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Tiekaza Vifazi-class Yacht

- - - - - VCH Yacht Personal Transport

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Adrian Vandiir

Adrian Vandiir

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  • Intent: To provide a teched-up yacht for the rich douchebags of the Galaxy, courtesy of Vandiir Consolidated Holdings.
  • Image Source: [X] - DQ Y (Pinterest makes it absurdly hard to find the Original Source, but I know it originated somewhere on there.)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Yacht
  • Length: 48 meters
  • Width: 24 metres
  • Height: 18 metres
  • ArmamentVery Low
    • Two Dorsal Rapid-Fire Maser Turrets [Concealed]
    • Two Ventral Rapid-Fire Maser Turrets [Concealed]
  • DefencesExtreme
    • Molecular Shielding
    • Double-Redundant Deflector Shield
    • Advanced Ionization Buffer and EMP Safeguards
    • Anti-Missile Safeguards
    • Anti-Targeting Safeguards
    • Electronic Countermeasures
    • Automated Internal Security System
  • Squadron CountNone [1]
  • Manoeuvrability RatingLow
  • Speed RatingVery High
  • Hyperdrive Class: 0.3




  • Vifazi: It is no coincident that the vessel is named after the Sith word for "haste", being outfitted with state-of-the-art sublight engines and a cutting-edge Hyperdrive.
  • The Apex of Security: Outfitted with molecular shielding and a staggering array of other defences all coordinated, both internal and external, all coordinated by the droid brain, the Tiekaza Vifazi is basically a flying fortress for the rich.
  • Comfort is King: The exterior and hardware of the Tiekaza Vifazi are designed to impress and the exterior is no different. Rather than focus on passenger count, the yacht is fully dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of a single or a small group of passengers, quite unlike vessels that pander to mere commoners.
  • Ignore Thine Lessers: Alongside its impressive speed and defences, the electronic countermeasures are intended to ensure that these vessels can safely ignore most pesky patrols, time-consuming customs, and savage pirates, though the base model is quite unsuited to serve as a dedicated stealth ship, and testing its limits in short ranges or against dedicated sensor ships is extremely inadvisable.
  • The Ship is at Your Service: While a small organic crew is recommended, the droid brain integrated into the vessel is capable of performing most functions alongside a small complement of mobile service, maintenance, and security droids, including piloting the ship and operating its weapons.


  • Flyswatter: With its highly precise yet comparatively low-yield weaponry, the Tiekaza Vifazi is extremely capable of swatting down poorly shielded starfighters. Against just about anything else? Not so much.
  • Statement of Wealth: Sounds good, doesn't it? Showing the Galaxy just how wealthy you are? Well, you might just need those absurd defences, if you happen to be travelling through a lawless region.
  • Majestic Brick: For all its majesty, speed, and showmanship, the Tiekaza Vifazi is somewhat unwieldy, due to its reliance on particularily compact manoeuvring thrusters.
  • Marvel of Engineering: The Tiekaza Vifazi is a true marvel of engineering... which unfortunately comes packaged with a considerable price tag and a whole lot of extremely complicated maintenance when said marvel breaks down.


How much technology, how much luxury, could one feasibly cram into a relatively small vessel?


That is the question Vandiir Consolidated Holdings' engineers asked themselves when they set out to create a smaller, but far more advanced, expensive, and luxurious, alternative to their Gust-class Shuttle. Named after the Sith words "Tiekaza", meaning "Confident", and "Vifazi", meaning "Stride", this vessel is the answer to the question. Outfitted with only the finest, most expensive, and most compact equipment on the market, not one centimetre of the yacht's design has been left to chance. Its highly efficient design allows it to sport a 0.3 Hyperdrive and truly astounding defences, while simultaneously maintaining an impressively decadent level of luxury. While the hull and technical systems are largely standardised, the internal space and facilities are almost always tailored to any given buyer. VCH's PR department even likes to claim that every Tiekaza Vifazi is a personalised work of art.


Despite its sumptuous interior, the design is still functional, possessing an extensive and incredibly effective internal security system. Including but not limited to biometric locks, ray shielding, security droids, coma gas dispensers, turadium blast doors, and concealed blaster cannons, all controlled by the ship's droid brain, boarding one of these vessels in order to get to its owner is a truly nightmarish task. As the sales department likes to put it: Nobody is coming aboard your ship, unless you want them there. Of course, all of these could be nullified if one were to slice into the droid brain, but, as with the rest of the ship, no expense was saved in that department. Outfitted with encryption that would make most militaries baulk at the price tag and a truly absurd number of redundancies and backups, the droid brain, like so many other parts of the ship, is made to appease even the most paranoid of customers.


Continuing along this line of thinking, the vessel is outfitted with a sophisticated electronic countermeasures system, allowing it to trick sensors into reading no or wrong information. While... questionably legal, at least in many systems, the system is well hidden, preventing most inspections from finding it unless they know what they are looking for. Besides, considering the expense of purchasing the vessel, it can generally be assumed that anyone wealthy enough to buy this ship is also wealthy enough to bribe or influence anyone with the audacity to search the ship into overlooking some minor regulation violations. Furthermore, the vessel is sufficiently shielded and speedy to allow it to outrun most patrols, though the necessity to stop for refuelling and the like means that one has to deal with the plebeians eventually. Unless one happens to operate one's own refuelling stations.

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Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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