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All The Light We Cannot See | The Atrisian Star Festival

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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It was a dark time for the galaxy.


War had once more engulfed Coruscant in flames. The Galactic Alliance Defense Forces were in retreat, having fallen apart over clashes at Lothal, Sullust, Fondor, Chandrilla, and elsewhere.


Atrisia's would be savior seemed to have burned out in the galaxy. Now, the descendants of Eoaq the Expansive were now free to chart their own destiny. Or suffer the oppression of yet another conqueror in the game of thrones that seemed to be playing havoc across the stars. The One Sith. The Galactic Republic. The Lords of the Fringe. The Omega Pyre. 


They seemed as numerous as the stars in the sky, burning brightly with the light of glory and agony, before swiftly dying. And leaving in their wake any number of devastated planets.


But, while governments would rise and fall, the vast majority of the galactic populace continued to live their lives. And those lives revolved around the cultural idiosyncrasies that defined a society.


It was the eve of Ma Tsuri Jo, a star festival that follow an equinox calendar that had been part of Atrisia since the days of Uueg Tching. It arrived but once every other year, alternating with the lunar festival.


Strange that his first decision since the fall of Coruscant would be whether or not to hold a celebration.


Part of him had wanted to decline. They needed to focus their efforts at getting defensive positions established. There was still much work to be done if they were to secure Atrisia's borders...


But the people knew the rumors of what was transpiring. They knew that there was little news available, and much gossip that filled the informational gaps. They were afraid.


Something that encouraged the people to continue forward with life as usual would offer a much welcomed respite. Even if only for a few hours.


So the festival continued, with brightly lit lanterns adorning the shops. The streets filled with people in traditional dress, dancing to the beat of taiko drums. Food vendors were out among the crowds, peddling all manner of street food.


From atop the Xiaolang Palace, the sound of the festival rose up into the air. It brought to mind the Atrisia of his childhood, the sound eliciting a brief smile even on his own face.


There would be time enough for worry tomorrow. Tonight, they would honor the light of the stars.


And be thankful for the time they had.




[ cue the music ]



Maple Harte

Maple Harte
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Came to Atrisia in this:
Scarlet Phantom (http://starwarsrp.ne...e-nubian-yacht/)

Dressed in: Toquere Bodysuit (http://starwarsrp.ne...quere-bodysuit/)

Absorbelt (http://starwarsrp.ne...2333-absorbelt/)

Vehicle being used: Stratus Bike (http://starwarsrp.ne...bike/?hl=czerka)

Armed with: Outback rifle (http://starwarsrp.ne...-outback-rifle/)

VT Sliid Gun (Tranq Rounds) (http://starwarsrp.ne...8-vt-sliid-gun/)

The Scarlet Phantom, once a mere diplomat vessel turned a bullet of dark crimson, streaked out of hyperspace into the space of the Atrisian Commonwealth.

She felt that deep, dark hunger for the energy vampire, coiling within her intestines like a cold snake, almost drowning out the ultimate goal of finding and killing the Mind-Binder, escorting her through some planetary celebration.

What if she is the Mind-Binder? The one you are looking for? Will you kill her then? the Spirit Doashim asked, the deep rumble in its voice expressing curiosity.

"Sawa isn't the Mind-Binder. She might tick a few of the boxes, but she don't tick all of them," Maple spoke into thin air as the Phantom entered the Atmosphere of Atrisia. She would have brought The Silent Erika but Sawa had never seen the Phantom and Maple wanted to show off a little.

She had been to Atrisia a couple of times. Always on kill missions. They had all ended in severe bloodshed. Maple herself had been killed in one of them five minutes ago. Those missions were among the more "fluid" of her recollections.

You didn't answer my question, I noticed.

Maple was silent for a moment.

"She's not the Mind-Binder."

Not yet, as they say.

The Scarlet Phantom finally entered airspace. Its aerodynamic shape and the enhanced engines letting it glide through the atmosphere in a straight line, though she slowed the speed down. Ursula's craft was a rocket. Maple had been in love with the vessel when she had first seen it. And the fact that the naboo vessel had hidden laser cannons, gave a deadly edge to its dark promise. She wanted something like it to call her own. And in The Marksmen, your unofficial trial of skill was obtaining your own courier ship.

Nowadays, she had far more mixed feelings piloting the vessel. Yes, it was beautiful, yes its speed was the speed of legends, but knowledge of its prior owner tainted her enjoyment of the vessel somewhat, never mind its cramped nature thanks to all the extra equipment.

But one thing that disturbed her, really disturbed her, was how there was no trace of Ursula at all. Physically or with The Force. There was just. No. Sign. She had to bring in her own furnishings. Paint the bedroom and fresher the colors she wanted. Not one trace of her. It was so unnatural.

She soon found a docking pad into the greater city. She was to meet up with Sawa Ike and other company she might potentially bring, somewhere close to the festivities. As she took her speederbike out of the little storage space on the ship and rolled the black bike down the ramp, she suddenly felt a familiar hiss in her mind


She wheeled around and spotted the dark haired, somewhat pale skinned woman with purple eyes that she had been ambushed by on Dantooine. She was clad in that same bodysuit, with that off-white color that reminded Maple of that of a padded cell.

Her outback rifle-pistol remained in its holster. She was here having been hired as a bodyguard by an anonymous Atrisian citizen, and they tolerated that. But that tolerance only went so far. The woman, who gave a toothy, hideous grin at her, her beauty ruined by the lack of something in her eyes.

"Love your suit." the Woman said.

"Mind-Binder." Maple said in a quiet tone seething with murder in it.

The Woman smiled.

"So fixated on a name."

"Got one you prefer, witch?" Maple's tone wasn't her usual happy-go-luckiness. The Assassin was speaking, always even in its delivery. Always calm.

The woman stepped forward. Maple stepped back.

"Afraid of me. Good. And anger. Even better." the woman said in a low almost-snarl.

"What do you want?" The Assassin asked.

The laugh was short, but laced with suggestion. "Not yet, Uri." the woman said quietly, but with a deep menace, taking another step towards her on the docking pad. Maple stepped backward, stumbled and hit the ground, scrambling backward.

"Oh, you really think I'm going to try and attack you in broad daylight?" she asked brusquely.

"What do you want?" Maple asked on the ground in a low whisper.

The Woman's beauty crinkled into a hungered, malicious smile. She knealt down, and Maple pressed her head against the pavement involuntarily out of extreme fear.

"You've already given it to me, Uri." the woman answered in a throaty, hungry whisper roughly swiping the thumb off Maple's forehead. She tensed up at the taste.

"The cold sweat of fear, Udinia. The cold sweat of fear." the woman said with a sort of gloating authority. "Go play with your vampire, now."

The woman stepped over Maple, who was shivering in fear now. She didn't see where she went, because an Atrisian dockworker walked up to her, asking if she was alright. He was elderly, with a gray beard and a blie jumpsuit stained with oil.

"Miss? Are you alright? You look like you went into shock there.

Maple looked at him with wide, terrified eyes. "Did you see a woman leave this pad?" she asked softly, tears running through her eyes.

The man shook his head.

After three more minutes of lying on the ground in near catatonia, Maple eventually got up, taking deep breaths. She got on the bike, shaking, and closed her vessel, not even sure if what had just happened was real or not.

She road down an exit ramp into the streets of the city, smelling the food from the vendors. She was still shaking. It did not help.


Sawa Ike

Sawa Ike

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Shoma Ike Maple Harte Kurenai Yumi


The festival was in swing and Sawa had been surprised. With everything happening the woman was pleased to hear that Shoma had been named the heir of Atrisia. THousands of years of work, a lifetime or ten of their family being in service. It was paying off as they had worked hard for anything. THe sound of K1 as he rolled behind her. Its weapons hidden away and the quirky droid was old. She had kept the prototype droid from her time with Ni-Ne. He had survived for all of these years before she looked at him beeping that reports of something had come in.


"Well if you can't or won't tell me, I don't know what I'll be able to do with you." She said it while walking and leaving her attention on the others around her. As far as most of them were concerned she was an Ike... someone within the family who stayed in a fortress out in the further reaches. So standing there in the black kimono with aurodium trim and patterns of Atrisia itself. Handcrafted and perfected when she was walking, hair down at her back. Hands slender and nails painted black. She had invited her family. Kurenai and her children... THey would be allowed to come and be her guests when she scented something in the air.


There was food but more then that... there was the familiar scent of her. Sawa hadn't been expecting it... Maple was not Ni-Ne and yet she unknowingly reminded her of such things... of her in her actions. Sawa sat down on one of the seats, a stage in front of her while she was being invited onto it. THis was good for moral and she was given one of the biwe's for her hands, a means to tell a tale over something that was official music. THis far out though and this high she could see Maple in the distance and sent a message to alert her down that familiar line she had found in the cave. 'Maple... come to me my dear.'


"Hear you now the sad lament Of Unaga the star of the morning. Whose parents died of the sickness, When she was not but ten. Eldest of three Lady of Bei Xi, So off Young Unaga went to live With her wicked uncle Who one night stole her maidenhead." THe music was sad, the tale something she knew from her family. She knew few others really knew the tale... really had an understanding of the time that is was sung. While some believed it hadn't happened.... others believed that it was a warning about the females within the Yovshin... Annoying as they were some could be correct in dangerous times.


It was an ancient song, some didn't know if it still existed but there were dangers until she looked over at it. "So into the night she fled. Oh Unaga you'll never escape, The Fate the Gods of Atrisia have written And life must seem the cruelest jest Oh Star of the Morning. To the yovshin she fled to take oath and leave her troubled past. She cut her hair and changed her name To Vatsyayana. At the Imaperial City Unaga took the vows. To protect the emperor and all it held." Ahe could feel something, she knew well the story and there was always more to it always soemthing that was left out by the family. For respect and because this was still centuries old.


"Thought a boy by all and she hoped to live forever As a brother in the guard. Oh Unaga you'll never escape The Fate the Gods of Atrisia have written and life must seem the cruelest jest Oh poor Star of the Morning. Now Unaga was so diligent To keep from watchful stares but one night as she bathed her brothers saw her body bare. These men were quick to break their vows as they threw her to the ground. Bonds broken they took her honor then her life While Unaga made not a sound." It was only one to get darker, Sawa looked up at the others though who were around and they were silent. She remained still though with her hands on the strings.


"Oh Unaga there's no escape The Fate the Gods of Atrisia have written and life does seem the cruelest jest Oh poor star of the morning. It is said Unaga still yet walks The Imperial Palaces shadowy halls A pale form singing sorrowfully The loneliest, saddest song." Sawa looked up and at the people playing the song was not a risk.. she had learned it and how to play it when she was a little girl. She could see Maple and feel her now.. a growing crowd around them before her attention went to some of the more dangerous beings who could be here. A few Yovshin moving in with their red armor for hunting down creatures on Atrisia.

Kurenai Yumi

Kurenai Yumi

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It had been far to long since Kurenai had been home, constant fighting, work, the fall of the galactic alliance and so much more had happened, and for once in a while she was exhausted, both mentally and physically. It made her more then happy to once more breath the air of Atrisia, hopping down from the single seat fighter that was her transport and into the back yard of her family mansion, Takeshi already awaiting her return, donned in a simple white Kimono as he approached the tired mercenary.


"It's nice to see you home safe and sound dear, how are the kids and work", he replied embracing Kurenai in a deep hug, taking the weight of her legs. "The kids are doing well, all but Sukai with a mashmellow phobia thanks to her master, and work, geez it's been harsh, honestly i would not mind taking a year off and just relaxing back at home". Even an almost immortal being like herself that could good for days without sleep and out perform most athletes needed R&R, along with 'other' things'. "So I hear much has happened here with the fall of the Galactic Alliance, the Royal Family taking over now or something"? she asked her husband with a curious glance, breaking away from the hug.


"Yes, yes they are, their is also a festival going on now and Shoma Ike had been declared the new heir to the royal family, in fat I believe Junko Ike wanted to extend an invitation to you for the festival, but I was unsure if you would be back in time". Kurenai gave a small nod, with all that had been going on lately she had fallen out of contact with home and family, but today, and perhaps the new few months that would be different. "I will have to apologize for that, anything else happen"? "Well there was one thing, something about a woman named Sawa, you know who that is"? "Oh yes, that's my great great grandmother, she is probably taking part in the festival some place, did she want me to meet up with her or something"?


Takeshi gave a small shurg, "not really it was kind of cyitc, but if she is on this world I am sure she could sense you upon your arrival, but until then how about we get out and enjoy the festival, if you can stand properly". Kuernai gave him a slight glare, semi-playful but also 'don't treat me like a child' feel to it "yes I can stand, lets go time is wasting away". With a small pout Kurenai strode through the mansion doors and out into the streets, her white black and gold Yukakta flowing in the wind as she and Takashi walked down the bustling streets, but a few miles away from the Royal Palace.


Sawa Ike - Maple Harte - Shoma Ike

The Elder Kashi

The Elder Kashi

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The Book had been opened again.The Five Elemental Rings spoke its words in cryptic wisdom.


Rumors had spread after that day. A slumbering Dragon had arisen.A Yovshin Lord thought to have been dead was alive, a symbol of a long honorable history of Atrisia.


Emerald and gold filtered through the city streets, armored Yovshin patrolling the streets. For centuries these men and woman acted as police and warriors defending the land. There was a number of Yovshin Clans, each with their own house colors. The Emerald and Gold was well known as Clan Togashi.


On this eve they filtered through the streets keeping the peace, so the civilians and guests could celebrate in relative safety.


The question remained in the minds of many. Is the Yovshin Lord named Togashi Yokuni still alive?




Kurenai Yumi  Sawa Ike  Maple Harte  Shoma Ike  

Nine Lives

Nine Lives

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Came to Atrisia in: Castle Morpheus (http://starwarsrp.ne...e/#entry1788101)

In the process of finishing: Vera Mina (http://starwarsrp.ne...biot-vera-mina/)

Wearing: Progenitor's Robes

Armed with: Hundred-Handed Giant, Progenitor's Sword, Rage...

Nine had spent weeks laboriously acquiring the research, and the materials. The documents that would allow this foul creation of hers to walk without drawing attention around the galaxy. So many people migrated from the outer rim to find better lives on richer, more hospitable and well connected worlds that the one created for what she had made would not raise eyebrows. It was impossible to keep detailed accounts and records of every migrant.

It felt strange, to be back here, with her children. So very very strange. Beyond the Knights, and the inhabitants of the Stasis Chambers, Nine had free run of a very empty, very quiet vessel. It did raise her mood considerably, being able to work with better resources. Her swords could certainly be fixed much easier.

And Nine didn't feel lonely. With creeping unease, she began to suspect her children filled a...gap...

The bedchambers were as opulent as she remembered, and for at least an hour a day, she dared to forget that it was all to protect a parasite.

She dared much, recently...

Like coming back to Atrisia. That's why she needed the biot online today. A lawyer would be necessary for her if she planned to make anchor on Atrisia once more. She needed connections set up, needed a ton of things if she was going to come here and try and rebuild.

Atrisia was in danger. She'd been so messed up with the future-shock, horrified at all the lethal new creatures, ships, weapons, and warriors of this era that she had not yet learned of a greater horror still until recently.

Atrisia bordered the space of The First Order.

The same people who'd gone and torched Coruscant were right on her home's doorstep.

After a loud, resounding string of curses she had let out after learning this, Nine had booked it for her homeworld. Because Atrisia Forever.

It had been ruled by a One Sith on top of that, Nine felt the dark stain that whatever wretched act that had called him to the grave even from Orbit, but faintly. It was that strong. But she could worry about that later. She had come in time for a festival. An old one, one that honored the stars, the stars she still felt shame gazing at.

She looked down on the laboratory medical table, watching the Biot compile its programming, its heavily modified Ooglith that would serve as its skin, clouded over in a milky gray color, not yet finished. She could see parts of the heavily modified musculature underneath, the small programming wire delicately implanted in the back of the head, making final preperations and checks before activation. Once activated, it would not shut down unless it ran out of nutrient, almost ashamed of the work of twisted, yet grand accomplishment. But with all the other nightmares people were accustomed to being next to (And in many cases, actively utilizing) Nine felt it was only fair if she had a card up her sleeve as well. So she had created a more subtle and sneaky nightmare. And given it a name. It was supposed to be very mean when needed. So Nine, in a moment of clearly lacking creativity, had simply decided to name it Vera Mina.

The Castle Morpheus Laboratory was fairly large, filled with modern, Confederacy tech, glistening new computers, the wealth of knowledge this era had filling its space where practical. (This era even had advanced nanotech when that had mostly been just a pipe dream in her time, though she had yet to see what she could do with it. It was enough just figuring out how to modify the masquer), and most of the modifications made to its brain had been made here. Getting the hueristic processors had been a pain...the tech had been so difficult to integrate, she'd had to take the processors out and modify three times to avoid causing damage to the biot proper.

But it was done. It was finally ready.

Nine glided around it, the nearby computers flickering as it made final checks to the system. The Masquer was a complete milky white over the biot, starting to mimic hair as tiny, rapidly sprouting strands. Her knights surrounded her, eager to get a look at the murderous creation.

Five seconds. Four. Three...


There was a hard boot-up sound from the computers and the Masquer shivered, flexed around the biot as the programmed form Nine had laboriously created for it shifted and colored itself into place. The knights shifted a step closer, watching the strange tech their mother had put together.

The Primary form was a middle aged woman with dark hair, red lips, beige skinned, and curvy physique. A deception. It was actually an extremely deadly organic assassin droid that just happened to be programmed to represent her in court. She hadn't given it a conscience. Too inconvenient for her purposes in regards to it. Plus, it was her first experience working with the new tech of the era. She didn't want complications. This creature, this beautiful, deadly creature, must be a being of singular drive--hers. And its loyalty, a fanatical and unwavering sense of it, would be to her and her interests, and by extension, that of her children.

Nine had programmed the prototype solely with attractive forms. Meant to lower the guard of the unwary. Its personality would blend in as well, though she knew, given it was her first attempt at creating something so staggeringly complex with the tech of this era, that its persona of a seemingly charming lawyer and philanthropist would not be able to hold up under scrutiny indefinitely. But it would hold up enough for the time she planned to keep it out in the open. Her knights of course were there in case something went wrong and it needed to be destroyed.

As the Masquer finished creating its surface, the computers signalled the process was complete. Nine removed the programming wire from the back of its head, and the Biot's eyes, a wet brown, opened.

"It's alive." Nine hissed.

The biot shifted its head towards her. There was no smile, it rose from the table, naked, and stood up. The twenty other knights took a step back. It cocked its head to one side as it stared up at her.

"Biot." She addressed it coldly, for she knew it was no friend, despite being utterly under her control. "What is your primary purpose?"

The biot stared at her for a moment before giving a faint, arrogant smile that crept up its lips.

"Ah...an easy one..." Vera Mina spoke in her delicate, lighter contralto of a voice. "Did you spend all night thinking that one up? Or was that meant to be serious?" she asked in a condescending manner but unfailingly polite manner.

The Arch Psy-Pire glided noiselessly towards the naked figure.

"Your. Purpose." her deep voice repeated to her creation.

Vera sighed.

"To serve as your legal council, my liege and to protect what I am sure is 'important' to you. By any means necessary."

"Your designation, Biot. And your cover identity. Now."

"Vera Mina. A lawyer who moved from the outer rim to personally work for a Knight Obsidian of..." the biot chuckled dismissively as it said the next part

"low renown" she said in a manner too polite sounding to be considered scathing, but not enough that its master would not detect the unmistakable insult.

"And, when possible...philanthropist..." she finished pleasantly, the smirk a decidedly cruel one. "Unfortunately you did not give me the autonomy to go killing of my own desire, so the kill order always falls with you. A waste of talent, certainly."

"Your opinion of my programming--"

"--Sloppy," Vera interrupted.

"--is irrelevant." Nine replied with a dark growl.

"But of course, my Liege." Vera replied without a beat, not losing that smirk. "I am, after all, as you wished. Without the burdens that come with humanity."

"Mother, I'm creeped out by this thing." one of the female knights spoke up worriedly, making Nine inwardly cringe at the title. The Biot's illegal emotion analysis software detected the subtle reaction it's creator had, and quickly deduced its creator was ashamed of the title. But as the Biot was programmed to protect her and her interests, it was prevented from commenting on the fact.

"Now now, my child, this creation of mine is simply a better mouse trap. A sword to ward away my enemies. And swords have no conscience. Only their wielder does. Admittedly, even I'm a little creeped out by our dear Vera. But, an illegal assassin droid is an illegal assassin droid. No matter what it happens to be made out of. The Biot follows my orders. And you are to follow its orders should I be incapacitated."

The Knights stirred at this. "Why?" one of the men questioned.

"Because, my children...great changes are coming. Fate has brought us back to our 'true' soil. Circumstance demands we act. Atrisia needs those willing to make unpalatable decisions."

Nine turned back to stare at the biot, who still maintained that pleasant, irritating smirk.

"And resort to questionable weapons that would have appalled me in the past, but now, given the threats Atrisia faces, now look perfectly reasonable to me. We will all need daggers up our sleeves. Vera Mina is mine for the days ahead. And by extension, yours. And besides, we need a face. A public face. One answerable solely to us. As is only proper." Nine finished, hands folded behind her back as she glided behind Vera, placing her hands on the Biot's shoulders.

"My children, this is a day to rejoice! We have achieved the ultimate legal dream...an excellent lawyer you don't have to pay at all!

The knights all stared at one another.

"That is very hard to dispute, I gotta admit." one of the women said.

"By your command, my Liege." Vera spoke delicately. "My first instructions?"

Nine turned to one of the knights standing by. "Bobbi!" she called out, holding her arms out.

Bobbi tossed her a plastic bag. She opened it up. It was a tailor made white leather dress, shoes, and other necessary undergarments to sell the illusion.

"These are yours." Nine told Vera, tossing the bag to her.

"So does creating me make you a mad scientist, my Liege?" Vera asked snidely as she dressed in front of them.

"No more than it makes you cobbled together junk."

"Ooo, touchy..." Vera mocked in an acidic manner.

"Why'd you make her so rude to you, Mother?" another female knight asked.

"So I don't forget what she is." Nine answered without thinking. "You will accompany me to the surface, Vera."

"Will I be killing something? I'd like my first kill to be by fire axe, if my Liege would so generously permit."

"No. No killing. Not now, anyway. But check your bag."

The Biot looked intrigued as it pulled out a recreation Seperatist Combat Pistol. It came with a white mag-clip holster for the belt of her dress.

"Thank you my Liege. My first kill shall be in your honor."

"You will do no such thing, Biot." Nine warned.

Vera looked unimpressed. "Prude..." the biot said under its breath, but followed as Nine glided from the laboratory, its white heels clicking precisely on the floor.

Later on.

Castle Morpheus had been given permission to approach, as, despite its deeply unsettling shape as it glided through the black in between stars, it was not a warship, and had only defensive capabilities. Vera had also wisely advised diplomatic status to be claimed. She was here to help the Atrisians after all, and being in a group under the personal command of Darth Metus, even though she was of low rank in the group, was still meaningful.

The massive, dark vessel, ancient even in her young days, had once been an obscured, strangely built Fortress that had perplexed people who had known of its hiding place on a lonely, foggy moor south of what had once been Jar-Kai, and had been avoided as an evil omen by the ignorant. They had not been without their point, these ignorant men and women however: The previous version of Castle Morpheus's lab had produced the energy-vampire creating bacteria that had threatened to doom Atrisia millenia ago with an outbreak that could only hope to be contained if it was caught early enough. She had caught it early enough alright. And then Darth Shojo had delivered her the fate she had feared ever since the incident that had originally destroyed House Li-Ves. And worse, whatever had been left of Sawa Ike, the real Sawa, buried by the blood and the madness of power of Shojo, had intended it as a mercy kill. Ni-Ne would have shown Sawa mercy. But that painkiller overdose had killed only the Jedi Consular, and the parasite had been left with the Consular's pain. And a swelling, hidden rage at all that had happened to that Consular.

Nine had drank Shojo's memories of Ni-Ne, removed those happy thoughts, greedily sucking the corpse of Sawa's heart out through her head, drinking the happy stuff, the subtle stuff, the stuff Sawa would not even realise was important until it was. Gaps. She had created gaps. But they had filled. Time heals all wounds. Even the ones of those who deserve it least. And Nine did not hesitate to apply that to herself as much as Shojo. Even if she would rather cut her hand off than admit it to the Sith out loud. She had not been without agency in her downfall, much though she was loath to admit it. Nobody had forced her to piss off her ex by sneaking into the Necropolis, blatantly stealing the Sith Lord's blood to get into this Force-Damned vessel with all the subtlety of a quacking duck. And nobody had forced her to cold-cock Darth Shojo. (but damn had it felt good.)

Nobody forced her to pick up a lightsaber and spit in the face of The Dark Side. That had been her choice. Just like it had been her choice to steal Darth Shojo's blood. Simple pride and spite kept her from admitting this however. And wrath. A ton of it.

Ten of her Knights had accompanied her to the surface along with Vera in her Saotome Envoy, dubbed "Left Hand" by Nine. Vera had been supplied with biot nutrient to last a while. But she still brought extra, just in case. Vera had considerable nutritional requirements as a result of such extensive, experimental, highly illegal modifications.

Atrisia had that beauty still, but it was a marred beauty, defamed by the rule of a One-Sith who, in the darker moments of Nine's cynicism, probably wasn't too different from what ancient Atrisia had been used to, differing only in the nature of his power and the ultimate source of his authority. Nine paused, only faintly recognizing the modern version of the star festival. She knew the millenia had changed her people, but to actually see what they had gone through what they still had yet to endure...to see them celebrating...it almost brought a tear to her eye. But Nine had very few tears left to spare. Nine had to think the long game as she stepped off the ship, flanked by her warriors and her lawyer. Night-time Atrisia. Her time. She pulled down her hood as she stared at the festivals at the distance, noting the green and gold of Clan Yokuni (Of Togashi Yokuni) still lived. The deep bloody red of the Li-Ves had long since ceased. But another color would serve in its place. The blood of the Arch Psy-Pire would be their colors.

Nine, proceeded through the street, her disturbing obsidian eyes with a strange purple glow to their center flicking left and right as she moved swiftly, fingers flexing, head twitching as a bird. Her hands went forward in a crooked, grasping position. Prey was everywhere.

"It must be like an all-you-can-eat buffet, my Liege." Vera spoke mockingly.

"Don't say that."


"Buffet. I hate that word." Nine spoke earnestly. A buffet meant food. One more thing, the main thing that actually had threatened to drive her insane at one point, was the fact she could no longer eat. But the phantom hunger from a useless stomach remained.

"Vera, I made certain to have Atrisia's legal system available to you. What can you tell me?"

"Currently in a state of flux after the death of the One-Sith Mythos. The laws he enacted are currently under appeal in multiple court systems and all relevant governing bodies. It will likely be months before the traces of the One-Sith are gone from the legal system. It will be years, likely, before all elements of One-Sith influence are purged from relevant cultural spheres. That last bit is supposition on my part, however." Vera answered calmly, disinterested in what it viewed as the celebration of pathetic insects doomed for oblivion anyway, in spite of it all.

"So the provinces basically have their heads up their ion engines. Real useful, Vera. Stunning work, just stunning."

"Prince Shoma Ike rules Atrisia."

Nine wheeled on the Biot in fury. "What?" she growled, placing emphasis on the T-sound at the end of the sentence. Matsu Ike's Sasori Research aside (Matsu being a Jedi helped immensely in Nine's decision to start purchasing products from her), nearly anything involving the name 'Ike' in it threatened to send Nine into a violent rage. Especially if it was accompanied by the name Sawa in front of it.

"Of all the times I could use a drink..."

"Plenty around here to feed you with. I'd pick something plump. It'll be pleasant to hear it squeal as you take a bite." Vera said acidly, the reflected light of night time fireworks glinting off unfeeling eyes.

"One thing at a time." Nine spoke. "Well...damned if you do...and Atrisia is damned if you don't."

"I dunno, all these fleshy sacks around us could use a good crushing tyranny. Gets rid of more of them." Vera spoke with that same unfeeling gaze, but not losing her polite tone. "I'd really wish you'd let me skin one of them..."

"No killing."

Vera shrugged. "Pity."

The cadre of vampires went through the streets through the celebration, Nine keeping an eye on Vera, who seemed to have no trouble so far.

It was not long before Nine sensed her. Sensed Sawa. But this was not the time. Nor was it the place.

Nine found herself being pulled to that direction anyway. Out of anger more than anything. Shoma could wait. She wanted to see what that conniving witch was up to.

"My Liege, is something the matter?" Vera asked, brushing past. "Did you spot a shiny coin, or something else equally as whimsical?"

"She is here."

Vera's next words stopped her before she could go any further.

"I'll be delighted to defend you in Atrisian Court from all the charges of collateral damage."

The Vampire turned to Vera. She stared at her creation a moment before heading through the streets on her original path to the Palace. It took another forty minutes before she arrived at its outskirts, beheld its magnificent beauty with a quiet awe, and told the guard at the gate she came as a diplomat requesting permission to see the prince. The guard sent in the request through his com-link to send it to his superiors, who would no doubt inform him of a diplomat awaiting entry.

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Shoma Ike Nine Lives Togashi Yokuni Kurenai Yumi Maple Harte


SOmething changed... shifted. Her perceptions for a moment brought a sense of danger as Sawa looked up. Feeling Maple... smelling Maple... and Kurenai but then there was something. A tantalizing scent in the air before she was moving and walking around. Drawn tot he pull of it and stopping when she was across a crowd. Seeing her.... Ni-Ne had come here... she with her entourage she could tell it was her and the Onna were here with her. A few of them mostly walking behind her. She was not going to ruin the festival but she was curious holding a hand up as her commander came to her side. "My lady, what is it you need."


He was looking across at the ones there and he had been trained to fight psy-pires just like the others.. He knew how to find them usually. "Find out why that one is here discreetly." He gave a nod and moved off while she decided to return to the festival. If she needed to fight Ni-Ne then she would but moving she was able to walk forward. All thoughts of composure when she stood tall and focused. With silvery eyes almost glowing in the light as she approached. Two Onna flanking her but she wasn't thinking about the other people. Her face a mask of controlled rage and fury. Body practically vibrating with the dark thoughts in her mind.


"Welcome home." Her voice came out tight, controlled.... with a small hint of amusement. She was in control of her anger... she wasn't going to be ruled by it and here in the shadow of their past. In the older places Sawa averted her eyes for a moment. THe mountain in the distance was well known to her. Even here in the dark with only the moonlight illuminating its highest towers. The ancient and ruined academy, the broken walls. Sawa stood in her kimono without weapons but she didn't need them, she had approached one fo the most dangerous women on the planet without as much fear as she just had interest.


'What is it that you are doing home Ni-Ne.' She thought it to herself though. "It has been too long." Forced civility... the demeanor of polite society. "I know it won't mean much but..... I did miss you old friend." Sawa said it and moved forward, not to attack though she knew she could... no she looked at the one who was there with Ni-Ne and she wasn't some girlfriend... she didn't smell right or proper. Sawa brought her hands up to touch her face when she looked into her eyes. TIlting her head with the crowd around them to ask if she wanted to fight here or play along. "I don't know what brought you back but things are going to get interesting now."


Sawa kissed her cheek and backed away before a blade could be lifted by her guards of Ni-Ne's knights... eyes flicking over her and then to the others here. She wanted to threaten, to be subtle but she didn't say it. She didn't need to. "Still this will make it easier for me and my sweet if you want. I go by the name Midori for now." She offered a smile though turning on her heel and fully aware of her back being exposed, of the chance she could be attacked when she started to walk away letting even in the kimono her hips sway with a little seduction. Ni-Ne was one of the few people she really cared for and enticing her with lust, revenge, anger, hatred and anything to get her to come eventually.


She was walking and could see Maple in the distance now, giving a small tremor in the force to alert her while she walked with a small sway to her hips. Long hair being kicked up a little by a wind shaped breeze she made for effect. Silvery eyes staying there on her with one hand coming out. "My sweet Maple." Sawa smiled licking with her tongue for a moment her teeth. She watched Maple but brought herself in close enough to go for a long kiss, a welcoming kiss. "Welcome to Atrisia my deliciously sweet Maple." Sawa ran a hand long her back, across shoulders and through hair to look around while some fo the Onna were observing and guiding Kurenai to come and join them.

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The celebrations seemed to be going well.


There was a certain anxiety in the air, an ambiguity regarding the state of galactic affairs in the wake of the Alliance's collapse, but that was not a problem that would be fixed in a day.


So they went on with their daily lives, and their cultural celebrations. It was the best solution available to any of them. Going forward and letting the chips fall where they may.


One of the attendant droids approached, informing the teenage prince of a diplomatic seeking entry. Rather than passively send a message back by courier, the youth decided to take a more direct approach in greeting this diplomat personally.


To be honest, it gave him something to do at the moment.


As the doors were opened for Nine Lives the teen gave a short bow toward the woman. As he straightened back up, he offered simply, "My name is Shoma. To whom do I have the privilege of meeting?"



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Nine wouldn't have said it was a privilege to meet a tick, not that the prince knew that. The six-and a half foot tall woman stared at the teen. Saw the flickers of the Force within him. She wondered briefly if his thoughts had a lot of mustard in his lunch memories before gliding forward towards him, her flowing kimono disguising the movement of her walking. Her movements, twitchy, bird-like, fingers flexing out of habit and biology.

"My name is Nine Lives. You know, like a cat. Didn't have the sense to take death's offer the first eight. Silly choice, it turned out." she answered Shoma Ike.

"I am an Atrisian who has been absent from her beloved home for some time." Nine began. "I was not able to return until recently. But I bring with me the name of an old house whose blood still runs in these veins."

Albeit corrupted, Nine thought privately.

"But I am also a Knight Obsidian of the CIS. The Knights Obsidian serve directly under Darth Metus of the Confederacy."

"I am aware that my home has already suffered under one Sith, so perhaps what I propose next might not be the most palatable option to your lordship's inclinations. But Metus is...well he's not exactly sunshine and rainbows, but his ships did evacuate many who would never have escaped The Coruscant Atrocity otherwise."

Nine pulled down her green hood, revealing her beautiful, delicate features and very black hair, arranged with hairsticks. But it also revealed her obsidian eyes, with a dot of glowing purple at the center of each.

The knight obsidian with obsidian eyes, she realized suddenly. How strangely appropriate.

"The CIS are not angels. We do some nasty stuff. But we mean well...most of the time. Atrisia borders the space of the First Order...who were assisting in the Atrocity at Coruscant. I do not wish to see my home fall under their 'aegis'. So I come to you, proposing an alliance be made between the Commonwealth and the CIS. I also personally wish to take a more direct hand in helping your lordship secure Atrisia's protection from those thugs. My clan is that of the Li-Ves...the House of The Five Rings."

The House of The Blood Tiger, another part of her hissed in the back of her head. She doubted anyone beyond Sawa or perhaps the Yokuni remembered the name. But hopefully this was a fresh start.

"I have...unique ways of sniffing out threats. Of making certain spies can be caught. I also bring a certain level of scientific acumen to the table for the commonwealth. And I do want to help the Commonwealth. But I want to help it secure friendship with a very strong nation primarily, in case I fail at helping you protect Atrisia, you can at least rely on the aid of the Confederacy. I hope your lordship will at least consider this offer." Nine finished explaining.

Vera spoke up smoothly, and it unsettled Nine how human she suddenly sounded.

"Your majesty." Vera spoke smoothly, warmly. "Lady Nine is intimately familiar with the depraved nature of your enemies. She personally fought them during the evacuation efforts at Coruscant, and is quite familiar with the Jedi arts as well as the ancient history of Atrisia. As a Knight Obsidian she believes in upholding law and order wherever she walks. And enforcing it. A bridge between two worlds leaves both stronger, and allows them to protect one another from the wolves circling our respective campfires. Atrisia and her people have endured great suffering and perversions to get to this point where there is even a glimmer of hope for the future. And no one should have to face so terrible an enemy as the First Order or One-Sith without the very strongest of allies at their side."

Nine was momentarily impressed with the programming job on the Biot...a smooth, lawyer-like argument. Didn't change how crazy-murderous it actually was. Nine was very glad she had restricted its parameters. Couldn't have something that lethal with full autonomy. No telling how many would have been dead at the end of it all.

"If your majesty will permit, my Liege's heavy cruiser, Castle Morpheus, is a fully functional unarmed Diplomatic vessel in orbit over your lovely planet. We would love to have you aboard some time, give you a tour of the facility, show you the skills and resources my Liege brings to the table." the biot added helpfully. Nine took a strange type of pride at the deadly organic machine, though she would never give the murderous creation the satisfaction of knowing that.

In the meantime, Nine had finally had a chance to process her encounter with Sawa. She had a sick sense of humor, going by the name Midori. With an unpleasant realization, Nine realized Sawa's humor had gotten as sick as her own had. But she had not seem interested in fighting. If anything, Shojo had seem delighted to have her as well as angry. And even now...actively trying to tempt her...why though? Another sick head game of hers? (This coming from someone who regularly engaged in head games to survive.)

Nine knew one thing...helping Atrisia would be difficult while having to fend off Shojo. But the thought of trying to form a truce was like a dagger to her stomach. Nine wanted to throw up at the idea. But the logic of a truce did not escape her.

Besides, they could always try to kill each other elsewhere, right?

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Maple sped faster on her speeder-bike, still shivering uncontrollably from the woman's touch. She was ashamed, angry at herself for letting her fear overwhelm her.

Talk to me, Little Shadow. Distract yourself Doashim rumbled within her.

She knows me.

I got that distinct sense myself. She bares a grudge. Any theories as to why?

I made a lotta enemies in the biz. It'd be easier to list the reasons someone 'wouldn't' want me dead.

You don't recall meeting this woman? Not anywhere?

No. She a karking blank. Maple replied mentally.

She felt the presence of Sawa near, a familiar darkness by this point, as opposed to that cold nightmare eminating from the purple-eyed woman.

At least it was a darkness that understood.

Maple, as she raced through street cleared for vehicles, so traffic would not be hampered during the festival, tried not to start shuddering again at the memory of the encounter. Or the threat that everyone who touched her would die.

She wasn't certain any longer where she fit on the spectrum of good and evil. She wasn't exactly certain anymore what Sawa was...but she knew she didn't want Sawa getting hurt over what was slowly becoming apparent to Maple to be a massive grudge.

But why? What had she done to draw this stranger's attention? Maple couldn't even trust her own recall, and the snakes in her brain were no help either, just randomly talking about the not-fact her teeth were made of the ground up bits of Darth Vaders lightsaber. The squirrels her flesh was comprised of thought she should take up calculus as a hobby. Zombie Anakin Skywalker, who wasn't riding behind her, was having trouble deciding if he wanted to bite her or not, but he was a bastard anyway. Kark him. Kark him, and his stupid zombie face! He was still ripped though, which was the strange part.

Feeling Sawa get closer, Maple telepathically drew closer to that darkness as she stopped her speederbike close to a celebration and parked it, looking for the vampire, when she saw her, in that gold and black kimono, striding towards her confidently, Maple quickly looked around, for any evidence she had been followed or was being monitored. All she got was another hideous whisper from within.


Maple had to struggle not to run up to the woman who had gotten past all her defenses far better than the Mind-Binder. Maybe that was why the evil freak was so pissed and stepping out openly now...Sawa had made her/it look incompetent. Maple knew that was too simple an answer, but she could not help but feel that was at least part of the reason as she kissed Sawa Ike, letting the kiss momentarily wipe away the raw, near-blind panic she had been experiencing minutes prior.

"So glad to see you again, Sawa..." Maple said seductively, trying to put on a brave face, kissing her again. But she had so much adrenaline in her it was a miracle she wasn't fidgeting. The Atrisians had just thrown off the shackles of a Tyrant. She would take comfort in that hope she could do the same. This planet was beautiful. Much more so without the One-Sith's boot on its face.


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Shoma Ike Nine Lives Togashi Yokuni Kurenai Yumi Maple Harte


Ni-Ne was off and Sawa stood there prepared for anything. Looking at Maple though as she smiled holding her closer and closer. She licked her lips and she could fel something from Maple, there was soemthing on her mind and Sawa brougth a hand up to frame her face, to run the pad of her thumb along her cheek tracing the "It is good to see you again my dear." She moved bringing her hand around as here in the festival she could see everything going on and looking out towards the mountains. "Long ago there was a school there, many students were assigned, each from a great house, each with a parent in the emperors court."


She said it and was walking while K1 found her, some of her Onna had heard the news and approached but Sawa held a hand up to them. "No leave them be for now, only if they attack. Even the tainted have a right to this festival. All children of Atrisia deserve a chance to celebrate." Where she was looking around and had her arm around Maple's waist. Holding her a little closer as she picked out some skewers of meat and veggies. She was eating it and going up around a small table she could sit at. Overlooking the festival before she checked out Maple taking a bite. "YOu look wonderful and troubled. Something has happened, if someone has tried to harm you I shall tear their throat out."

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The lights and smell of street prepared food almost overwhelmed kurenia's senses as she and Takeshi walked through the street, well more slowly shuffled from one stand to the next, almost immediately after leaving the houses being brought into a nearby game like stall. It was your classic and probably rigged ball throwing game with those small stuffed animal as a prize, where the last pin was held down by some weak mechanical device to prevent it from falling over when hit, but not enough to cause problems when taking it down.


For a force user, well lets just say it was a little easy to get it down, not using and tricks to fool the mechanics, uut by pelting the ball so fast it broke the mechanical system keeping that last pin up. So not only did Kurenai win a cute little Kutsune plushy but she also managed to expose one of the many con artists on the planet, a small but sweet victory is she did say so herself. Still that was only just the start of the entire ordeal, bit by bit the couple buying treats form different stores and completing small mini game after mini game, almost as if it was the last day of the festival, they did everything.


By the time the two had wandered down the street a bit further both adults wear carrying a bag in each hand loaded up with some sort of toy, confectionery or food (those they did not eat) and much more. "Well, I can say without a doubt that today has been quite enjoyable, simple, but fun, though the presence of you is a great help", she replied to her husband as they rounded the corner into a more bustling street. "You need not thank my, any time spent with you having fun in enough payment for me, though I do know something you could do if you want to 'make it up to me', if you catch my drift". With such a response Kurenai could not help but become flustered, turning away form Tekeshi with an evident pout on her face "... I'll think about it". "You to cute when you embarrassed Kurenai", "Oh shut up, lets just get going".


A small chuckle came from the man mouth as the two continued down the street, but soon both stopping upon Kurenai seeing a familiar face, well familiar faces to be more precise. In the distance her blue gaze fell upon not only Sawa Ike, butMaple Harte. "Odd that they are here in the middle of the streets, I would think Sawa would be more secrative then this"? Seemed a little careless for the new heir and all, even if Atrisia was quite peaceful compared for other planets. "Isn't Sawa that woman you where supposed to meet"? "Yes, more then that she is apparently my great grandmother, so kind of related to the royal blood line". "That's quite interesting, why did I not hear of this"? "... emh, slipped my mind"? "You have almost perfect memory, so I doubt that, but no matter, introduce me to her".


Giving a small sigh Kuernai began to approach the small group, her husband tagging along to the side.

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