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Setter Ryburn

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Setter Ryburn

Setter Ryburn

    Man of Ill Intent

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“Setter what the hell...”

- Romi Jade









Name: Setter "Set" Ryburn 


Age: 35


Height: 6'1


Weight: 200lbs


Eye Color: Blue


Former Association: Republic Navy, Republic Special Forces, 'Havoc' Squad, SJO Military Branch


Occupation: Razor Team Leader, Silver Jedi Special Forces, auxiliary Unit of Antarian Rangers, TF Raider Founder and Instructor




Known Biography: 


Born on [REDACTED], Setter enlisted at the age of 20 and served until the [REDACTED]. Since then, Setter has been known to pop up in conflict areas across the galaxy, acting in his usual role as a supporting medical attachment to most mercenary groups or non-profit support groups, acting often as a trauma nurse. He has been involved in most of the aftermaths of Sith-aligned groups, from one end of the galaxy to the next, most notably in the [REDACTED] campaigns, advising the [REDACTED]. 




When the Republic Remnant made themselves known, Setter quickly reenlisted as his former role, hoping to gain a more active role in galactic politics. After a disagreement over policies and practices, and the general direction of the fledgling Republic, Setter and [REDACTED] left to join the Silver Jedi after being offered a position within the [REDACTED].


Currently involved with the leadership of TF Raider as an instructor. 



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