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Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics

Stellarwind R&L Runi Verin SR&L

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Corporation Name: Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics

Headquarters: Ord Mantell

Locations: Ord Mantell, Kol Atorn, Belt of Arah, Brentaal IV, Kuat

Tier: V
Operations: Salvage, Freight, Shipbuilding, Starship Components, Ground Vehicle Manufacturing, Smuggling



Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics might have been a household name a century or so ago. Not a household you’d want to visit mind, but a household all the same. A pint-sized powerhouse that, against the odds, managed to establish itself throughout the Outer Rim during the waning years of darkness. Unfortunately for its investors, this proved to be primarily due to a lack of any real competition in the field, quickly losing its seat at the table and falling into the shadows with the gradual galactic restoration.

Far from the heights of its glory years, Stellarwind became the quintessential junkyard dog of the corporate world. Namely small, scrappy and unlikely to be found anywhere civilized. It had become relegated to picking the bones of long forgotten battlefields and running freight throughout the conflict weary sectors that few care to remember, let alone give two creds about.

An influx of capital in more recent years has allowed it to take some tentative steps to restoring its former fortunes, however. Expanding existing operations throughout the Outer Rim, as well as opening further opportunities towards the Tingel Arm.

Ord Mantell – Considering the entire planet is basically one gigantic scrapheap in of itself, Ord Mantell seemed the natural location for a budding salvage operation. While the company’s corporate offices are located within the city limits of Trader’s Quarter, the bulk of the salvage operations and interests upon the planet are unsurprisingly found within the sprawling junkyards and scrap metal processing facilities.

Kol Atorn – An overlooked haven for the disenfranchised and outcasts of the Outer Rim, Kol Atorn serves as the hub for the company’s logistic operations, owning multiple warehouses and private spaceports. The planet also acts as the primary source of recruitment for the company, with many of Stellarwind’s employees being drawn directly from the local spacer trash and Mandalorian exiles that have emigrated there.

Belt of Arah – Having recently acquired a modest string of abandoned Asteroid Hangars scattered intermittently throughout the field, the Belt of Arah is home to Stellarwinds’ shipbuilding initiative. While having the shipyard spread out across a distance has created some understandable issues around overall productivity, the relative privacy offered by the location is considered a more than adequate trade off, particularly when dealing with less-than-legal after market modifications.


Brentaal IV - A relatively minor trading outpost, Brentaal IV was initially intended to be SR&L's stepping stone into the Core. Plans ultimately changed, leaving Brentaal IV's facilities to become little more than waystations on the outbound journey from Kuat to its facilities further afield. Work has begun to transform these centers into vehicle manufacturing hubs, however.


Kuat - Having won the contract to salvage and restore the infamous Kuat Drive Yards, Runi managed to leverage the situation to her advantage. Since her subsequent acquisition of Kuat Drive Yards, SR&L has become the in-house salvage and reclamation service of choice for the shipwright. It now has a rather large presence upon the orbital rings itself. 



While Stellarwind was once a promising investment for those looking to diversify their core portfolios into the Outer Rim, its fortunes in recent years were considerably (and perhaps ironically) less than stellar. Whether due to a series of bad investments, profit skimming or simply a case of incompetent leadership, it was scarcely managing to keep its doors open by the time Runi Verin made her investment. Using funds carefully gleaned over the course of numerous (mis)adventures and successful (albeit not strictly legal) salvaging operations, managed on her behalf by a silent partner with more experience and acumen for such things, the salvager managed to buy out the few stubborn majority shareholders left clutching at the reins and has since set about restoring the company to working order.

Subsidiaries: N/A


Parent Corporation: N/A

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