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The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]

- - - - - Ambered Alert Mini-Event

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Simultas spun oh his heels, fighting with his own bulk to keep up with the quick Caedyn Arenais. Each blast from the weapon was just behind the boy, and Simultas was getting angry. He growled and glowered like an animal, hating the persistant fly that dared step up to the demigod the Gen'Dai was.




A heavy weight slammed into Simultas' side, and he stumbled a few steps, his armor denting and cutting into his side, which quickly stitched itself up. He looked down at Skosk Australis, holding hireling or no. Simultas tried to turn his gatler to the large Mandalorian, but then felt a sudden sense of dread.


The AMBER pistol was forced from his hand, and into the outstretched arms of Caedyn.


"No! NO!"


This had just took a turn for the worst. Simultas' worst fears were being realized. He didn't fear death. Didn't fear ruin, or squalor, or pain.


At this moment, Simultas feared a prince with a blaster.


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Tiali stumbles as he continued his slow walk towards the ship looking to where the action was between Simultas and Caedyn before spotting Marina in her hiding spot laughing lightly under his breath he somewhat can't believe she is still alive after all this havoc. Moving along he brings his attention back to the fight, originally he wanted to just get to the ship and wait for the rest of this to blow over.... but that plan went out the window when Tiali saw simultas lost his pistol. "Typical"


Plans have to change quickly Tiali guessed when as fast as he can which due to the situation isn't real fast, he pulls out one of his ll-30 pistols from it's holster taking a deep breath to steady his mind he aims down the sight at his target. Not Caedyn himself but the Amber pistol once he is steady as he can get, he fires multiple shots down range.


Best case scenario he hits the magazine mixing the catalysts together which unknowing of the full effect could be a sudden conglomerate of Amber spreading out from the pistol. If the pistol was hit and was disabled also a win in Tiali's books but.... a miss well poor Simultas he probably should've tried harder.


Tiali finishes firing once last shot before a dart hits his arm "Oh for crying o.."electricity sparks off the dart interrupting him mid sentence as the pain of being electrocuted spreads throughout his body, with the struggle of his muscles spasming he grunts loudly as he drops the LL-30 pistol the now free hand grips the dart ripping it off dropping it on the ground. He breathes heavily trying to recover from the shocking attack as fast as he can.


"Be prepared to say hello to mommy, you pathetic excuse of a gundark dropping."


Tiali turns to the man who delivered such a strange line Tiali begins trying to raise his Amber pistol but all to late when Skosk already on Tiali's position grabs him in the tackle lifting him off the ground heading straight for Simultas. Thinking fast Tiali already knew he wasn't getting out of this but he might be able to help Simultas, Tensing up he activates his own jetpack trying to throw off Skosk's control of his own jetpack whether it works or not it's out of Tiali's hands.



(OOC: Sorry everybody for the late post I had to move into my new place.)


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It wasn't over.

Not with so many casualties that had been gunned down by that monster Simultas ... along with the new victims of the Amber.


Marina had witnessed all, the slaughter and Ambering of innocent right there all around her. The only reason she had not fallen prey had actually been the cape which the assailant that had Ambered Lady Kay had thrown over her after she had passed out due to witnessing the atrocities upon everyone around her.


And as she now peered out from behind the Ambered victim that was currently shielding her from that monster Simultas', she once more spotted the very same man who had Ambered Lady Kay....and his eyes momentarily locked on hers. It was for but a second... but it was enough for her to see his amusement at seeing her. It was surreal, as the man had stuffed what was soil in his wound. The man had been shot, yet he still had given what she perceived as a chuckle in her direction.


"Shiet!...." She darted back, keeping her cover again behind the Ambered victim. There was still some blaster fire rounds, she was hearing, but from what direction, Marina was uncertain. 


"Come on...think, girl...." She was still sweating out the seconds, not knowing what or how she could do anything to help Lady Kay whom she witnessed had been freed by another device of sort...an anti-Amber gun of some sort? It had apparently freed someone...and it stated to make sense as to whom could well have such a device. The same monsters who came up with the Amber weapon..that's who had the freeing device. But was all this on Mastera staged to just capture the Queen of Commoner? All this just couldn't be an elaborate plan to capture the queen..


Marina honestly couldn't figure it all out. Not while in this situation..not hiding for her life. The only thing she could do was stay out of sight. 


Yet Tiali Orazio had not only just spotted her and laughed, but had been the one to have covered her with his cape when she had passed out. It had to have been his cape. The very same cape she vividly now remembered him wearing when he had approached Lady Kay and her. Marina was now starring at the cape, meters away, still on the ground where she had emerged from under it. How could such a man involved with all this mayhem, spare her? 



The only thing Marina could think right now was that if she survived this, she had witnessed the men who were responsible for this current mayhem...and the fact that there existed a freeing device from the Amber. That device...that 'CASM' as she heard it called, had to be acquired by the right people. Then maybe there would be some hope in saving those whom were Ambered. How long could they remain alive, if they were at all still alive in that stuff?... she could only hope 'long enough'. 

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