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Q-7 bike

- - - - - Mirdirmorut Speeder

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Rex Taff

Rex Taff

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  • Intent: To create a speeder bike for Mirdirmorut and by extension Quoron mantis
  • Image Source: https://torakingz.de...-Bike-276694488
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: 



  • Classification: Landspeeder
  • Role: Anti-infantry
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 2
  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift
  • Speed: High
  • Maneuverability: Average
  • Armament: Average
  • 2x blaster cannons
  • Defenses: Average
  • DION Fibre
  • Squadron Count: Low
  • Passenger Capacity: 2
  • Cargo Capacity: Average


  • 2x blaster cannons
  • DION Fibre


  • DION Fibre - allows it to be resistant to EMP/Ion attacks
  • Speedy - It is a speedy speeder bike and moves quickly


  • I don't have accuracy - the shots from the blaster cannons don't always hit their targets and are more likely to miss.
  • I can't control it - if it takes to much damage it will be no longer controllable 


Quoron asked for a speeder bike from Mirdirmorut. So they went out of there way to make a bunch of them. These bikes are deigned to quickly over overwhelm enemy forces or quickly scout. Potentially even for hit and run missions.


Armament - these bikes have 2 blaster cannons on either side of the bike. However the speed that these bikes travel at means that the bikes themselves aren't always accurate. In fact they have the accuracy of a storm trooper. 


Defences and materials - DION Fibre allows for the bike to be resistant to EMP/Ion attacks. It was then mixed with mandalorian steel. This allows it to have decent defences however if it is attacked too many times then you will lose control of the speeder bike. Generally when this happens it careens off at top speed.  


 Company - Mirdirmorut


Haytham Kaze

Haytham Kaze

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Under Review.

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Lily Kuhn

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