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The Ugly [Mini-Board Event Auction]

- - - - - AMBERED ALERT Anonymous Auction

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Melvand Zrimmir

Melvand Zrimmir

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Zrimmir was steaming mad. He wanted revenge, badly. So his temper was thin, 


"Where is that information!?


His most senior assistant approached, 


"Sir, I must ask. Even if you do narrow down some names who have connections to these companies and products, without solid proof of appearance, what good would it be?


A bold question, one that almost received him a verbal storm. However, Zrimmir came to a realization, his flurry was foolish, and would get him no where. It was time Zrimmir left. Besides, Zrimmir wouldn't want to be found out and compromised, that would be bad for business. 


"That, is a smart perception on the matter, Nuu't. I believe it's time to make our leave from this auction.


So, Zrimmir logged out. He was done. Who needed such silly art anyways, plenty of it elsewhere. 

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Terrance Olavi

Terrance Olavi

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Terrance's head slicer's eyes glinted with glee while he prepared to toy with the online hunters. Gift package #1 had been delivered. He had no doubt in his mind that they'd crack the code. He ALLOWED it to happen. But he had triangulated it's source to emit from the derelict ship.

And once he saw that tracing the source was exactly what Sor-Jan Xantha was trying to do, he giggled and cheered.


Something else then caught Terrance's eye. Up on a few of the monitors, he was getting HUD feeds from Tiali Orazio and the goons working with him. They were closing in on a special piece for his collection.


"What do we got there?" He grinned and headed back over to the auction feeds. Melvand Zrimmir had logged out. That was quiet alright. Some always tended to leave. But as always, those that stayed were in for a real treat soon enough.

He turned his mic back on to address the participants. "My friends, contrary to what you might believe, Lot C is not the recipe for the AMBER. However I can guarantee that it can make you a lot of money. That is, if you play your cards right." And it also depended on whether or not they could see the big picture, as it were. Not everyone thought of the future.

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