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Kuati Sector Forces


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Kuati Sector Forces is a new up-and-coming Faction that has massive plans for the future. Birthed from the once famous Kuat Drive Yards, Kuati Sector Forces is preparing for its shot at the Galaxy. Its ideals are aligned with Neutral Good or Lawful Good, in which it seeks to manage and guard itself from the rest of the galaxy. Too many times has it been taken over by force, ultimately being controlled by the Galactic Empire at one time. Since, it had struggled to defend itself after damaged Shipyards, swapped hands over and over, and the economy broken after mass-production lines and resources for repairs. In more recent years, this hadn't seem to change. Overhead, militaries rose up and fell, ordering KDY its place in the galaxy, until, it met its end. Kuat Drive Yards attempted resuscitation multiple times with little to no heartbeats all over the place, with its other stations and facilities still gasping.
However, it seems like Kuat Drive Yards hasn't been the only one to suffer in such ways through the history of the Galaxy. Not just Companies, either. Nations, worlds, businesses, clans, everything continues to be absorbed or loses control of itself when the greater militaries loom over head. Sometimes, small organizations with parent major militaries abuse their backing, going around in different parts of the galaxy and enforcing their law, because no one wants to disturb the dust of an ancient enemy. But now those times need to end. Lawful Justification and Consequences are things everyone should be adhered to.
Kuati Sector Forces plan to behave in a manner similar to the Rebellion in the Galactic Civil War, but with more preparation and official status. KSF will assault all hostile factions that have been proven to abuse their power, mistreat the weak, break the law, and fear nothing of the consequences. Kuati Sector Forces, however, will not behave like any major military you have come across in the past. Kuati Sector Forces are a Private Military Service (Kuat Drive Yards is also not just a Shipbuilding Company, and never was). KSF acts as your security. You do not become a Vassal, and Underling, you don't have Overseers. They are your Security Force, paid for by Kuat Drive Yards and the Legal System of the Galaxy. If their ships loom overhead, they will never seize control of your assets or kill your personnel without a justified Warrant which is only given in a Kuat Court, which can only be agreed upon by all Jury Members. Those Jury Members are filled with anyone and everyone from the Galaxy. Major Factions, Minor, Companies, other Organizations, even your average Citizen. Kuati Sector Forces operate under the Law of the Galaxy, and are not bought or purchased. They safeguard and expel the criminals from Sectors. The Kuat Court System is coming soon.







The KSF and KDY operate on the rule of Justice. They do not act according to other Organizations or Planets laws, as all laws differ. However, there are simple, common sense rules of life that many should follow (If it is illegal IRL in your place of residence, do your best not to do it here. KSF does not enforce any laws on Controlled Substances). If you don't feel right doing it, you probably shouldn't do it. Now, with that said, this doesn't mean everything in the Galaxy is Black & White. As an example: Murder from acting in Self-Defense is not Murder. Accidental Murder from Violence or Assault is not Planned Murder. There are differences to every circumstance.

Kuat Drive Yards may not have always acted properly in the past, and its ancient history is more or less the textbook how-to on how to mistreat and abuse living creatures and leave them to die. That has all changed, all of it, with President Troste. The rebuilding of the Company has followed a very strict guideline of how to manage oneself and others in times of casual greetings, business, war, and many other instances. As another rule, KSF / KDY will always follow the Rules of Engagement and all KSF and KDY members must follow the Geneva Conventions.







Kuat Drive Yards and Kuati Sector Forces do not act as an Empire, however, its leadership has a single seat that is not voted or promoted. The President is essentially the Supreme Ruler of KSF and KDY, and makes all final decisions. This does not mean everyone else is insignificant. This is a business, and certain things have to be accounted for. We can not go to War just because it's right. We must pay our soldiers. The President may assign personal advisors with varying experience that may influence decisions. The Chief Operations Officers, primary Military Leaders, and the Sector Governors act as a council that do influence actions that need to be taken. However, when it is called to attack an enemy on site, or invade them, a Court Ruling must be reached, with the Galaxy's Approval.

The President also acts as the Judge in the Kuat Court System, showing the least bias of the tensions and stances of the Galaxy At Large. Yes, he is a businessman, but it is illegal for him to be corrupt, and there are steps to be taken if it seems the President is committing illegal activities. In Emergencies, the structure of Command is President; Chief Operations Officer of Kuat Drive Yards; General of the Military & Fleet Admiral (An Emergency Co-leadership).

