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The Dimean Order

CSA Sub-Faction

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Amelia von Sorenn

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Organization Type

Military Order





Governing Body

The Decemvirate






Military Order






The Dimean Order is a Military Order with a unique focus on the promulgation of law. With an interest in social goodness and charity - they work providing aid to those in need - though focus first and foremost on the needs of the Commenor Systems Alliance. Knights of the Order emulate the organized and effective armies of Clones once fielded by the Old Republic at the height of the Clone Wars. They are not concerned with morality - however they do not hold to the old mantra of 'the ends justify the means' - and seek the betterment of others and to defend those incapable of defending themselves. 








Every being plays a distinct and crucial role in the social fabric of every society - as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link - a society is only as strong as its weakest members. Though there are those that would seek to exploit those weakest members of society nor play their own role in building society through the very act of piracy. Thus it has come to be the duty of the Order of the Chain to hunt down those that gather under the banner of the Flaming Talons. 


Those members of the Order of the Chain are known as the premier Pirate Hunters of The Dimean Order - counting among their ranks some of the greatest Hellknight Pilots and Captains - thus they take it upon themselves to remain ever vigilant as they patrol the Hyperspace Routes and Territory of the CSA. 





The Order of the Gate is so named for a unique means in which they deploy supplies, individuals and materials unto a world below - often appearing on a world as if they had used some ancient and forgotten infinity gate - though this is achieved through the use of Drop Pods. It is through this preferred means of deployment that they are capable of securing and otherwise prosecuting their primary focus - for within The Dimean Order those of the Order of the Gate are known colloquially as 'Hospitallers'. 


Their primary focus is the utilization of Drop Pods to deploy relief and humanitarian aid on worlds or to innocent populations stuck on war torn worlds. 





Maintaining the largest concentration of Signifers of any internal Order - the Order of the Godclaw act more akin to the Imperial Knights than the Jedi or Sith - and on many occasions they have made it a habit to work alongside the Knights of Commenor to apprehend rogue Force Users within Commenor Space. As such they - much like the Signifer Corps - do not focus on a specific aspect of the Force, preferring to remain Neutral in their leanings. 


Those of the Order of the Godclaw that are not Force Sensitive still work towards the ultimate goal of securing Commenor from rogue Force Users or those that would otherwise cause or seek to cause harm to the Commenori. In the bluntest of terms, the Non-Force Sensitive members of the Godclaw are trained to combat Force Users and serve as a sort of internal police, keeping an eye on the Signifers of the Order and ensuring they do not fall to the Dark Side or go Rogue themselves. 





As technology progresses and those of technologically advanced planets located in the Coreward sectors of the Galaxy continued to expand their influence and push further out - there are those worlds that will ultimately come into conflict with these strange beings and technologies. At their core the Order of the Nail is a protective force though they do not protect civilization as many known it - rather their focus is on the protection of those primitive worlds that may be taken advantage of or otherwise plundered by those more advanced. 


Maintaining a hands off approach, they never make contact with a species unless that species has reached a technological capability for space travel - or if they've already been contacted by those attempting to plunder their world. They see the inherent danger that can be caused to these worlds and societies from a massive leap in technology - with their ultimate fear being that those worlds would ultimately destroy themselves. 





The most populous of the varying internal orders - The Order of the Pyre are the most widespread and likely encountered of The Dimean Order - they are also the oldest of the Orders, being capable of tracing their history back to their predecessor orders such as the Templar Order that would later be reorganized as the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame. In their past they were known as being strictly Anti-Force Users though they have since evolved and reshaped themselves since those ancient times. 


The Order of the Pyre have also fallen into a more defensive posturing - and much like the Chiss - have taken on a similar focus in which they will not attack preemptively or strike first; as they only act in defense of Commenor and its allies. Thus most of their focus is on the construction of defensive works to further provide the defenses and protection required by Commenor in a Galaxy embroiled in constant conflict. 





The Defenders of Commenor - whilst other Orders focus on tasks that see them moving across the whole of CSA space - those within the Order of the Rack focus solely on the capital world of Commenor. Many of its members never leave the world unless they are a member of a specialized bodyguard unit accompanying a member of the Commenori Government off world into the galaxy. It is from this Order that many of those that serve within the 112th and 114th Line Centuries are drawn from - along with other bodyguard units. 


While members of other Orders pass through Commenor, it is those of the Order of the Rack that remain on the world as an ever present reminder that it is well defended and that their dedication to its defense and the people of Commenor are not to be second guessed. 





With anonymity and no consequences, every being becomes a criminal - and it is these lawless tendencies within every beings heart that must be curbed through ever-present watchfulness and reminders that no crime shall go unpunished. Its members hunt for political manipulations and abuses of power, but their efforts also include an endless war against organized crime. At the fringes of the influence of the Dimean Order - the Order of the Scourge may hunt gangs of burglars or cutpurses - though at its heart these Hellknights wage an endless crusade against faceless guilds of thieves, sprawling criminal organizations and nobles whom crime has become a family business.






