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The Tree of Life (RR and Lightside/Neutral Factions)

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Transil Gantar

Transil Gantar
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The galaxy was an ever changing place.


With its dynamic nature came the need for more space. The Republic had plenty of that on its member worlds, but given that some people just didn't feel comfortable without being visibly surrounded by space, there had to be alternatives. Plus they had wanted a place to meet with people that felt more like neutral ground even if it technically wasn't. These were two of the largest reasons why they had spent an exorbitant amount of money to build The Galaxy Tree: one of the grandest space stations the galaxy had, and would, ever see. It was certainly not without its perks, given all the entertainment districts and even the live park.


Transil found it to be a noble gesture, and approved of it. He was more than flattered when they'd tapped him, a member of the judiciary, to run the station. It wasn't as if he were that good at his job. Put a few war criminals behind bars and you suddenly become the talk of the town, so to speak. It wasn't as if it had been hard. The evidence had been pretty overwhelming. But he supposed that most people just didn't understand how the judicial system worked, and just wanted to praise him because they were glad to be rid of said criminals. That was fine, but he hoped they realized that someone was going to have to take his place and if they weren't competent, well, next time could have a different outcome.


There was always a next time.


That was the past, however. Now that people had started moving into the station, it left him with time to do other things, like plan a gala and invite members of the galaxies more favorable factions, especially those aligned with the Republic's interests, but also some that preferred their neutrality. After all, neutrality meant neutrality, which meant that at the least they could develop some trade lines, which would ultimately help the Republic's efforts to grow. Plus it was high time that they all organized themselves into something along the lines of a concerted effort against the likes of the Sith and the Imperials.


Clearly the Alliance couldn't handle things on their own. To his knowledge it had been some time since they'd even won a battle against the First Order. Pompous little chits, they were. He paid attention to the news media and their propaganda campaign. It was very good, he'd give them that, but it didn't change the fact that they were an Order bent on total military dominance, just like any other version of the Empire that had ever existed. Not to mention their human-centrist nature. Disgusting.


While they awaited the arrival of those invited, and hopefully they wouldn't be bothered by the two Dawner stations situated to defend the Galaxy Tree, he settled to getting himself dressed and ready for the occasion. Down at the stations main hangar area, people were waiting to shuttle arrivals through the city to the initial gala hall, a facility complete with open bar, seating, lofted areas for those wishing to watch, and an area for dancing with live music. Transil wasn't into the more classical jive that some people were into, so the DJ was spinning some more electronic beats which seemed to fit the vibe of the station and would set a nice mood for the gala, and, hopefully, make a good first impression for the Republic with some of those attending.



Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura


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Walking down the ramp of the vessel known only as the House of the Rising Sun, I held my head high. Having this honor of being at any such place of a Gala, or a party was one thing. However, I felt quite prideful in being one of the few who were not invited directly to this event, yet would still be allowed to enter. 


You see, I am one of the residing members of an order that had grown from ruins so long ago. I came on behalf of the Je'daii Order. While we were holding a very much neutral stance with any party that held any kind of influence over many systems, we still knew the importance of showing up at the right time for the right reason. With our growing numbers, it was only right to show that we, as an Order, can hold our own in this massive universe. While we do not care for the reason in which factions, cultures, or political parties wish to obtain planet after planet, we seek only for ourselves in this encounter. 


As much as many would wish to be a galactic police force, with so much space, so many people, it would be impossible to stop every being that believes in doing wrong or harm. While all would wish to limit, and hinder such actions, We Je'daii seek to do so without political gain, or personal gain. Government over eons of time have argued, fought, and died over which is the best, and most sustainable system. While many have proven lucrative, or beneficial in various ways, they have always fallen. While we do not wish or desire this, it will happen. Much like a person's life. 


They will be born, they will have trials and strife, and then they will die. Such is the same with any faction, government or party of any kind. While those are active, it is the actions during these times that consider people to be good or bad in the general perception of the Galaxy at large. No one could avoid the tension between many of the Imperial factions such as the Sith Empire, and the First Order, and those of the Democratic or Representative governments such as the Republic Remnant, Galactic Alliance, and so forth. Even members of the Je'daii Order questioned our own stance within the current time and if we should enter the fray. 


