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Los Muertos

Approved Los Muertos Tier 3

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  • Workshop Name: Los Muertos
  • Location: The Technicolor Beat
  • Specialty: Force Artifacts & Organic Creation
  • Tier: III


In the deep reaches of nebulae and the ever expanding grasp of space, is the singular ship known as The Technicolor Beat; otherwise known for its rambunctious and decadent parties, the ship holds a secret that is as vague and dark as the ever developing entropy that holds the galaxy in a death grip. Just as the universe should one day die of total heat death, so too do the Sith and Jedi who seek powerful artifacts come to Los Muertos for their creation.


With The Slave at its helm, creation begins and ends with his final approval. Pulling from every corner of the galaxy what could often be considered the best resources possible for creation; wrought tight by the proverbial hand of creation to form infamous weapons like The Darkstaff, or Ishtar, The Song. These creations were made with as much love as they were blind hatred and fear, their emotional depths as deep and abysmal as the man who made them; all for the expressive purpose of death. Although not secluded to such ideals, now such weapons are made from The Darkstaff as its paintbrush, created with as much aggrandized power and intrigue as possible.


Although not directly connected for ‘commissions’, Los Muertos was a name given to The Slave by a Sith Lord long past, but through the grapevine it had stuck. In no time at all from the first commission to the last, The Slave has gone by the morbid moniker for the sake of ease rather than choice. It is through this that the majority of the lesser known circles have found him, and through referrals he gets more business.


The only real stipulation to doing business with The Slave is that he doesn’t collect credits for what he creates, as Jaeger Solutions can provide all he needs. No, The Slave looks for compensation in terms of physicality, give a finger for a sword, a tongue for the right to rule, the soul for eternity. He collects not based on fiscal ideas, only what deems as proper payment; whatever that may be.


Some may not be willing to pay the price for what they seek, but Los Muertos always collects. One way, or another.




Los Muertos is a company founded on the mind of The Slave, from beginning to end. The Alpha and Omega of creation is founded in his imagination and rationalization, and is the sole proprietor and craftsmen of the company. In all aspects, he does what he wishes and nothing more; though the occasional customer could simply request the extra initiative. However, costs may vary, and The Slave is no fool to what he demands. The workshop known as Los Muertos is, and will always be, The Slave. It shall begin and die with him, unless a successor is chosen to take up the mantle.



Following his subsequent brainwashing however, The Slave has transformed his workshop into a tool for use by The Sith Empire; making much of their legendary artifacts for nothing more than trust and foundation within their omnipotent presence, hoping to be recognized for his skills in such. 






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