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Asaraa Vaashe

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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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NAME: Asaraa Vaashe
FACTION: The Order of Silver Jedi 
RANK: Jedi Knight
SPECIES: Human (?)
AGE: 18
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’7”
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Pink, falling to her mid back
SKIN: Pale
MASTER(S): Yuroic Xeraic(Exmaster), Josh Dragonsflame & Jairdain
Significant Other: Dating Caedyn Arenais
Lightsaber: A singer curved hilt saber with a silver blade.
+ Trained by the Jedi all her life Asaraa is more physically fit and capable than most youths her age. The natural athleticism of her ex-predatory species was honed to an edge by her teachers and by the force, a habit she has kept up in her new body. Although she lacks the strength she once had she has found her new body posesses an agility she was missing before.
+ Connection to the force, like all trained Jedi Asaraa has a strong connection to the force, her strength being in her connection to the living force. She has a particular skill with Alter powers, telekinesis coming almost effortlessly to her.
- Mentally vulnerable: Asaraa always paid less attention to the mental aspect of the force, and while she has taken some steps to rectify that her possession has left a weakness in her armour leading straight to the sith memories she struggles with.

- Curiosity: One of her defining characteristics is her curiosity, the desire to experience and discover new things has often led Asaraa to get in over her head. Jumping into situations before thinking it all the way through.  

-Identity: A side effect of her possession, Asaraa has found herself struggling with two sets of memories, those of the Jedi she was before it and those of the Sith whose body she now inhabits. At times of high stress, or high emotion she can slip, the Sith identity coming to the fore.

- Sense of Direction: Asaraa has a truly horrible sense of direction, if she can get lost she will get lost, it takes her a long long time to get used to a city or location. 

Standing at 5 foot 7 inches the pale-skinned Padawan still doesn’t cut an imposing figure in anyone’s books, although these days she’s still eye-catching, with her pale skin and light pink hair. The pink hair just adds to her petite size and lithe build to leave the girl looking almost elfin. Now significantly less muscular than she used to be Asaraa still maintains a dancer’s grace to her movements, perhaps more so than she ever had before.
Normally Asaraa can be found in either her armour or casual clothes. Although she has her Jedi robes they feel uncomfortable to the Padawan, and she tends to prefer wearing normal street clothes to the more normal Jedi garb. Her clothes normally cover up the sith tattoo on the left side of her chest, a reminder that this isn't the body she grew up with.

Like many Jedi Asaraa was taken from her family at a young age and brought into the embrace of the Jedi 'family' where she was expected to spend her whole life. Asaraa started off training with the other younglings, delighting in the new powers, the new horizons opening up to her. It was a heady rush for anyone, especially a curious young girl who would often run rather than walk, a failing for which her teachers chided often her. But who could stay still when there was so much new to learn, to see. definitely not the bright cheerful girl who was the life of the party. The same girl who cried herself to sleep for the first week curled up in the middle of her bed, tears tracing down her face as she suffered in silence mourning her parents and her home.

Yet the Jedi knew that that hurt would pass, memories of home fade away, your parents becoming a mere memory, the hurt of their absence fading in time as lessons, and teachers, friends and playmates filled the void. And what lessons they were, history, politics, lightsaber use and the force. Lessons she could never have imagined, would never have even thought to experience without the Jedi. Worlds that opened up to her curious mind. It wasn’t that she excelled at her lessons like a prodigy, quite the opposite in fact. There was no denying Asaraa’s intelligence, all of her teachers could accept that it was just she found it so hard to focus on just one thing. She would eagerly seek out new information, often researching one thing before drifting off onto a tangent. Despite her lack of focus she managed to handle her studies well, ending up with a focus on the Living Force philosophy, She loved nothing more than running out into nature, finding a park or out of the way forest where she could just watch the nature all around her, reaching out with her senses to commune with it.