However, we will not at this time. 


Despite these actions of ours, I came to voice our opinions, as well to show our representation within the Galaxy. While we may be small, we are still formidable. That cannot be overlooked. No matter how large the Station, Ship, Vehicle, Weapon, Or person, everyone has a weaknesses. No faction is too big to fail, nor to small to be strong and resilient against the tide of war. 


Donning a set of robes with various shades of red, crimson, scarlet, and other such, I rested my left elbow upon the sword at my hip. Much like typical Jedi that carried a lightsaber, Je'daii carried a Force Imbued Blade. Mine, the Oathkeeper, was one such. While it was here merely for appearances and not for any battle, it was a sign of my calling as a Je'daii Ranger. It was a status symbol for those who cared to ask. While the mask I normally wore was simply hanging upon my side, Part of my shoulder was exposed. The covering robes were built much like a Kimono. My right shoulder showing of the bottom layer of robes I wore, and barely at my neckline could be seen a black underlay. 


While my off hand was resting upon my sword, my right hand held a decorative box. While no one could directly see what was inside, a simple sniff could give it away. While the security had checked it for a moment, they could clearly see the small box had three of these expensive cigarra. Allowing to be let through the security detail, I had memorized the face of the man who had invited various people here. Finding his face as he stood well within the hangar bay that was open to various individuals, I slowly made my way over. Raising my chin at him to show that I desired his attention. 


Upon reaching the man, I bowed my head. Holding it for a moment before lifting it. Looking directly into the man's eyes, I smiled brightly as I handed the man the gift, as well as introducing myself. 


"A man should never be unwanted and not bring a gift. Ignatius Imura. Je'daii Ranger of the Je'daii Order. I apologize for the lack of a formal invitation. Still, we wish to be present at this gala that you have so elequantly prepared for many."


Transil Gantar

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Liberté-class Light Corvette Backwash, nearing the Galaxy Tree


Gir leaned back in the ship's pilot's chair, eying the massive station through the Backwash's expansive canopy. Compared to the station, the Backwash probably seemed little more than an insect. It certainly was an impressive feat of engineering, and it spoke to the fortunes of the Republic Remnant. He turned his head to the side to make brief eye contact with Ariela. She flicked a strand of her brunette hair out of her face as she turned her attention back to the communication's console.


"You worked for them before, didn't you?"


Gir hesitated, "You could say that I was a part of their predecessor state. I retired to keep on fighting in my own way...."


It seemed a lifetime ago that he was an officer in the Galactic Republic. But times had changed, their implacable foe of the One Sith had disappeared, along with much of the Republic. But the Republic's return seemed to coincide with the rise of a new Sith Empire, making him wonder just how cyclical the conflict would ever be. But we fight the good fight...the one to keep innocent people safe and free. That hasn't changed at least. His unusual dual-commission in the Directorate and the Silver Jedi affiliated ISAF had kept him grounded in that mission. It will be good to meet more people still involved in that fight. The HRD turned her head towards him.


"We have been approved to land in the central spire, location being transmitted to your console now."


Gir nodded as he looked at the station's HUD, which to display a highlighted flight path to the docking bay. A brief glance at his sensor screen showed that dozens if not hundreds of other craft were inbound to that same central structure. They probably have the docking bays consolidated for ease of maintenance and security purposes. He glanced at a small countdown timer on the lower right of his screen. ETA is three minutes...

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The Wonderer

The Wonderer

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A Theta-Class Shuttle exited hyperspace near the spire. Jaster truely did love this little bird, he had grown attached to it while entering the posistion of Grand Moff of the Fel Empire. He was a spacer at heart, loved serving in the Fleet, fighting in starfighters, even just taking a cruise in the Unknown Region. It looked like all that took hold as he was now elevated to his new posistion, and received word of his old employer was throwing a party.

