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Cyran Vaas

Character Not a Mandalorian Zeltron

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Cyran Vaas

Cyran Vaas

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...Right?

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NAME: Cyran Vaas


FACTION: Me, Myself, and I (None)


RANK: Spacer


SPECIES: Zeltron


AGE: 26


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 1.95 meters


WEIGHT: 165 lbs


EYES: Blue


HAIR: Blue


SKIN: Pink







STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :



+ Fine marksmen

+ Handsome

+ Racial Abilities (Powerful Pheromones, and Limited Telepathy)


+- Thrill Seeker


- Brash

- Stubborn

- Gullible

- Selfish



Cyran stands some over the average height of other Zeltrons, and is considered rather attractive like most of his kin. Having pink skin that can deepen with his level of emotions. Also having short blue hair and a well fit body. More often then not he can be seen in his personal cheap Mandalorian armor.



One could say Cyran is a pretty good embodiment of optimism. Always seeing and in search for the best of what life has to offer. However, when things aren't going so well for him or the people around him he tends to act out and behave poorly, never really developing good ways to deal with negativity from the relatively care free and celebratory nature he and many Zeltrons are used to. Part of the hedonistic lifestyle he was raised on makes him a rather libidinous individual seemingly in a never ending pursuit of romantic interest.



Born on Zeltro and raised by a close group of traveling musicians, it was no surprise that Cyran was gonna end up like the other fun loving members of his race. Not only that but he'd quickly develop an appreciation for music. Since he grew up around musical performers who too wanted to move their passion down to him. But he got more then just passion for music, he was passionate for all sorts of things. Adventure, fighting, romance, one could say he just loved life and wanted to know as much of it as possible. This making him something of an adrenaline junky. 


Since he had a very mobile upbringing he'd seen some of the lowest, and highest of society. Quickly learning to take care of himself, even with the support of his close family and friends. Proving himself rather good with a blaster in a particular party trick where while intoxicated he was able to shoot fruit off of peoples heads without harming them in the process. He did promise that the balster he was using was on stun mode, but that was a lie. Even though he'd had some blaster training prior to this, Cyran considered it a hallmark and testament to his skill with a blaster.


With the constant travel he was exposed to it made him love the idea of not just seeing all there was to see in Zeltros but in the rest of the galaxy. Wishing to adventure off into the stars and become a renowned musical spacer as a result. Being able to sing stories of his adventures to the tune of folk songs and Jizz However, there was one thing keeping him from achieving this dream, not having any real stories to tell. From this interest in seeing more of the world, a friend of his recomended either becoming a freelance smuggler or bounty hunter as to not get bogged down with governments and their borders. Which Cyran considered good advice, and would later become a small time bounty hunter.


So when he was old enough to begin to experience the world on his own. He'd already had a pretty good, if not overly romanticized idea of the galaxy and its inhabitants. Knowing of the of the relentless Humans, the sly Rodians, and the cunning Mon Calamari. But no group ad to have fascinated him more then the Mandalorians. Hearing all about there fearless warriors and drive for conquest in defense of their world and culture.


So he thought, why not try to be like them. So when he got the credits to finally get himself a set of used Mandalorian shock trooper armor off the black market, which was made of cheaper material then traditional Manadlorian iron. With this he knew he was ready to begin his adventure. One of daring conflicts, ruthless villains, and amazing love interests. Or so he hoped, because soon he'd learn the hard way that in this unforgiving galaxy, and learned he did. The feel good stories he grew up on were legends at best.



Equipment: Mandalorian Armor (Cheaply made up of reinforced duraplast and Plastoid instead of beskar) Z-6 Jetpack, 2 DH-23 Blaster Pistols Gauntlet Dartcaster Mandoviol


SHIP: Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ship







(Cyran Vaas standing before among some fellow founding members of the The Hoax Blokes)

(848 ABY)

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Cyran Vaas

Cyran Vaas

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...Right?

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  • 71 posts


Cyran Vaas

Cyran Vaas

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...Right?

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    • Character Bio
  • 71 posts