Not that life growing up with the Jedi was all hard work and dour teachers, there were friends and pranks, misadventures and stories. The other children she grew up with filled a place as friends and siblings, the Jedi as parents and teachers. The sight of the young girl running through the temple with a hapless friend in tow, or hunched over a reader in the library, piles of data cubes scattered around her became a common sight, and one met with more than a few smiles. Even when she had fastened onto a teacher, pelting them with question after question she was met with smiles of fondness as the staff tried to encourage and channel her curiosity.


The day she was selected by a master for training as a Padawan was a bittersweet one for the girl and her teachers. The Academy had become her home, the only one she could remember and she loved the friends she’d mae there amongst the students and the teachers. Yet at the same time, this was the next stage in her journey moving forward. It was like a new adventure unfolding before her and she loved every moment of the journey, and the tutelage of her master as he pushed her towards using her training with a lightsaber to provide herself focus while working on her connection to the force. Under his guidance she flourished, the 1on1 training exactly what she needed to grow in skill and understanding. Sadly her happiness had a time limit and while on a mission tragedy struck the pair and Asaraa’s master was cut down. It was all the Padawan could do to escape with her own life and her Master’s body.The escape wasn’t without injury, one of the Sith’s blade’s managed to pierce the Padawan’s defenses, slicing a long cut down her arm as she scrambled away.


The Padawan who returned to the temple wasn’t the same one who had left it in such high spirits. She couldn’t help but blame herself, believing that she wasn’t good enough to save him, that if she’d been faster or stronger she would have been able to intervene successfully. Instead of the curious child who had raced across the grounds she now sulked or threw herself into training, but training without a driving focus, just a desire to be better as she lost confidence in herself. Asaraa might have burnt out there if it hadn’t been for a Togruta Master passing through the temple. She recognised the conflict within the girl and took her under her wing, taking Asaraa to Shili on a diplomatic trip along with her own Padawan. While on the planet Asaraa was introduced to her own people, but most importantly aimed to teach her a lesson. Confiscating her lightsaber the master sent Asaraa out to hunt down an Akul that had been terrorizing villages near Corvala. Armed with only the most basic of weapons Asaraa tracked down the Akul, engaging it in a contest where all of her skills, both physical, mental and her connection to the force were drawn and tested to their limit. Ultimately she staggered away the victor, having earned the right to wear the Akul’s teeth in a headdress, but most importantly having come to the realisation that her abilities hadn’t abandoned her, that she was capable. The girl was able to put the ghost of her master to rest, apologising to him on her return to the temple and promising that she would strive to improve, in order to protect others as he had been doing. Restored to her previous self the Padawan was ready to face the world with the approval of the Jedi at the temple who were happy to send her out into the galaxy again.



Well for a given value of sent out into the galaxy anyway, Asaraa’s trip out into the galaxy didn’t take much longer than a flight to Kashyyk. The need to protect, to actively seek out threats and stop them from hurting anyone else didn’t mesh with the rest of the Jedi, instead they saw that she needed something more proactive where she could feel that she was making a difference so they sent her to meet the Silver Jedi Order. Although the journey wasn’t without it’s own adventures as, passing by the border of the First Order owned territories she ran into another Togruta, an agent of the First Order in a bar. At the same time she met a droid who would prove to be a recurring nemesis to her, although in that initial meeting she did manage to cut off his hands.


Amazingly, the Padawan arrived at the Silver Jedi Order just in time for a celebration. Not one for her arrival sadly, but rather one of the social get togethers that the silver Jedi were famous for. She wasted no time getting settled in, and started approaching the master’s at the temple seeking to expand her talents. Force sight, elemental manipulating, foreseeing, barriers and cloak, a world of new powers and abilities opened up to the young Padawan and she wanted to absorb it all. Not that everything she did was based around work and training, surprising herself she started to make friends, both amongst the other Padawans and the Knights and Masters of the Silver Jedi Order. It was one of these friendships that actually led to her acquiring a new master.