Chief Operations Officers lead the operations and day to day tasks of each and every Kuat Drive Yards Company/Subsidiary. They have Executive Authority on everything within their assigned Company below the President. Since the vast majority of KSF's Military has componenets, ships, or other items produced by Kuat Drive Yard companies, the COO's must always be in attendance for Decision making.

The Primary Military Leaders have all Military Authority below the President, and there is only one of each. If there is an Emergency, and the President can not be hailed fast enough, these leaders may act on their best judgement as the situation dictates. If a problem arises from these decisions, it is simply held in court to appease and calm the Galaxy at Large. Simple and Easy. No one is free from consequences, not even the President.

The Sector Governors have all Executive Authority in an assigned or chosen Hex. They petition KDY Companies, or outside industries, for anything they need to Govern their assigned Hex. They may live in that Hex, they Govern Patrol Routes, and the needs of the Planets, Organization, and Citizens Needs within that Hex.







The KSF Military is mostly comprised of anything Kuat Drive Yards and its subsidiaries produce. This way they don't need to branch out to foreign companies and be slowed down. This does not mean that contracts and deals are out of the question. This is a business, after all. And anyone that isn't in Negative Affiliation may always make attempts at contracts, deals, and projects, and you will always get a response.

KSF primarily uses Clone Forces provided by Kuat Biological Sciences to fill most crewmen and soldier roles, but there is no role that can not be filled by any ready recruits within the Galaxy.

Kuat Drive Yards will have all necessary Subsidiaries before Kuati Sector Forces decides to take its place in the Galaxy in a major role.







You must follow the Rules of Engagement
You must adhere to the Geneva Conventions
You must not Break the Law. Minor Offense can have lenient punishments. Extreme Crimes have Extreme Consequences.
Take a Position; Corporate or Military. Even as an Advisor, or Employee, or Scientist of the Company or Military. There's no shortage of Options



Why Join?

Kuat Drive Yards is not blind to Justice. A murder is not black and white and does not make someone evil. The context, history, behavior, everything matters. To one man, an illegal action could be terrorism. To another, it's a rebellion. If the case is serious, it will be taken up in Kuat Court Systems, but even then, punishments may not be extreme. Kuat Drive Yards does not often do Jail Time or Executions. If an Execution Punishment is given, the Execution is outsourced, in a humane way. KDY only handles Prison Sentences, for Maximum Security Individuals. Jail time is also outsourced.

You will be fighting for Justice in the Galaxy. We are tired - nay - exhausted of the crimes committed in the Galaxy by small and large entities. Every single day, the threat of a galactic conqueror looms over head. And we either have to accept their version of Law and Rule, or die believing in our own. KDY opted Clones so that its people don't have to die for a cause they don't want to die for. But, allow them to live the life they wanted. Kuat Drive Yards does not assume luxury or extended life, neither do they offer it. Their mission is to protect you, not to babysit you or feed you or bathe you in riches. KDY is a business, and it has to look out for its own profits.

You will be paid for your Service in Kuati Sector Forces. You must be paid by law, and you will be paid to fight for what is best in the Galaxy. You will be pushing back tyranny, evil, and criminals.

Your patriotism is not requested nor expected. You fly another banner? We are simply hiring you, not absorbing you. Fly your banner on the battlefield to Justice, just follow our rules.



What is Your Position with Kuat?


After the Destruction of Kuat Drive Yards, and the waning slow death thereafter, Kuat Drive Yards is now an entirely separate entity from the Planet Kuat. They could no longer rely on the company for their services and leisure. We are a Company, that works very closely with Kuat, and are trying to establish new relations with their current Government. But the Government of Kuat is no longer governed by Kuat Drive Yards.

The Kuat Orbital Array is under construction, made possible by the readily available resources and manpower of the Sector, including the other massive installations and facilities Kuat Drive Yards still had after the fall. They just needed a little maintenance.

We still operate out of the Under-Construction Orbital Array, but for records and business, those are handled in the Authority Transfer Port.

"We are the first, last, and only line of defense your planet will ever need!"

Kuati Sector Forces Homepage

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