technology: Low. The native species of Nordia, the Eyktan, have decided to continue their lives in a traditional way -for the most part- despite having been introduced to the technology by the first Je'daii settlers. Because of this, Nordia as a whole has a very low technology development and presence. Only a handful of natives have adopted the use of certain devices, weapons and transport but they conform a minority. The only places were modern technology is present is in the locations inhabited by the Je'daii, such as the Temple of Learning and the Observatory.


Beginnings often betray what awaits in the future, such a start befell the lonely planet of Nor'oo, as its people called it. It was a wild planet, the beauty and the danger of nature reigning over every corner in its surface. And its people were just as wild as their land. The Eyktan, sons and daughters of Nordia, ruled the planet as its sole sentient species. The powerful inhabitants were a warmongering and chaotic species, constantly at each other's throats resulting in the event known as the Tribe Wars. 


Nor'oo spent the first thousands of years sunk in deep conflict, never reaching a standing of peace. This would not change until the first off-worlders, the first settlers found their way into the forest planet: the Je'daii. An archaic branch of them arrived to the planet, with the intention of making it the home of their Academy, the place were their young would be taught and raised. The arrival of the Je'daii marked the beginning of a new era in Nordia, and no longer would the planet be raked by the wars that had consumed it since the beginning of its time.


The Je'daii did little to correct the atmosphere of the planet, Nordia was so lush with nature that it would have been a shame to affect it more than it was needed. During those times, large sectors of the atmosphere varied in the concentration of gases, making them dangerous or uninhabitable for most species. So, the Je'daii introduced an animal that would develop successfully in such an atmosphere: the Melluswing Glider. The Gliders cleaned the atmosphere of Nordia, turning it into a completely safe place for most humanoids. 


The natives, who at first had united under the same banner just out of weariness of the new-comers, did not found enemies in the Je'daii, but rather took them as guides. They learnt what the Je'daii had to teach and abandoned their ancient, violent customs to follow the path of balance and moderation. With both the natives and the settlers working together, Nordia prospered. 


The Eyktan became much more organized, now using their battle prowess only to defend themselves and their planet, they became more respectful of one another and of the planet that was their home and tried to imitate the Je'daii in the ways they could, given that a very diminutive amount of them had proved to be sensitive to the force. They named the Je'daii their Tsmukan, honorary brothers and sisters, fellow sons and daughters of Nor'oo. 


Then, the archaic Je'daii that had brought peace and order to Nordia vanished, and the natives erected monuments and honored their lost friends. Having learnt not to allow themselves be taken by grief or despair, to trust the Balance and the Force, the Eyktan continued to care for their world diligently, awaiting the return of their long lost friends, passing on their tales and theachings to their young. 

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Esis Nas


Under review


Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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Esis Nas


This is a lovely, well put together sub. Couple things that need to be addressed.


All of the images you use in the locations section need to be properly credited. 

I see the spoiler. Scratch this!



Affiliation: The Je'daii Order

If you can link to the Order's faction page here, that would be stellar. 




Wealth: Unexploited. It is estimated that Nordia possesses considerable wealth that far exceeds the revenue obtained by the export of its arborous resources. The planet is rich with resources yet to be discovered, that could prove to make the wealth of Nordia skyrocket should they be exploited.


This should then be 'low' then. It's okay if this changes in the future, but this sub is to deal with the here and now of the current economy. Also, while it's 100% fine to have a bunch of resources currently 'unknown' to the characters, if you have anything specific/notable it should still be included in the sub. For instance from one of your moons:


 "It is believed that Mathisi is rich with mineral reserves, gem caves and, most importantly, crystal caves. None of these allegations have been confirmed yet, for Mathisi is even less explored than its frigid sister, Kyrios."


This sub is a place to detail what is actually there for future discovery. If it's not anything *specific*, just generic, then it's not a big deal, and this is fine, but if there are intentions of discovering specific materials it would be better to note them if you know them- rather thanneeding to make a sub request later. If there's nothing specific you want to detail, just make a note (no RMs) in those areas.

Edited by Irajah Ven, 13 March 2018 - 10:27 AM.


Esis Nas

Esis Nas

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Edits have been made, added the clarification next to Mathisi's description and the Wealth field and linked the Order:)


Irajah Ven

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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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Esis Nas


Thank you. Enjoy your planet!


Pending approval.


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