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Maple Harte

Maple Harte
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Intent: Create a unique lightsaber cane for Matsu Ike based somewhat off an earlier submission.


Image Source: Wikipedia.org, Kells Crozier (https://en.m.wikiped...i/Kells_Crozier)

Canon Link:(http://starwars.wiki.../wiki/Sabercane)


Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: Lightsaber


Manufacturer: Maple Harte

Model: N/A

Affiliation: Unique (Matsu Ike only)

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, lightsaber components.


Classification: Lightsaber Cane

Size: Large

Weight: Average.

Va Stone (shaft)

Ghostfire Crystal (Handle)

Dual Phase Switch

Can be split in two

Cortosis Weave Durasteel (Top third of shaft only)

Silenced shoto hidden in handle hook.


Dual Phase: the blade at the flick of a switch can shrink to the size of a shoto on the emitter concealed in the bottom shaft of the cane.

Can be split apart: In an attempt to catch the opponent off guard, the cane can be twisted to release magnetic clasps seperating one end to become a fairly standard lightsaber with a slightly longer hilt, while the other end do to the shape of its handle having a curve to it, as well as the fact that the hilt forms the curved handle itself, makes for a sickle type weapon.

Silent Hilt: The ghost fire crystal installed in the blade hiddent in the handle produces a silent, nearly in visible blade. Useful for assassinations from behind, particularly in how the hook portion prevents escape. In open battle, seperated from the main shaft, it becomes useful for catching and parrying other lightsabers. Connected to the main shaft while active can extend the hooks reach

Multi-role: Like Maple's cane before it, it can serve a variety of purposes in combat, being used to smash, choke, pin, entrap, and engage in lightsaber combat. It even has use in tight spaces, though limited.


Lack of fluidity: The cane will never be as maneverable in lightsaber combat as a regular lightsaber, this forces the wielder to time their attacks correctly and anticipate incoming blows and be more cautious before launching an attack.

Heavy: In addition to aforementioned manuevering problems, It has a not inconsiderable weight while swinging fully connected, due to its top heavy upper third. And even disconnected this carries on a little.

Mostly unarmored: Only the upper third is protected with Cortosis weave durasteel. The rest is regular durasteel

Thin protection: The upper third may be cortosis weave durasteel but will build up heat even faster than Maple's cane does, making it potentially dangerous to grip.


This heavy cane was created by Maple Harte for her friend Matsu Ike, using the vibrosickle she stole from a kanzer priestess to fashion the horse like head of the cane, concealing a small shoto using a ghostfire crystal, rendering it silent, a dual phase lightsaber emitted from the bottom of the shaft holds a gray Va Stone for color. It can be split apart for jar-kai but its weight and handling issues may pose a bit of a problem for someone more agility minded. Intended as a gift, Maple also intends to provide instruction materials to teach Matsu how to wield it. The Marksman were infamous for their use of sabercanes, and this particular variant and model is a darkened recreation of Ursula Sandraven's cane.

Edited by Maple Harte, 19 May 2018 - 05:25 PM.



Zef Halo

Zef Halo

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This is ready to be reviewed

Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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