Pulling into the assigned docking station, he remembered when he served as a Mercenary General for the Republic. Both the old Galactic Republic and the Remnant of its former self. He and his allies brought glory to the Republic, he soaked in the memories of those days. However, the Emperor helped him escape his caged armor, curing his disease and brought the man hope once again. He pinned the Imperial Cog to his chest and bent the knee. There was no going back now.

Walking down the ramp, he wore his Imperial Moff Uniform of his Custom Design, and of course was followed by two Imperial Knights wearing not their normal red armor, but Black. These Knights were from the ISP, the Intelligence Security Protectorate, special Body Guards of the Fel Empire. The Emperor did not like the idea of his Grand Moff straying so far from the Region of the Imperium. Yet Jaster was forced to accept the Elite Force Users as protection. A meeting with the Republic could be beneficial, as the Imperium was surrounded my possible enemies. The First Order to the South, and Chiss growing in number to the North. Friends were in much needed demand at the moment as none of the Fels Imperial Manufacturing Complex was near complete.

Walking with his guard in close observation, he walked into the Gala. It seemed the Republic upgraded from meeting in small villages to hosting great parties in space stations they build.

Gir Quee Ignis Imura Transil Gantar

Rozalyne Kurganova

Rozalyne Kurganova

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The Helios dropped back to realspace, the familiar but dazzling blue and whites of hyperspace replaced by the vista of a star-studded expanse.

From a holofeed projecting in the main lounge, Rozalyne could see the speck of the The Galaxy Tree grow into a massive white column that dominated the screen as the Helios made its approach.

"I see the Republic is alive and well if their station is anything to go by."

The sight was indeed an impressive one. It was only recently that the great powers of the day had finally begun to approach the industrial might of the golden age.However, whether the Republic Remnant should have that kind power, the former GR Ambassador remained uncertain. Her last days with Republic hadn't been pleasant.

"It's just about that time," she told Theo as the Helios completed docking procedures. "Shall we?"

It was just her luck that Alderaanian prince had been running around on Kashyyyk as she looked for a date. It was only fitting to have the royal as her +1.

Other guests inside the lounge began to move toward the exit for the landing ramp. She had brought a small party with her, representing the Silver Order, and the Economic Cooperative. They were all free to leave the ship and mingle at their own pace.

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Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke

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The trip was mostly uneventful for the former Rogue pilot. She had decided despite the fact that Kaili couldn’t make it because of events on the planet she was the ruler of – Allyson would attend the party the Republic was putting on. The Corellian wanted to make more friends than she had also support the faction that had grown important in her heart. She felt like she belonged here and because of that, she did her best to wear the uniform she wore now proudly. Stitched delicately with pride along her uniform’s skirt was the red stripe of the Corellian Bloodstripe. Every uniform and every piece of military garb she wore would have this stitching – being away from Corellia didn’t stop her from being a proud one.


She sat along one of the chairs and stared out the window as the ship came to dock. A hand over her face as she hid her smirk, eyes caught the stars along with those that shined within in the group she arrived with. They were going to show off and have a good time – a rarity in the plight of the galaxy. Still, Allyson sighed softly and she kept mostly to herself for the moment. Finally it was time to leave and the XO stood and straighten the fitted uniform. Looking down at it, she smiled – it was much better than her dress uniform for the Alliance.


Leaving with the crowd, Allyson’s hazel eyes peered through the group. She looked for a particular individual, but at the moment she couldn’t see where they had gotten lost. A frown appeared on the Corellian’s face as she figured it would probably be good for her and the Silvers if she went and mingled with old comrades and the Republic.




Jaster of Clan Awaud Gir Quee Ignis Imura Transil Gantar Theodosius Organa Rozalyne Kurganova Asaraa VaasheZora Djo Junko Ike

Charlie Nooran

Charlie Nooran

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Legs swung happily during the ride through space. Parties were always something that provided entertainment along with free food. The happy little padawan did her best to contain her excitement and hoped that the Republic displayed the best they could display. It would be the greatest effort for her to not demolish the entirety of their food. Charlie did make sure she ate before arriving; she needed to mingle and act accordingly. She had only met other padawans from the Silver Order, none from the Remnant or from the Alliance.