It was around this time, when the Silver Jedi deployed to defend Torn station that Asaraa found herself separated from the rest of the Jedi and the rangers. With only the troops in her drop ship she worked her way through the station, using a combination of the force and the Ranger’s training to circumvent traps and sneak up on the pirates. It was out of this relationship that the concept for the Marines, units specialising in starship and starbase assaults and defenses was formed. Asaraa gathered the troops shed been working with into the first Marine contingent. However, not everything was good news, and shortly after this Asaraa had a second run in with HK-42, an encounter she barely survived, while he walked away having claimed her lightsaber.


Not to be put down she constructed a new lightsaber, immediately putting it to the test when the First Order invaded the Galactic Alliance, the Silver Jedi leapt to the defence of their allies and Asaraa found herself set on guard duty, protecting Jairdain Ismet, a member of the Silver Jedi who would be providing Battle Meditation for the fleets. It was here she met Yuroic Xeraic, Jairdain’s fiancee who decided to take Asaraa on as his Padawan. The master and Padawan found themselves engaging Connor Harrison, the ex-Silver Jedi who now was out to destroy the order by any means necessary. While Asaraa found herself caught in conversation with the man she found her resolve to fight wavering, but ultimately stepped up to stop him along with Yuroic, protecting Jairdain and Admiral Cathul Thuku from his attack.


After a spirited, but ultimately futile defence, the Silver Jedi returned to Kashyyk where Asaraa spent some time relaxing with her friends and training, not wanting to be caught out like that again. While the next period was relatively quiet, it did include a clash with the Sith when they attacked Kashyyk, and a few encounters with various Jedi, both within and outside of the Order.


The good times couldn’t last though, they never do, and Asaraa soon found herself blacking out at odd times throughout the day, waking up somewhere else. She had stated to think that she might be going crazy, that this was more than just a lack of sleep, but didn’t want to bring it to anyone’s attention. The periods of blackout seemed to get longer and longer, the Togruta thought that she was failing, that she wasn’t able to keep up with the pace of the life of a Jedi. It was for that reason she hid what was going on, why she didn’t tell anyone. Maybe if she ignored it, kept at it she’d be able to get used to the pace, never mind that she’d done this all before, that it wasn’t anything she hadn’t been through, maybe it was something mental. It wasn’t until Yuroic confronted Asaraa that it was discovered something was wrong.


It turns out that the little cut on her arm she’d sustained when escaping from the attack that was responsible for the death of her first master wasn’t actually a small thing to be forgotten. The Sith Acolyte who attacked her was able to use, the blood drawn by the blade in a ritual to create a link between the Togruta and the Sith, one that the Sith could manipulate. Those blackouts, they weren’t Asaraa falling asleep but rather the Sith taking control. She’d been feeding supply routes and military Data to the Sith during this time. This allowed them to stage a series of raids on freighters and bases of the SJO, making off with several Military Supplies. The confrontation with Yuroic was the final straw the Sith needed to seize control, escaping with the Togruta’s body in a plan to draw the Jedi after them. The members of the Silver Jedi order followed, only to find that the Sith had taken full control of Asaraa’s body, leaving the Padawan trapped in the Sith’s own body for the period of the confrontation. Through the actions of Jedi Master Kei Amadis, and her fellow Padawan’s the Jedi managed to recapture Asaraa’s old body, and the new one she was trapped in, although try as they might, they couldn’t recreate the ritual that was used to transfer them in the first place.



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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

    Who am I?

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Youngling Padawan Knight Master











Telekinesis (Push, pull lift):[IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII]
Battle Precognition:[IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII]














Pantera-class Stealth Frigate - The Coyote


The Sleipnir




Asaraa's Lightsaber


Nephil and Seraph






Twin Burner's




V-Series Ranger Bow






Sasori Armoured Robes


Fate's Dance




Woollen Hat




Murr Earings


Theia Glasses




Odin (AI)


{{Military Units}}


1st Antarian Rangers Marine Assault Team

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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

    Who am I?

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Kills: None


Bounties: None






Run Jedi Run (While on a mission Asaraa becomes prey for a droid...but it doesn't quite go as planned) - Completed


The time has come for round two - Completed


A Meeting of Minds (After nearly dying on a mission Asaraa goes to thank the Stormtrooper who saved her life)


Treasure Hunters (Hot on the trail of her master's legacy Asaraa meets another Togruta)


Sneaky Sneaky (Caught by her master sneaking away from lessons a terrible secret is uncovered)


General Loose Ends (Hearing a gunshot Asaraa find one of her friends had been attacked by another) - Completed




Lessons in the Force (On Kashyyk Asaraa approaches a Jedi Master for training in force sense) - Completed


I spend, therefore I am (An impromptu meeting has Asaraa learning the basics of force psychometry) - Completed


A piece of Skor Cake (A trip to the GA results in the learning of a few new and unusual force powers) - Completed


Paying Dues (Travelling to a frozen wasteland Asaraa hunts down a Jedi Master able to teach her Battle Meditation) - 


Sunglasses at night (On Commenor Jairdain teaches Asaraa how to sense things she can't see an to protect herself from a variety of attacks) - Completed


Training by a Thousand Paper Cuts (On Kashyyk Asaraa and some friends are taught the Art of the Small)




Eat Drink and Be Merry (The SJO settle into their new home and Asaraa gets a chance to meet her new order.) - Completed


Silver Cutlass (SJO Dominion of Hex AB-29) (The SJO mobilise to defend Torn Station from incoming pirates and Sith) - Completed


Discovering What was Lost (The SJO sent out a group of explorers to explore Hyu-Ken Carka) - 


As You Know, Our Blockade is Perfectly Legal (Mobilising to defend the GA from an FO invasion Asaraa defends the ship from an ex-SJO invader) - Completed (Loss for GA)


It's A Wonderful Life (Day) (The SJO gather to celebrate Life day together) - Completed


Mind Your Business [SJO Dominion of Xed AB, 31] (Wandering through a market Asaraa runs into some old friends.) - Completed


Silver Cutlass (SJO Dominion of Hex AB-29) (Deployed to Torin station to pretect them from pirates Asaraa gets losts with some Rangers) - Completed


Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO] (Facing of agaisnt the Sith on Anzat Asaraa barely survives a showdown with a Sith Lord) - Completed


What're You Doing In My Swamp (The SJO deploy to help defend the GA on Dagobah) - Completed


Yo ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for me (Kidnapped and possessed the SJO rush to rescue Asaraa, but the person they get back isn't who they thought she would be.) - Completed


Come One, Come all [ SJO Dominion of Hex AD-31] (Hearing about a nearby carnival the SJO travel to experience it) - Completed


All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex (still getting used to her new body Asaraa joins the SJO as they rent out a cruise ship for a much-needed break) 


[SJO] Crystal Hunt (With a group of other SJO members Asaraa explores a Kinrath cave in search of a Dantine Crystal)





A Cross of Paths (Asaraa comes across another Togruta working for the Knights of Ren)


The Padawans: Homecoming (The SJO Padawans are sent out on a camping trip by themselves.) - Completed


Shopping Trip (Out looking for Lightsaber parts Asaraa runs into a rogue Jedi looking for parts himself) - Completed


The Prodigal Son (On Comm duty, Asaraa is responsible for contacting an ex-Silver Jedi warning him about the great galactic war) - Completed


The Sea of the Night (wandering around at night Asaraa runs into a Jedi she dubs Mr Strange) - Completed


Home Ain't Never Home (Silver Jedi) (On her way back to the temple from a nature commune Asaraa stumbles into a Mandalorian visitor) - Completed


No Master Fun (The Padawan's sneak away from their masters to relax by a waterfall) - Completed


In the quiet of the night (While asleep Asaraa has a vision of a future fight, though she couldn't have expected who was involved) 



Many more to come I hope.

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Kiran Arlos

Kiran Arlos


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Asaraa Vaashe Very nice!