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The Blazing Claw strikes again

- - - - - nicair claden pirates arrrrrrrrrrr

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Nicair Claden

Nicair Claden

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He didn't want to yield, no matter how correct the man was in stating the effectiveness of the pair's killing potential. He had to know more, however. Why was this place hidden so well and how was it so for as long as it has? NIcair wasn't really one to try and avoid a fight, but he didn't have his full kit. A Mandalorian with a knife and a Jedi with her lightsaber were formidable, that much was certain, but against an entire station? While still a force to be reckoned with, it didn't give him any answers.


"What are you? Really."


They were directed towards their capturer, his back still to them.


"I am Sociph, so are all of them. Welcome to Antisoch. I expect you'll both have more than that single question. You're on a station that will get perhaps one or two ships a day if not a week. The guards are bored. Look into your reason and consider, if there are two armed and outsider escapees, does it makes sense that a small group of poorly armed personnel would be the only ones sent? I could have sent the entire station against you, I still could if I felt like it. But no, I wanted to test you, and I have. You'll both be useful to me in your own ways. I'm giving you an easy way out, no more fighting, no more fluff. I'll answer what I feel like and send you on your way with the smallest tasks to do in exchange for killing my.. sentient tool in the galaxy. That's about the fairest deal you'll get in this system, I suggest you take it."


The figure kept walking. Nicair realized something, the man truly didn't care if they did what he said. There were no threats on this planet, there were simply instructions and predictions, causation and killing. Violent words brought violent deeds. He was more than willing to kill until he himself was brought down, but not here, not like this. Not in some unknown corner of the galaxy, and certainly not this far away from the one making the threats.


He'd follow, to get his answers or just to get close. He turned his head to his companion, and gave a nod to follow.


Lilla Syrin

"What have you become when even nightmares fear you?"





Lilla Syrin

Lilla Syrin

    The greatest teacher, failure is.

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Lilla listened. She was, above all else, a Jedi. And, as such, she was never going to bargain for her life. Regardless of the task set – unless it was for the greater good, or at very least was a neutral act – she could not follow the Code and agree. But she was also not foolish enough to decide her response before she heard what the man wanted. She had an open mind in all matters and as such would be patient and listen before even beginning to form a judgement, and by definition a decision.


So, she automatically nodded her agreement when her companion indicated they should follow. “We have nothing to lose – and who knows what we might gain from listening.” And with that, she fell into step as they trailed the leader as he walked down the corridor.


Nicair Claden


Regor Kalanic

Regor Kalanic


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He never looked back at them, never looked back at all really. Didn't check to see if they were following him, didn't check to see if his own men were following him. In all actuality he had dispersed the gas shortly after he and his supposed troupe left the primary corridor and began branching off. It didn't take them long before they reached his destination. Once the Mandalorian, Jedi, and his own agent followed him into the relatively small but not cramped room the door behind them closed.


There were screens along one wall that appeared to show the entirety of this wing of the station, one of them showed the possibly comatose possibly deceased bodies of his former guards. In the middle of the room was a fanciful looking desk facing said screens. There was a bottle and glass of an amber colored drink that had a truly fermented smell that wafted around the room. Regor took a deep inhale upon entering and another as he got close. Sociph drinks were potent, some were strong enough to get into the system without being consumed. They weren't near as effective, but just enough to slightly cloud the mind, and that was strictly for a Sociph's metabolism. He reminded himself to watch the woman.


Taking a seat at his personal desk for this wing he took a drink of the beverage. It burned on the way down, was as smooth as a hose to his stomach. There were no seats to offer, not that he would have done so anyway. His seating position could be a double edged sword. Having them sit while he stands puts him in a position of power, he could already tell that neither of them would have accepted the seat if he didn't do the same, even if he did they probably wouldn't have done it. The same goes if he sits and they stand. He can either show confidence by not worrying about the position of power, or show portrayed weakness by so easily sitting. Either way, his chair was comfortable, it was why he chose it.


"I said I would have uses for you. In fact those uses are directly tied to what supposedly brought either of you here. Or at the very least what I'm assuming brought you here. You there, Jedi, yours is the relatively easy task. Whether it is physically or mentally easy is up to you. All I need you to do is not tell anyone what you found out here. Don't file any report, don't tell anyone where you've been. Tell whoever it is you report to that you found nothing. There's nothing but empty space out here, understand?"


There was a threat hidden in there somewhere. It was incredibly thinly veiled. Regor's mannerisms didn't much say threat, however. He was a business man first, after all, even if his title on the planet was "Dealer of Death." He would establish trade with outside entities when he felt good and ready. The galaxy was a large place, Antisoch could not kill it alone, and there were no friends of the Sociph in the wider galaxy.


His hands were folded in front of his face which had an air of calm and composure. No matter what she said he didn't really care. If she agreed he wouldn't have to go through the trouble of cleaning up the mess, whether it was her mess or her lightsaber's mess.


Lilla Syrin

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste."