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Clan Almanac

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    Ressurected by a cult

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"Eyes like a hawk, speed like a cheetah, ferocity of a wolf." - Deadeye

Alor: @Deadeye

Notable PC Members: 



Relative NPC Size: Small 


About Clan: Created by Deadeye following the failed assassination of William Harris,

Grand Premier of the Fel Empire,The wolfpack is a close group of Mandalorians and warriors

who fight under Chief Linston. Deadeye leads from the front and will not hesitate to lead a charge. The

group is dictatorial and ruled by a strong chief, and strong system of honor has been adopted. The warriors

of the clan wear grey and blue, often plastering the iconic wolf emblem upon their armor. The group is very

militant, even by Mandalorian standards,after all their leader is a bounty hunter.

This group specialized in ground combat and often accepts contracts similar to a private military corporation.

When not on mission, the men of the wolfpack spend their time training and preparing for the next fight. Men of the

clan often duel to settle arguments, and those who feel as though they have dishonored themselves or their family

often volunteer for suicide missions, believing dying in battle will restore their honor. Chief Linston (Deadeye)

commands the men with the golden saber which he took from Harris' body after the assassination attempt. He uses

the saber as a symbol, not to wrong him.



Specialty: Squad tactics, open battle, small scale fleeting, and stealth


Company Assets: N/A


Tech: None (Yet)


Accepting Members: Open


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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

    Buy'ce olar, kar'ta ogir

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Clan Mortui


We are the best Jedi and Sith killers to ever exist. Oya jetiise and darjetiise!

Alor: Adenn Kyramud

Notable PC Members: 

  • Adenn Kyramud

Relative NPC Size: Large; Approx 17k troops. Own 1 planet(unnamed and unknown location. Partially because Codex down), as well as several outposts throughout the galaxy.


Notable NPCs:

  • Gunner, the XO of Adenn for ground combat
  • Kyrbes, the Captain of the Aegis Eternum, Adenn’s personal ship

NPC Legion:

  • Rancor legion. Personal legion of Adenn Kyramud(more info will come once I've posted an NPC thing in codex)


Clan Colors: Black with Red accents


About Clan Mortui:

Clan Mortui has existed since the first Mand’alor, and some in the clan believe before then. Members of the clan have fought in every major conflict with and against every foe imaginable. They are also strict followers of the Resol'nare. The clan were renowned Jedi and Sith killers, in fact on every ship and in every base, there is a room with lightsabers in it. Alongside this fact, the best Jedi/Sith killer is named Adenn Kyramud. The literal translation into basic meaning “Merciless Killer.” This tradition has existed since the clan was founded. The best warrior is also the Alor, and thus named Adenn Kyramud.

After the clone wars, and the subsequent rise of the Galactic Empire, Clan Mortui faded into the background. They weren’t interested in the Galactic Empire, especially with the lack of Jedi or Sith to hunt and kill.


Eventually the clan left into the Unknown Regions. There they traveled around, getting to know the lay of the land (so to speak). After some time, Clan Mortui made contact with several bases within the galaxy that they had left behind. They learned that there was a Mand’alor once more, and there were more Jedi and Sith. Thus, they came from the Unknown Regions to reveal themselves to the greater galaxy, and to prove once more that they are the best Jedi and Sith killers to ever exist.


At the moment, the clan is tentatively part of the Mandalorian Empire (more allied really). They are also allied with the Fel Empire. With the current Adenn Kyramud being part of that Empire as a Captain (currently). Along with this, Clan Mortui recently signed a business employment contract with the Jen'ari Empire. This gave the clan the use of an old abandoned military base on an island. The clan fixed up the base and made it a fully operational Mandalorian Compound, complete with barracks, combat ring, armory, hangers, training course, library, a few offices, a jail, a trading outpost, a small farm, a water purification system and a planning room.


Specialty: Jedi and Sith killers; recon; CQC (Close Quarters Combat); Boarding actions

Company Assets: N/A


Accepting Members: Case by Case (need to apply first of course, xD, so DM or message if interested)


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Clan Maxis

The Upstarts


"Strike like a Kryat Dragon, Pounce like a Nexu. When you see the fear in your foes eyes, then you know you've won."

Clan Founders: Brianna Maxis, Rayne Maxis

Alor: Brianna Maxis, Rayne Maxis
Notable PC Members: Hask Jen-Maxis,
Duarte Maxis

Relative NPC Size: Small

About Clan: This clan is young, as are it’s leaders. Clan Maxis has a unique structure to it, as it has two Alor’s who lead it through a joint union of leadership. Brianna Maxis seems to handle the day to day running’s of the clan as well as political affairs, while Rayne Maxis handles the readiness of the clan recruits and the role of arms master of the clan. While this type of leadership is unusual, there doesn’t seem to be much of a clash between the two over their roles. The clan dedicates itself to acts of sabotage and piracy, though they do not fear taking on a straight fight, only to strike fear in the hearts of their foes, leaving them confused as to who or what had attacked them.

Specialty: Hit and Run, Sabotage, Piracy, Tickle Fights.

Company Assets: None, but attempting to construct a shipyard.

Tech: Small arms and armor at current, starting to begin construction on a Shipyard.

Accepting Members:Open

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