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TTH-AAT/01 "Phobos" - Pattern Assault Tank

- - - - - TGC The Golden Company TTH The Thyrsian Hierarchy Assault Tank

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Intent: To create a tracked modular, and mobile fortress for use by the Thyrsian Sun Guard.
Image Source: Rynn's Might - Warhammer 40,000 Wikipedia. Recolour by Me.
Canon Link: Not Applicable.
Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Hyperion Solar Lances.



Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation, The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company (Select and Contracted Foundries.)
Model: TTH-AAT/01 "Phobos" - Pattern Assault Tank.

Affiliation: The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company, Closed-Market.
Modularity: Yes, External Aesthetics.
Production: Minor-Scale Production.
DurasteelFlexisteelArmourplastReinforced DuraplastManganese BrassAgriniumGlasteelDallorian Alloy, Various Battletank Components (Internal and External.)


Classification: Main Battle Tank.
RoleAssault Tank, Mobile Weapons Platform, Infantry Support, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Transport.
Size: Average Rating.
Length: 11 Metres.
Width: 6 Metres (Including Exterior Sponsons.) 
Height: 5 Metres (Including Exterior Affectations.)
Weight: 75 Tonnes or ~83 Short Tons - Heavy Rating.
Minimum Crew: One Pilot, One Integrated Droid Brain.
Optimal Crew: One Pilot, One Gunner, One Integrated Droid Brain.
Propulsion: Twinned Interlinked Tracks.
Power Plant: Compact Fusion Reactor.
Secondary Power Plant: Integrated Solar Ionization Reactor with Collection and Conversion Modules. (External and Retractable Arrays.)
Speed: Low Rating.
Maximum Speed (Off-Road): 50 Km/H
Maximum Speed (On-Road): 60 Km/H
Maneuverability: High Rating.
Armaments: High Rating.

  • [2] Hyperion Solar Lance Turrets [Dual Barreled; Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [2] Rotary Heavy Particle Cannons, with Integrated Generators.
  • [1] Pintle-Mounted Rotary Blaster Cannon with Integrated Generator.

DefencesHigh Rating.

  • Heavily Reinforced and Ablative Armour Plating.
  • Integrated Deflector Field Generator (Ray, Particle and Concussion Shielding; Overlaid.)
  • Integrated Anti-Ion Mesh and Insulating Panels.
  • Armoured Track Guards.

Squadron Count: Three "Phobos" - Pattern Assault Tank's. Very Low Rating.
Passenger Capacity: Ten Thyrsian Sun Guards. (Internal Capacity.)
Access Point(s): Two Side Access Doors (Retractable,) Primary Assault Ramp.
Cargo Capacity: 200 Kilograms (Survival Gear and Stored Weapons.) - Low Rating.


  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade] Servomotors, with Gyroscopic Stabilization System.
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade] Fusion Drive System(s). 
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade] Primary Fusion Power Plant.
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade.] Hazard and Damage Control Systems. 
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade.] Life Support System(s).
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade.] Navigational System(s), Ground-Penetrating Sensors (Hazardous Terrain). 
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade.] Combat Sensors and Targeting System(s).
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade.] Communications System, Holonet Transceiver with Encryption/Decryption Networks [Thyrsian Military Encryption Keys.]
  • Battle Tank Classification, [Military-Grade.] Environmental Control System(s).


  • Integrated Droid Brain (Heuristic Processors.)
  • Integrated Deflector Shield Generator.
  • Reinforced Armour Plating.
  • Rapid-Action Assault Ramp (Primary Egress.)


  • Armoured Assault Tank: Like the many of the variations of armoured assault tanks that have cropped up throughout the many generations of armoured and mechanized warfare, the “Phobos” Pattern Assault Tank seeks to take the lessons learned from its spiritual ancestors and present them in an effective, and modern fashion. With the entirety of the vehicle coated with a composite layer of various and highly durable metals, the tracked vehicle is able to shrug off all but the most crippling of blows with relative ease. The blows from conventional small arms were all but ineffective against the might bulk that the “Phobos” had brought to bear, and the same could be said of many light weapons as well. It was a Battle tank that was designed to take everything the enemy could throw at it from every angle, and still keep trucking on - either to deliver it’s precious cargo to where they were needed most, or be the spearhead that breaches a fortified enemy position. 
  • Integrated Droid Brain: As was becoming a specialty of any vehicle produced by the Republic Engineering Corporation, the “Phobos” came equipped with an Integrated Droid Brain that oversaw many secondary functions in the operation of the vehicle. These charges ranged from supplying the Operator with whatever data that was required during a combat scenario, to storing away data gathered by the heuristic processors for use in later missions. It was a process in which makes the venerable machine’s all the more dangerous over time, as they develop restricted personalities, and are able to recognize - like the Thyrsians that pilot them - the ever-changing flow of battle. In addition, the pseudo-intelligence could override the Pilot’s command controls to carry out its mission in a limited capacity until their objective was completed, or the vehicle was destroyed.
  • Ionic Shielding: With much of the layered protection being focused on the exterior of the vehicle, there was a vital portion that was dedicated to safeguarding the delicate circuitry that was found within. Something that would prove to be a vital strength in the overall design of the “Phobos” due to the favouritism of Ionic and EMP weapons shown across the galaxy. To this end, a dedicated layer of reinforced duraplast and anti-ion mesh was located beneath the primary hull plating that would safely diffuse the highly ionized energy across its surface and render it's electronic killing lethality - utterly inert. However, while this was admittedly a strength in the vehicle’s design, it varied in its protective method(s) depending on how close the electromagnetic detonation was in proximity to the Battle Tank. As one can imagine, if an EMP device was affixed to the hull of the “Phobos” it would disable the entirety of the war machine until it was able to purge and reboot its systems. 


  • Solar-Based Weaponry: While the power of Solar Ionization weapons was undeniable, utilizing those weapons came with their own weaknesses. For the cannons to have their full potential utilized in battle, they required the power of a nearby star - and the energy housed within the integrated reactor - to generate an incandescent beam of sufficient enough to bypass conventional deflector shields, and melt durasteel plating. Thus, should the vehicle these weapons were mounted on, find itself fighting in locales that were bereft of the Sun’s radiant glory, they would rapidly deplete the accrued charge - and run dry. As one would expect, this meant that their reactors would find themselves thirsty and that the tank would bereave itself of the lethality these weapons afforded - until the dedicated reactor was restored to full capacity. 
  • Slow and Purposeful: The “Phobos” was not designed to be a rapid response vehicle, and thus the expedient nature found in similar vehicles was gratefully sacrificed for the boons that it would gain in return. With their focus on making a heavy vehicle, the Thyrsians were able to pour all of their cultural affinity into this armoured vessel and ensure that it moved with purpose. It was to be the patient hunter, that would endure virtually anything that it’s prey would throw its way, and eventually lay claim to its prize. Therefore, it would always be outpaced by faster and lighter vehicles, and often die of a thousand cuts, but - let no man state this mechanical tortoise would not come out ahead in the end. In addition, due to it’s admittedly slow, and methodical nature, the armoured track's were able to expertly maneuver through the tight confines of urban environments, whereas other vehicles would find themselves beset with obstacles of their own making.
  • Tracked Vehicle: While there was a possibility of placing the armoured chassis of the “Phobos” on a repulsorlift array, as others of its kind was likened to do, the minds behind the assault tank believed that following through with such an aesthetic would prove to be a boon, just as much as it was a weakness. This came about from the various Grav-field traps that the Golden Company has witnessed on various battlefields throughout the galaxy, and their attempt to counter any possibility of them being deployed offensively against the Mercenaries. They wouldn’t be made immobile by such devious tricks. Instead, the Battle Tank ran the risk of being rendered immobile through more conventional means, as either through the luck of a munitions detonation or the skill of a trained marksman, they’d be able to destroy the binding that kept the vehicle moving. Although much of the track’s surface was encased within the hulking shell of armour, there were places that could not be protected, lest the vehicle be unable to operate on anything other than flat land. 


In the aftermath of the Sith Empire’s conquest of Raxus Secundus, the Golden Company had found itself in possession of fistfuls of credits, and the knowledge gained by vehicular operation within the confines of an urban environment. To see that these lessons would be well learned, the Sun Guards had seen fit to create a vessel of their own devising, that would combine the hallmarks of their militant culture - and provide them with a mechanical steed to carry forth two Cohort’s of their soldiers into battle. Thus, after several days in collaboration with their partners within the Core Systems, the infamous Republic Engineering Corporation, the “Phobos” Pattern Assault Tank was given conceptual life, and introduced into the Sellsword’s hands shortly thereafter. This vehicle would provide them with the much-needed protection on the battlefield and would allow for them to drastically alter their style of warfare to match the adaptability shown by their cultural rivals. The Mandalorians.
At its very core, the “Phobos” presents itself as a heavily armoured assault tank, one that’s able to shrug off blows that would otherwise cripple vehicles of a lesser calibre. While this bold claim would vary between what weapon was being used, due to their various and intrinsic properties, it would prove itself true - time and again - on the battlefield against conventional armaments that ranged from small to light weapons. With this nigh-invulnerable protection on hand, the Sun Guard were provided with a vehicle that would be able to safely ferry them into the thick of battle, without having to worry about being taken out of commission early on. Something that they had learned their lesson about when fighting with the First Order against the forces of the Galactic Alliance. They would never allow anyone to speak ill of the lessons learned from the fallen and thus sought to tailor their armoury with memoirs of their past deeds.
While it’s armoured husk was the focal point of the overall design, the “Phobos” comes standard with proverbially sharpened fangs and claws. These consisted of two turrets that were mounted to the exterior of the war machine and provided with impressive firing arcs due to their sponson’s positioning. Despite the fact that this alone would be a strength in the vehicle's design, it was the utilization of heavy Solar Ionization cannons that outweighed such a mighty boon. With four cannons affixed to the exterior of the vehicle, the Battle Tank would be easily able to disable or defeat any resistance that would dare to deny the Thyrsian’s position on the battlefield. Further adding another layer of lethality to the “Phobos,” the war machine came with a forward mounted turret that comprised of a twin-barreled rotary cannon that would be able to mow down light vehicles or any infantry that were caught out in the open.


This was enhanced even more by a small turret near the rear of the vehicle that allowed one of the Operators, or even a passenger, to open the hatch and add yet another rotary blaster into the fray.


Modification Summary:

  • Updated OOC Section to Modern Factory Standards.
  • Added Hyperion Solar Lances to Primary Sources.
  • Updated Weight Rating.
  • Reduced Production Rating, and Defence Rating to Compensate.
  • Replaced Solar Ionization Cannons with Hyperion Solar Lances.
  • Updated Deflector Shielding Descriptor.


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