Hands rested in the small slits of her black dress. It had taken some coaxing from her Master, but the girl was convinced to look a bit feminine than she had in the past. Her hair done up in a nice updo and some soft make up to accent her youthful features. Nothing crazy, but the K’paur cleaned up nicely. The ship holding the grand party of Silvers docked and everyone was soon let off. She wore heels and she walked with a bit of grace with them. The week leading to the event she never took them off until she could walk on clouds.


Eyes darted around in search for someone she knew, hopefully more padawans or people her age showed up.  Charlie stayed with the group for the most part, until she found an avenue to split off or someone to linger with. She stood near her Master for the most part and shot a bright excited smile. “This place is pretty impressive.”  



Jaster of Clan Awaud Gir Quee Ignis Imura Transil Gantar Theodosius Organa Rozalyne Kurganova Asaraa VaasheZora Djo Junko Ike Jyoti Nooran

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Valae Heavenshield

Valae Heavenshield
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“Go tour the station, they said.” Zora muttered, “It’ll be fun, they said.”


The brunette wrinkled her nose, looking into the mirror at her reflection. At the moment, she was attempting to make herself presentable. Dumping out the contents of a small makeup pouch that had been given to her by Princess Kuraganova, she frowned at the array of cosmetics. Her hand reached for a tube of mascara, and she unscrewed the top. Squinting, she applied a few sweeps of the product onto her lashes before the applicator slipped from her grip.


“Ruddy thing,” She complained, though she knew very well that her clumsy hands were really to blame.


The makeup was not the only part of her appearance that had been provided by the Princess tonight. In fact, the entire ensemble was currently on loan to Zora – black gown, black shoes, and small evening bag. She’d boarded the ship in a smart-looking pantsuit, something she’d wear to work at the archives. But she was promptly confronted and informed that her outfit was simply inppropriate to wear to a gala. Her clothes were a bit dowdy, to be sure. But she didn't think they were that bad.


It felt odd wearing someone else’s clothes.


Zora tugged at the top of the dress. It was quite a lovely thing, she had to say… but never something she would have chosen for herself. At least it was black; she would have died were it scarlet. This way, she could at least try to blend in. After cleaning up her mess, she sighed deeply and started to walk out with tiny, painful steps. Princess Kurganova’s feet were a bit daintier than her own, but she’d have to make it work for the night.


Exiting the ship, she clutched the small bag at her hip. It was still such a shame that she couldn’t just bring her tote bag… the carrying capacity alone made it great. But, she had learned that tote bags clashed with evening gowns.


Rozalyne Kurganova, Allyson Locke, Jaster of Clan Awaud, Gir Quee, Ignis Imura, Transil Gantar

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Junko Ike

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Rozalyne Kurganova Charlie Allyson Locke


Junko had come along in the ship.. mostly because she wanted to meet some of the others and someone had said something about a princess party which sparked her interest. Standing as tall as she could when the doors oepned. THe jedi master was looking out from under the solari rose make up. Giving her face and neck a white appearance while black eyeliner was used. Her hair was done up but still long as the tiny crystal bells were within it. Jingling as she stepped the aurodium string in her hair keeping it tied and her hands were clasped in front of her. Nails painted with a light purple paint encrusted with small kyber crystals.


THe jedi princess kimono was covering her, dark purples with golden trim, floral patterns across it and aurobesh script along the belt itself. The skylar and synthmesh material rigid but at the same time few things would be able to hurt her when she was wearing it. Her lightsaber was at her hip, the silver of the hilt with the bleached white exoskeleton from the queen spider. Parts of it that were appearing and showing for her also were the geta shoes. Wooden block, with string to hold them in place and they made a soft click clack when they moved on the metal. She didn't know anyone who they could see but the station was big... it at least had that going for it.



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Toreka felt uneasy, being the only one she could see who wasn't near-human. Thankfully, she had on the entirety of her full suit of armor so that next to none of her plumage or unsettling appearance was showing. At 6'8", however, her height may have been enough to clue some people in that she may not have been human. Then again, she had seen some abnormally tall humans.


