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Company & Workshop Modifications

- - - - - Company Modifications Workshop Modifications 5.0

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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

    Approximate Knowledge of Many Things

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Lily Kuhn added link sorry if formatting got weird posting from phone

Darth Kharon

Darth Kharon


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Company / Workshop: Eidolon Supplies & Transport

Modification Made: Tier 3 upgrade


Tier Up:  Tier 3


Three Specialty products:


Rationale: Fulfilled the requirements.



New Submission:


Edited by Sumiko Tanaka, 27 May 2018 - 02:46 PM.

Daro Tarsi

Daro Tarsi


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Company / WorkshopCogmind.

Modification Made: Tier Up:  4


Rationale: Did the work.

Two Personal Commissions or Three Specialty products.

One Mastercraft Project thread.


Deep Black Sea: Get Up -- Captain Jorus Merrill contacts Daro Tarsi to design a solution to a problematic situation.


New Submission: Just replace 3 with 4.


Labkahip Mordulla

Labkahip Mordulla

    Prepare for your... examination.

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Company: Mordulla Manufacturing

Upgrade: Teir 1-->2


1. Sign a contract with at least one faction or organization. (May be NPC)

Contracted signed with the FWC (back when they where still a major faction): DroidCon 851 ABY [Metal Lords]: Product SBCR


2. Display one example of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion.

Became business partners with Sakura Welfare:Medical Minds


3.Display one use of company operations.

Production of a unique tranquiler fire arm for mercenary:Колыбельная (Lullaby)

Edited by Labkahip Mordulla, 28 May 2018 - 07:13 AM.

Varindar Asyt

Varindar Asyt

    Jedi Hotelier

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Workshop: Crown Nebula Hotel


Modification made: Tier 3-> 4


Rationale: Expansion of business


Two personal commission threads.

One Mastercraft Project thread.



Zef Halo

Zef Halo

    Good ol' Scoundrel

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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

    Good ol' Scoundrel

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Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Gilamar Skirata

Your submission has been updated.




    Valde of the Vitae

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Company / Workshop: Vitae Security Forces

Modification Made: Raising up to Tier 3


Tier Up:  Tier II-III


Rationale: Time to expand operations





Other Modifications: Replace posted image with: https://media.discor...Crest_Plain.png

Edited by Vulpesen, 29 May 2018 - 11:58 AM.

Calina Djo

Calina Djo
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Modification Made: With Anaya dead, Apoleia Inc has come under the purview of her daughter Calina. I am merging her company into Apoleia Inc and changing its name.
Rationale: Anaya Fen is dead and her daughter has inherited her company.
Development thread as requested previously: Loose Ends
New Submission:

Rex Taff

Rex Taff

    jatne beskar'ad master

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Company / Workshop:  - Mirdirmorut
Modification Made: 

  • Sign a contract with at least two factions or organizations. (May be NPC)
  • a-bureaucratic-expansion - Signed with the Fel Empire
  • the-mirdirmorut-summit - Signed with Mandal Arms post #4 and #5
  • Display two examples of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion.
  • Territorial expansion - (X) and (X)
  • Display two uses of company operations. Armour (X), Weapon (X)


Tier Up:  Tier 2 to 3

Adding Operations: Armour

Adding Locations: Noveskaa

Changing Headquarters: None

Other:  Any other changes and if required, the appropriate expansion thread.



Rationale: To up my tier to allow for more expansions to be made as we get more people interested in the company.

New Submission:

Edited by Rex Taff, 02 June 2018 - 01:57 AM.


 Company - Mirdirmorut


Anweald Bermann

Anweald Bermann

    My Love

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Company / Workshop: Galderra Royal Treasury
Modification Made: Tier Up, Owner Change

Rationale: I feel a Tier up is in order after the accomplishments made for the company

Complete a Major Contract

  • We Can Breathe Now - Galderra Royal Treasury becomes the all-around construction provider for Commenor (Building homes, towers, roads, installing elevators, upgrading local city technology, etc)


Sign a contract with three additional player run organizations, one of which must be a major faction OR tier V+ company

  • Returning From Whence We Came - Secures agreements to continually allow use of another companies Products
  • Serein - Galderra Royal Treasury builds starbases and ships within Major Faction Sovereignty Territory, supporting anti-criminal patrols
  • We Can Breathe Now - Galderra Royal Treasury contracts ships and vehicles to support Commenors people


Display five examples of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion.

