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Judah Dashiell

Judah Dashiell


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Name: Ceto

Region: Outer Rim, Wild Space


System: Asherah System


Suns: Yellow Dwarf star


Orbital Position: Habital zone


Moons:Two moons : Cetus and Nix. One permanent satalite installation : Orbital shipyard


Coordinates: S 25


Rotational Period: 26 Galactic Standard Hours


Orbital Period: 405 Galatic Standard Days


Class: Terrestrial


Diameter: 27,244 km


Atmosphere: Type 1


Climate: Temperate, Humid


Gravity: Standard


Primary Terrain: Oceans,reefs, lush jungle-like islands


Native species: Various non-sentient ocean lifeforms


Immigrated species: Selkath,Quarren,Mon Calamarian,Human


Primary languages: Galactic Standard Basic,Selkatha,Quarrenese


Government: Constitutional Monarchy


Population: 18 Billion ( 40% Selkath, 25% Quarren, 15% Mon Calamarian,15% Human, 5% Other/Various)


Demonym: Cetoian


Major cities: Sobek[capital city],Lir, Ahti,Varuna


Major imports: Foodstuffs,Luxury goods,Wood/Woodpulp Products,Building Materials


Major exports: Seafoods,Medicine, Minerals,Technology


Affiliation: Independent


 Culture: Highly pacifist. With advanced undersea cities and moderate technology, the residents of Ceto feel relatively safe and isolated from galactic problems.
The people of Ceto value neutrality above all else. While a pacifist people, Cetoians do realize war could easily land on their doorstep.Logical and practical thinking has led to an agreement with PMCs if such a need should arise.The safety of Ceto's citizens and the interests of the planet and economy are top priority, even when not dealing with a potential battle. Every single decision is scrutinized, from immigrants to new business ventures to expanding the cities and transportation.


Holidays revolve around the Selkath Monarchy and Ceto itself. These holidays include :


 Ceto New Year ; Based on a local,lunar calendar. Feasts and late night celebrations mark this week-long celebration. Traditions dictate one must eat a Vros Fish for luck and prosperity in the upcoming new year.


Rememberance Day ; Reflection on settlement and sacrifices, extremely solemn. Honors those who fought in the early wars to settle Ceto.


Independence Week ; Highlights the events that brought the Selkath Monarchy into power. Positive and joyful holiday. Marked with public days off of work, feasts and games. Also celebrates the independent standing of the planet.


Harvest Week ; Celebrates the harvest of local seafoods and their export to various other planets. Harvest Week also marks the beginning of the slightly 'cooler' season one could experience on Ceto.


Winter Fete ; Marks the winter equinox on Ceto. In addition to feasts, gifts are traditionally exchanged amongst friends and family members. Winter Fete falls within the last month on the lunar calendar.


Technology: On par with the Mid-Rim


History: Located in the Wild Space region of the Galaxy, Ceto was a disputed region close to three hundred years before the Gulag Virus swept through. The ocean world changed hands many times, with most of the new 'owners' of Ceto setting up shop on the numerous jungle-filled islands. A local smuggling and privateering organization had the most luck in securing Ceto as their own and stone ruins of their buildings still remain on various islands.


Two hundred and fifty years before the Gulag Virus, a group of exiled Selkath were roaming the fringes of the galaxy, looking to settle into a quiet planet and form their own colony. Ceto was the perfect planet for the aquatic beings, the only problem being the less than reputable organization that had laid its claim to the ocean planet. With neither group wanting the other day, a bloody war of the planet broke out. With small strikes by both sides, it took nearly ten years for the exiled Selkath to finally gain total control on the planet and begin their colony.


In the beginning much of the colony used the buildings already in place. There was little in the way of resources in the early days. The Selkath -- by then joined by exiles of various species -- struggled to get by. Slowly and very incrementally, the people of Ceto started to use the natural resources to their advantage. Seafood and seaweed was exported back to the Outer and Mid Rim at first. With the increased cash flow came more immigrants to the small colony, with Selkath visionaries bringing kolto to grow along the deep under water rifts.


With so many Selkath on planet it was only a matter of time before war broke out again between the colonists. Immigrants from other species did not appreciate the Selkath way of running the colony, nor did they feel the Selkath were entitled to be in a position of power. The 'revolution' was short lived, with businessmen using their new found money and connections to use guns-for-hire to wipe out the resistance. With the second battle for the planet weighing on the minds of the once colonists, a monarchy was set into place, with an exiled once elite family being placed into power.


Under the unified rule of the new royal family, the colony evolved into a real culture. With the money from exports, large undersea cities were slowly built. With non-aquatic species amongst those living on planet, tunnels with public transportation were created to zip people off into various major cities. All buildings are accessible without ever stepping out into the water, as they are interconnected either on the 'street' level or through a series of brightly lit underground entrance systems. Much like a pedestrian subway to move beings without getting wet.


In addition to the breath taking underwater cities the largest islands on Ceto have been populated. These islands have been largely populated by humans and other non aquatic species who feel uncomfortable underneath the warm Ceto waters. The island cities are small, each with underwater transport hubs to connect the citizens to the underwater urban areas.


Climate on Ceto is described as temperate. Temperatures in the summer months do soar to a balmy 37 Celsius but it is only for a month or so out of the year. Hurricanes and monsoons abound during the summer months, fueled by soaring temperatures and high humidity. Transitional season weather is drier and much windier, with temperatures settling in at a low of 25 Celsius.


Notable PC's: Judah Dashiell (immigrant/business related)


Intent: To provide a homebase for a future business owned by Judah Dashiell, in addition to giving a new home to the salvager. Goals for the planet would for it to be a major trading hub, one where Wild Space is connected to the southern end of the Galaxy, either via expansion of the Mara corridor or an unofficial trade route.

Edited by Judah Dashiell, 16 November 2013 - 12:06 AM.

Valiens Nantaris

Valiens Nantaris

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Very nice submission. @Judah Dashiell


I do like it when people take time to write descriptions and culture.


I'm almost ready to approve this...except for the map coordinate. S27 is sort of difficult because that's half off the map. Might I suggest S26 or S25? Either way it's a LONG way out.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, and I'll approve it.



Judah Dashiell

Judah Dashiell


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  • 3,833 posts

Edited to S 25 as per our conversation.

Valiens Nantaris

Valiens Nantaris

    Head Admin

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  • 19,497 posts