Unfamiliar with parties or social gatherings of any kind and still being new to the Silver Jedi Order, she had little idea of how to approach others. She would bow to those that passed by, but many of them didn't even notice her. It was hard to tell if that was good or bad.


She decided it wasn't worth it to attempt to socialize on her own, and instead, she stayed nearby Rozalyne Kurganova while hoping to pass as a mere personal guard. A life in a dark pit hadn't prepared her for parties.




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Theodosius Organa

Theodosius Organa

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Rather than looking out at the grand station, Theo was carefully looking over his hair within one of the many reflective surfaces. This was not some vain attempt as he now fused over the position of his tie to the rest of his attire. If by chance his mother Arianna Organa was here? She would be absolutely scandalized if her son was not properly presenting himself here.


“Time, is so effervescent”, with smirk turned around to look at @Rozalyne Kurganove. He did not exactly answer Rozalyne’s question, as he started to slowly walk over to her.


This was not his first political affair. Being a prince of Alderaan he had been subject to many of these affairs. This time he was asked by The Silver Jedi and not of his home of Alderaan.


“Yes, we shall”, Theo kindly held out his arm for Rozalyne.


Jaster of Clan Awaud Gir Quee Ignis Imura Transil Gantar Allyson Locke Asaraa Vaashe Zora Djo Junko Ike  Toreka

Tanaski Yumi

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The Republic Remanent where quite the interesting bunch, the young Jin having associated with their Jedi Order in the past when one of there Padawans organized and expedition to Illum for crystal searching. As such there was no complaining from the Shinobi when master Junko Ike decided to bring him along for a little ball party that the outer rim government was setting up, and to no surprise the rather effeminate boy dressing up in cahoots with the Atrisisan Jedi Master. His eye wore the same linnet as the princess, black and sharp accentuating his eyes, hair ties up into the usual ponytail but styled in a more prime and proper fashion with several flower braids and bands to keep it all together.

He wore his usual light red Kimono, perfect for social functions but also battle, being made out of Sasori skylar and synthmesh to resist even light saber strikes. His own ornamental hilt hanging from the small sash like belt the kept the clothing tight, bouncing lightly against his hip with each step, following Junko Ike, blue eyes scanning the surrounding. "There certainly a lot of people here today master, I did not release the Republic was so large". I would be a good chance to talk with other, but also present Silvers, Charlie being on in particular.

He still needed to apologise to the girl for their first interaction, one that did not go down well and had messed up the twos relationship, preventing them from becoming friends.


Toreka - Zora Djo

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Josh Dragonsflame

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A ball... Interesting. Josh was a lot of things, apparently. Jedi Master... Owner of his own decently sized business in the Outer Rim... Silver Weaponmaster... And escort for Master Nooran. 




In all seriousness, Master Nooran - Jyoti, I mean - wanted to go to the Gala, it was proper to bring someone, he wasn't busy, it all worked out. So he tied his long golden locks up in a nice and neat braid, and dressed up in a nice suit. And by that, I mean the only suit he actually owned. He'd used it for a couple of things... Meeting royalty, conversing with Supreme Chancellors... His own wedding... And now a Gala. Neat. The black suit was nice enough, and kept in decent enough shape and he'd used it so little that "decent enough shape" was probably an understatement. 


He honestly hated the damn thing, preferred the flexibility afforded with his robes and armor. Ah, the sacrifices he made. 


With Master Jyoti Nooran the 6'4 Jedi Master would step into the Gala hall, taking in the sights for a moment. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad. At least he didn't have to go it alone this go around. That was always awkward and he hated awkward at parties. So he could find gratefulness toward Jyoti for that.


After a moment, he leaned over to whisper into her ear. Jyoti was literally one of the only women that he knew who he didn't have to kneel down just to be near eye level with. Thank you Force for creating amazons. 


"So is this the part where you use me to make a man you're eying jealous, or can I look forward to your company for the night?" He joked lightly toward Jyoti. He was teasing, but who knows? He'd like her company, either way. She was one of the few people in the Order he'd grown to trust proper. 