  • Under Pressure ATTN: CSA - Galderra Royal Treasury ships and starbases within Commenor Territory show they are ready for any event, showing they are helpful and useful to Lady Kay
  • Moonlight Shadow - Winning Favor with a representative of an entire government, which has sway in a Major Faction (Trusted Advisor to a Prince under Queen Kay of CSA) and growing influence and trust with the whole Royal Family
  • Long Range Fighter and Freighter - Galderra Royal Treasury shows it is supportive of positive organizations and creates two ships to newcomer jedis, to help them travel the galaxy
  • Coruscant First Charity Auction - Making an appearance to support a growing political group that has sway in Coruscant Goverment
  • My All for the Children (Charity Auction) - Attending a Mandalorian Charity Auction to support the restoration and health of Mandalore


Display five uses of company operations

Edited by Eddak Manod, 01 June 2018 - 12:31 PM.


Muad Dib

Muad Dib

    Paragon of Virtue

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Company: Aegis Corporation

Tier Up: Tier 3

Adding Operations: N/A

Adding Locations: Concordia

Changing Headquarters: N/A

Sign a contract with at least two factions or organizations:
Beskar'ad Inc : contract

United Siskeen Coalition : contract (Pertinent posts: 1, 7, 31)

Display two examples of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion:
Growth of locale: Kaer 1
Growth of personnel: Sol Damerin being brought into the company in this thread (Posts 1-11, main pertinent posts are 9-11)

Display two uses of company operations:
Sub #1: Diamond Class Cruiser
Sub #2: Blastoise Armored Cruiser

Edited by Muad Dib, 02 June 2018 - 09:44 AM.


Mishka Larraq

Mishka Larraq

    Farmer's Daughter

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Workshop: House Larraq Plate and Blade (X)
Modification: Tier III > Tier IV


Other Changes:


Unique Materials:





Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

    M'onnok Fork

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Company / Workshop: Blas Tech

Modification Made: Consolidating subsidiaries and restructuring.

Other:  Renaming Company, removing Canon Company ownership of BlasTech, restructuring company submission.


Rationale: I already have Browncoat Arms that is an arms manufacturer.I don't need two. 

New Submission:


New Submission

Idris Voahan

Idris Voahan


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Company: Olympus Medical Institution 

Modification Made: Tier up and added an operation thanks to this.


Tier Up:  Tier II -> Tier III

Adding Operations: Investment

Adding Locations: N/A

Changing Headquarters: N/A




Rationale: Capital is Coruscant, and the Galactic Alliance has the Capitalism Reigns mandate.

New Submission: Replace Tier 2 with Tier 3



Dash Kessler

Dash Kessler

    Technically Outlawed.

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Company / Workshop: Tricks of the Trade 

Modification Made: Tier 3 Upgrade 

Tier Up:  

Three speciality Products:


Rationale: Growth of Workshop

New Submission:



Arcanus Sunstrider

Arcanus Sunstrider

    The Echo of What Once Was

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Modification Made: Tiering Up to Tier 3.
  • Tier Up: T2 -> T3 (Via Major Faction Mandate: Galactic Alliance - Capitalism Reigns.)
Rationale: Taking advantage of the "New" Mandate System.
New Submission:

Edited by Arcanus Sunstrider, 03 June 2018 - 08:05 PM.


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Mishel Kryze

Mishel Kryze

    Kung Fu Trash Panda Warrior

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Company / Workshop: Siverra Lightsabers

Modification Made: Tier Up II to III


Three Specialty Products:

  • Panathan Crystal (x)
  • Mustafar Crystal (x)
  • Zeltros Crystal (x)

Rationale: Upgrading Mishel's workshop based on the work put in.

Edited by Mishel Noren, 04 June 2018 - 01:08 PM.

Mara Merrill-Valkner

Mara Merrill-Valkner

    The Lesser D'Lessio

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Modification Made: 
Tier Up:III

Sign a contract with at least two factions or organizations. (May be NPC)



Drexellians -


The Dancing Bantha cruise liner-


Display two examples of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion.

Gaining access to Hapes Consortium - http://starwarsrp.ne...ss-bazaar-expo/

Gaining access to CIS - http://starwarsrp.ne...s-orc-attn-cis/

Display two uses of company operations.



Adding Operations: None
Adding Locations: Removing Coruscant as a location due to events of Endgame thread. Adding Vergesso Asteroids as T3 unlock.
Changing Headquarters: N/A
Rationale: People like spaceship bits
New Submission: Old one's fine

Merrill-Valkner Systems Engineering - Starship Component Specialists