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The Miracle Initiative

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Drogh was lost in that frenzy of darkness and maddens, his mind disconnected, and yet embracing the chaos. The mediation of pain and anguish, of those endless suffering souls crying out, or screaming in endless rage. The tide of agony, Drogh never felt so scared, nor so welcomed. Yet something was in the way, he couldn't sense it, but it was like a brick wall, blocking the chaos, blocking the thoughts and feelings. Before he knew it, cold metallic hands gripped his frail frame, in that instant he was ready to kill anything that was in his way, but before he could retaliate in aggression, he was met with robotic, bland and annoying voice. Drogh always seemed to get the attention of droids, why these metallic lifeless emotionless things flocked to him he could never understand. Yet he didn't care, he was about to attack it, until he heard from it's boring grey mouth "If you're looking for Ra then I know the way, come". Drogh stopped his inner desires to turn it into little more the scrap, then a feeling of shame came over him, he didn't partially like being seen like this, rushing down for his weeping mask, hastily putting it on. He then with all his might mustered a emotionless voice to match the droid, "Show me." 


@AD-8@Ra'a'mahStardust Australis Skirae@VulpesenCynthia Solus @Errreembuhr @Matsu Ike Zhin Zondaar 

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Cynthia Solus had moved far ahead, her jetpack taking her over a distance that Errreembuhr could not cover nearly as quickly. It would not be much of a problem, as he could act like a relay point between her and the party, still unaware of the trial that Stardust Australis Skiraeand @Ra'a'mah faced further behind. The screams and shrieks of anguish were beginning to take a toll on him, something his droids seemed to notice, as they kept slightly behind him, watching his actions. It was a response he supported. This place would take him for one of its lost souls if he let it.


"Sir, one of our sentries at the gate has reported that AD-8 has begun making his way to us."


"Good. We'll keep close to the group and see if the Mandalorian finds anything worth reporting further ahead."



DroghVulpesenMatsu Ike 

Cynthia Solus

Cynthia Solus

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Errreembuhr AD-8 Ra'a'mah Stardust Australis Skirae VulpesenMatsu Ike Drogh


There was no real sense of time here. No sun sat in the sky yet it wasn't dark that she had to use night vision to navigate. As Cynthia sat there with music blocking out the outside sounds she would continuously look around. Her HUD would zoom in and out at different locations checking what was around. The only thing that was of concern was a group slowly growing in numbers. It was if they was been drawn to the spot. It made her think of animals that migrated in the season changes of worlds. Yet these people was probably here because of their violent nature. Many looked big and muscular or people who looked like they could sprint a marathon. 


"Cynthia checking in. I am seeing a group slowly growing in size to your north, north west. I'd approach with caution. A littler further up is a crevasse I think. I'm planning to check it out soon but from where I am right now there is two sort of bridges close to each other."

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Stardust Australis Skirae

Stardust Australis Skirae

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She pulled her weapon out from the ground and held it, she looked around as they surrounded her walking slowly towards her. She closed her eyes and focused herself....she needed not worry, the past was something she could not change...she focused on the now the future she could have with her fiance darben...the man who changed her life. She had a home with him a daughter and another one on the way, if she fell here...none of that would happen

you are not real

She spoke opening to her eyes as the apparitions stopped, she stared at them intensely

you are not real! You are a figment of my mind brought out to torture me! But no more...for I cannot change what I've done or the sins I've committed...only dedicate myself to fixing those sins...

She slammed her sword down, releasing a wave of energy put as the ghost would fade to dust leaving stardust there...blade stuck in the ground as she took a breath and sighed

there is no light, there is no dark, there is only the force...and with it I shall bring balance to both

She spoke before she rose again looking forward

Death has a fear of life and life has a fear of death, I fear nothing of the sort




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Standing at the side of Star to assist in supporting her, she scanned the area around them. The ghosts from her past were gone and leaving her alone. All in all, Ra had very little to be haunted about. She never had been one to cause harm on purpose, avoided getting involved in wars, but had been active in politics growing up. So while she had not gone out of her way to cause anything poor to happen to people on purpose, she had through her master.


Not fully knowing what she had caused, shadows were present for her, but no more came to confront her. Voices of blame filled her ears, but that was all.


Listening to what her sister said, about bringing balance, she shook her head.


"No, there is no balance. Nothing you can do to bring that about."

Unknown to her, Drogh had arrived and was being lead to them by AD-8. He may feel like he was at home here, but she was still an alien and did not belong in the land of the dead.


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Continuing his run, Vulpesen would pass by Cynthia, listening to her description. And as he sped pat and towards the group, it wasn't long until his suspicions were confirmed. Before him, lay a valley from which the howling was sounding. Huts and shelters dotted the landscape, and for miles, he could see them. Zorrens. He could make out the faint shape of dueling circles as they sparred and practiced. He could see them singing and howling. The billions of dead, all stood before him. He could feel power swelling in his chest, and calling out to Varos, Vulpesen shifted forms.


Tens of Billions of Zorrens, dead for centuries, living their undead lives in the netherworld. They had long lamented their losses, their early demise, and seeing as by the hundreds, they appeared in this place, slaughtered by hunters across the galaxy. They knew each other here. Every face, and every howl. And yet, as a sound lifted across the canyon, there was a sound they had never heard before, a howl rich and powerful which rattled through them. The heads of an entire species would all turn to a single ridge line where stood the form of an all too familiar form of a Veran Fox.


Errreembuhr AD-8 Ra'a'mah Stardust Australis Skirae VulpesenMatsu Ike Drogh Cynthia Solus



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AD-8 heard Droghs reply and beckoned him to follow the column of drones marching towards the others. AD examined the figure following him, he was clearly not mentally stable and looked like a force user, a sith AD reckoned from the mask and the weeping. they slowly navigated the shadowy depths of this hell. There were ghostly souls floating around but, not bieng organic, they left him alone for the most part.


ErrreembuhrCynthia SolusStardust Australis SkiraeRa'a'mahVulpesen

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