Speaking of trust, the word "Republic" on one of the banners made him shudder, and Jyoti would probably be able to feel it. That was bad juju. How had he missed that? He wasn't sure if it was his gut, his instincts or potential PTSD that caused it, but something felt more fishy than Hion The Herglic being a literal damn fish. A fishy fish at that.


"I've got a bad feeling about this" He muttered under his breath.




Asaraa Vaashe

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There was one thing you could say about the Silver Jedi Order, life here was never boring. In her time there Asaraa had been to more worlds than she'd ever thought possible, visited palaces and lost temples, fought the sith and the first order. Yet in all those experiences, this was a first. Now the Jedi were asking her to attend a party while wearing a dress! Well ok, so the party wasn't exactly a bad thing, and they could have forced her to wear her robes...tried to force her to wear her robes. She didn't quite know why, but there was something about the eponymous Jedi uniform that just rubbed her the wrong way. It had started when she'd had...the incident, the robes she'd loved so much before now felt wrong on her. She sighed, glancing out of the window at the stars twinkling int he black velvet of the sky outside of the windows, she could just catch sight of the yacht they had come in on, another new experience for her, the luxury of the ship was unimaginable. 


With a supreme effort, the young woman dragged her attention away from the window, idly smoothing down her dress as she glanced around the room. She could see several faces she recognised, and a few that she didn't know...yet anyway. The Silver Jedi contingent seemed to be spreading out, mingling in the room as she padding across the room, her shoes tapping on the floor as she came to rest by Charlie, smiling at her friend. "You know, we end up coming to a lot more parties than I used ot think we ever would."

Harley Fenstermacher

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-Waiting for people to talk with-


Well it surely had been a busy week, first of all a whole heap of business dealings with the CIS and a private company firm on the other side of the galaxy and now a Gala for allied faction to join in on. Though perhaps Harley would have given this a miss being a Senator it was kind of a must to attend a gathering like this, after all the Silver Jedi where supposed to be present and Harley had viewed them as a potential business partner. "Best get down there and greet some people, wish I had a more fancy outfit, looks like I am just wearing my casual clothing". Being one to often wear suit dress and tie almost everywhere dressing up for this sort of thing did not take much effort, but at the same time Harley got the feeling he did not look any different from usual, aside from the actual grey jacket to top the look off, "Alright, it's show time".


Walking into the main Gala Harley was greeted to an array of many different people, son Geisha looking people probably from Atrisia (Junko Ike), a woman in a very elaborate floral dress that went well with her hair colour, half zeltron perhaps or just dyed? (Asaraa Vaashe), perhap the two would talk later. Of course Transil Gantar was here, the man pretty much hosting the entire event, would be nice to talk with him a bit more, but he had all the time in the world for that today was to mingle with others from around the galaxy, "now who to seek out first"?


Jaster of Clan Awaud would probably be the first one, the two having talked about possible company contracts over the holo net, if the two could get a few more things down pat then that would be productive, "so many people so little time, best start with who I know and work my way up". Strutting forward Harley approached the Mandaloiran, giving a short bow when withing a few meters, "good day to you Jaster, it is nice to see you here, how have things been treating you as of late? I hear the Fel Empire has gained momentum.

Faith Organa

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This was a time to reach out, a time to make new friends in order to beat old enemies.Faith had sent an emissary once to the Republic and was well received. However her duties took her further away and she had not been able to make the trip happen.


But here was an opportunity, she invited her right hand intern Marina DeVoe to come as well as any of the others of the Royal House of Alderaan to come. She sighed as the ship approached the station asking for clearance. She rubbed her tummy again she was due soon enough and this would be her last trip before a leave of absense to have her child. This would leave Alderaan in the hands of Laira Darkhold . Who was already making several fusses about things.


The redhead had a temper to equal the color of her hair. 


Faith wore something fitting of her station her condition and flat shoes. She nodded when they made their approach to dock. She looked back now at Captain Meadows, the new Captain of the Royal Guard. "Remember Captain this is a social function take up a post to where you can see me but not to much to interfere."  


The gentle bump told her they had made a landing and she was now free to leave the ship.


Marina DeVoe

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be de beep de beep... her droid questioned her as to why she were dressed up coming into the cockpit


"Sigh....because...." Marina came in with pomps in hand, dressed in her golden gown.


"...I'm late as it is and won't have time to dress after we dock." She sat down in her pilot seat and readied the Mariner IV's sub-light engines as the countdown for them to emergence from hyperspace commenced...3...2...1...


The Mariner IV dropped out of hyperspace just shy of 50km of the station...





be be de beep...Tk announced.


"Yea...like wow...it's a lot bigger in person..." She replied, as she approached The Galaxy Tree.


"Mariner IV to Galaxy Tree Station control... permission to dock, please. Transmitting ship registry.." She went through the standard hailingand procedures.

The station replied with a docking bay and coordinates that her droid TK-1213 took to downloading into the nav comp.


"Alright...take it from here, Tk..." Marina got up out of her pilot chair, putting on her high heels.

Her droid was auto piloting the Mariner IV in to the designated bay the station had relayed to them.


"So...how do I look?" She spun around as her droid seemed to scan her.


Be deep..it replied.


"Sparkly?...that's all...sparkly?....seriously...I look sparkly?"


de de... it then said


"..and taller?

Sigh, TK...you need some fine reprogramming in how to compliment a lady.... sheesh." Marina just threw her hands up, leaving the cockpit and heading toward the ship's exit, as the Mariner IV was just touching down inside the station.


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Lilla Syrin

Lilla Syrin

    A great leap forward often requires first taking two steps back

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There were many words that Lilla found hard to deal with. Or, more accurately what they stood for. And gala and neutral were high up that list.

The definition of gala suggested a special public occasion at which there would be a lot of entertainment, usually in the form of different types of performances. Which, Lilla translated to mean: alcohol, music, dancing, small-talk and lots of people. Given she didn’t drink, listen to music, dance, do social chit-chat or know hardly anyone, she was dreading the whole social interaction thing.
Unless it was to be a swimming gala – which she doubted. And anyhow, she’d been raised on a desert planet.
And she hadn’t packed a costume in any case.
And as for the meaning of neutral, that hardly fared better from Lilla’s perspective. Non-aligned. Not necessarily lacking in an opinion or a position, but rather not stating a stance in an ideological conflict. Lilla was used to brokering settlements between two parties – where she was never neutral, she was genuinely impartial and unbiased. For Lilla was a Jedi. She was typically objective. And she had little, if any, tolerance for certain viewpoints – which she believed was entirely within her remit as a Jedi.
Good versus evil was the first continuum. Good, to Lilla, was about life, charity, continuity, happiness, love and justice. Evil, she believed was conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination, humiliation, destructiveness, and acts of unnecessary or indiscriminate violence. Lilla did not understand why she should ever tolerate evil. Maybe she was young and would understand when she was older? Right now, she did not share that point of view.
The next dichotomy was lawful versus unlawful. As a Jedi, she knew she had to uphold the laws of a given planet, even if they did not necessarily sit well with her own moral compass or values set. It was difficult but she understood her role and her latitude when missions were on the line.
The third axis she had to juggle was light versus dark. Lilla’s view was relatively simple and based upon the teachings of the Jedi and the Sith. The dark side of the Force – or more accurately those who used it – drew power from raw negative emotions and feelings such as anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, fear, aggression, megalomania, and unrestrained passion. The light side of the Force was aligned with honesty, compassion, mercy, self-sacrifice, and other positive emotions.
These were not Lilla’s definition, or interpretations, but the record of millennia of study.
Too often, in Lilla’s experience, individuals (and sometimes governments) conflated these three quite separate axes.  Or worst still, considered them interchangeable – when, in fact, they had clearly, quite separate definitions.
For example, some governments would support dark-siders, ‘as long as they were good.’ As if one negated the other. In Lilla’s opinion, all three had a point somewhere in the continuum where she would draw a line. It was, at best, a fuzzy point – and hard to defend or define, but that did not mean the line did not exist. She believed whole-heartedly in the support of, and alliance with, people who were good and light-sided. Lawful was the most challenging in her own mind. Unlawful was not tolerated unless it was absolutely necessary because otherwise it went against the other two measures.
It was supposed to be a fun event – so why was Lilla getting a headache as she planned to land at the magnificent space station, wondering who she’d encounter? She closed her eyes and connected with the Force, entering into a healing meditation and asking the Force for wisdom.
Or more accurately, as the old saying had it, ‘To be granted the serenity to accept the things she could not change, the courage to change the things she could, and the wisdom to know the difference.’


Noatyr Moldmerr

Noatyr Moldmerr

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Why was he there? The answer to that was simple. Noatyr had heard about the gala that was taking place at the Galaxy Tree, not to mention his superior Jaster of Clan Awaud would be there. Noatyr had always had a knack for finding out things, and discovering this event was another opportunity. 


The Z-10 Seeker had been docked, and now he was wandering around the station, trying to find out where he wanted to go first.


​''This place is rather impressive for a space station...''​ He muttered to himself, walking past a few non-descript people, a few who stared at him. He simply ignored them.


The station itself was almost like a fortress, or at least, it would have been if it wasn't so powerless to fight back a potential attack. The station itself didn't appear to have any means of fighting back, which was really a shame. If there had been some way of taking the station over, artillery would have been really handy.


Not that he planned to go through with something like that, it was just another thought in his head, pooling in with many of the others that would have gotten him in a ton of trouble if he had voiced such thoughts.


Noatyr wasn't a bad guy by any means, not that he was much of a good guy either, considering his line of work.


Slowing his pace down and stopping by one of the port holes, he stared out into space for a few moments, trying to clear his thoughts and remove his presence. There was far to much force presence in the area, and he would feel better when he was certain they would have a harder time sensing him.


​''Just focus, let your will roam free, your brain empty...focus...''​ His mental self spoke, and he hoped he didn't look like he was zoning out to anyone else.

Transil Gantar

Transil Gantar
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When he finally settled on what he wanted to wear, he made his way out of the confines of his quarters and approached the designated gala space. He'd already been made aware that there was a rather sizable turnout. Impressive, even for an open invitation. Of course he'd been cautioned by the higher ups, chiefly the senate, about involving the neutral parties, but neutrals could be trade partners and it was a good opportunity to assess where they stood on certain matters. Like whether they were going to sit by and be conquered by the Sith or First Order.

When he entered he was just in time to bump into a man who gave off a clear aura of Force understanding. Transil, of course, had his own presence fully under wraps, showing only a bare modicum of understanding, as if he were merely somewhat Force Sensitive. The man was offering him something and mentioned being an unwanted guest, which illicited a small laugh from him. An unwanted guest at a mostly open gala? Well, that was something of a curious notion. But at least the guy had some manners.

"I appreciate the notion, but I must respectfully decline on the grounds of our ethics policy. Regardless, you are more than welcome here unless you aim to cause trouble. If you'll excuse me a moment, Mr Imura, I need to get things started. I'd be happy to converse with you further after though."

He gave the man a clap on the shoulder and then moved past him to approach a small raised area on the lower level of the space, clicking on his communicator and tieing into the spaces sound system, which of course caused the music to end for the moment but that was somewhat necessary.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Republic I welcome you to the Galaxy Tree. My name is Transil Gantar, and I am the director of this station and a member of the Republic's Judiciary. I thank you all for coming tonight and would like to lay out some information for you.

"The bar is open, completely. The Republic is covering the cost of whatever you may like. Food is available as well, simply ask a server. There are several members of the stations staff here if you wish to take a tour of the station and they are also able to show you to your quarters should you wish to rest. If not, there are a few members of the Republic aside from myself here who would be more than willing to talk to you. I see Senator Fenstermacher and Jedi Syrin."

He indicated each in turn.

"Again, welcome to the Galaxy Tree and we hope you enjoy your stay."

He smiled and nodded his head before stepping away and moving back towards the gentlemen he'd briefly spoken to before.

"Now, you said you represent the Je'daii?"

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