The Signifer Corps are an internal formation within The Dimean Order whose members are all force Sensitive - however - they are not trained in a singular aspect of the Force. Rather they are focused on the collection of knowledge of the Force - both the Ashla and Bogan - as well as knowledge of various other force sects and practices. They're meant to be more like the Imperial Knights of old - in that they seek a balance between the two sides of the Force and often their members know a mixture of Force Powers that are considered to be Dark Side Powers or Light Side Powers. Some may lean more towards the Dark Side and others more towards the Light Side - though they are unified by and are bound to the Order by its Doctrines. 
Members of the Signifer Corps may serve in any internal Order of The Dimean Order that they desire - as their skills and capabilities are just as varied as the Orders themselves. As they are more akin in terms to the Imperial Knights than any other Force group, there is no individual with a role akin to the Jedi Grand Master or the Dark Lord of the Sith - this is due to the de facto leader of the Signifer Corps being the Inperantike themselves as head of the Order. Otherwise a Signifer's direct superior is any individual with a rank higher than their own. 
The Dimean Order are wholly unconcerned with morality, as even they know that one can not legislate morals. The Dimean Order see themselves as impartial arbiters as well as enforcers of order and justice. Much like their Jedi counter-parts, members of the Order are taught to replace emotions with steely discipline; However - they are not accepting of the old mantra that 'the ends justify the means' - as an act of evil to ensure good is still an act of evil. 
With anonymity and no consequences, every individual becomes a criminal. The Dimean Order combats the lawless tendencies within individuals hearts through ever-present watchfulness and reminders that no crime will go unpunished. Employing a vast network of informants, and paying out bounties for substantiated accusations, they ensure that every punishment mete fits the crime committed. They are resolved to the cause of Law and Order. 
Above all else their primary focus is the defense of those members worlds residing within the territories of the Commenor Systems Alliance. The Dimean Order; though stern when it comes to the application of Law, are still light handed when it comes to those in need. They are just as likely to aid in the resettling of refugees as they are to imprisoning those that would take advantage and commit crimes against those same refugees. 
The Dimean Order would likewise not mete out or respond to any brutality or savagery mete out upon those of the Commenor Systems Alliance in kind. For while members of their order stand against such acts; they view utilizing them against those that first enacted such terror upon others as lowering themselves to such depravity and becoming no better than those whose first spilled the blood in such a savage means... 
Training for the Order is intended to hone their minds and bodies. They are taught to resist the mental intrusions of Force Users to better steel themselves against such opponents. Likewise to hone their bodies, they are pitted against one another, or against such creations as war droids; or even a juvenile gundark in some instances (or other such dangerous creatures). They are versed on the laws and customs of the worlds within the Commenor Systems Alliance, as well as the laws of those very institutions of Government. 
All beings lift themselves up upon the backs of others...
Judgement in the face of depravity...
Righteousness by example... 
The ends never justify the means... 
Reason's flame consumes the shadow of corruption...
The venoms of the mind poison the body...
Without culpability chaos reigns...
There is no Chaos, only Order... 
Act without hesitation for the good of all... 
The Governing Body of The Dimean Order
It consists of the heads of each specific order within the overall structure of military organization - specifically three Master of Blades, Three Mistress of Blades and the Paravicar. This organization meets with the Inperantike and advises the leader of the Order on the day to day operations of the organization as well as discussing strategy and politics of upcoming campaigns and missions. They are some of the most accomplished individuals within the Order and from their ranks is often chosen the next Inperantike to lead The Dimean Order.  
Among its members are also included the Lord Marshal, the Guardsman of Commenor and the Seneschal.
The Head of The Dimean Order
The current Inperantike is known as 'The Whispering Tyrant'
The Right Hand of the Inperantike
Assists the Inperantike in the overall administration of the Order
The Field Marshals of The Dimean Order
Each holds leadership over a specific internal Order
There are 3 Mistress and 3 Master of Blades
The Field Marshal of the Order of the Godclaw
The Commander of The Dimean Order Naval Forces
Guardsman of Commenor
The Commander of the Units that protect Lady Kay, Jairdain and the Royal Family
Specifically the 112th and 114th Line Centuries
The core rank and file members of the Knights and Signifers respectively 
Knights or Signifers in Training
The Dimean Order is the continued evolution and culmination of a multitude of individual ideas that have evolved over time. The short answer is that they are a military organization focused wholly and solely on the defense and well-being of Commenor and its Allies.
The Long answer is that they are the culmination of an idea that began years ago with the creation of the Knights of Kal'Shebbol - a similar military order focused on policing and fighting force sects - which had in turn evolved or inspired additional iterations that came before the current Dimean Order. With each iteration having a hand in the inspiration and development that has lead to this moment. 
This idea itself is more focused on the aspect of providing Commenor with a unique Order focused on protecting it from an otherwise Chaotic Galaxy - and thus it seeks to distance itself from similar Orders (specifically the Jedi and their many iterations) that are currently active - as it provides a place for both Non-Force Users as well as Force Users (albeit with a focus more akin to the Imperial Knights than a focus on the light or dark side of the force). 


Faction Rank Tags by Asha Hex


Faction Logo and Art by Zai Avery

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Corran Cath

Corran Cath


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Quite possibly tempted to join, if I can be a member of the Order of the Gate.

Amelia von Sorenn

Amelia von Sorenn

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When joining you may choose which of the Internal Orders that you would like to be part of - you're more than welcome to join as part of the Order of the Gate. I've added the link to the faction page above and will provide it HERE for you as well. 


Corran Cath