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We Want You! [Republic Remnant Advert]

Republic Republic Remnant

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(Original Lyrics from Team America soundtrack, slightly modified by me. Image from here: Link)


Are you disenfranchised with NFU based roleplay?


Do you think that factions don't want you because you don't have the fancy shmancy Force?




The Republic is actively looking for NFU members to bolster our Army, Navy, Senate, Judiciary, and everything else! We want you to come have fun with us right now in whatever way you can imagine. We are not a faction that was built around Force users. Certainly they exist within the Republic, but unless they specifically enlist in the military or some such, they aren't actually part of the chain of command. No, you do not have to worship the feet of every Force User in the Republic! On the contrary, many times you will have the authority to tell them what to do, as the vast majority of them are not a part of the Republic military or government.


In all seriousness, we are looking to raise our NFU numbers. We believe that in order to be a good faction, we need to have both FU's and NFU's working together, rather than the FU dominance the Republic was known for in the past. In realistic terms, the galaxy is not made up of trillions of Force Users. Governments would more likely be run by NFU's. We want to reflect that. Not that FU's aren't welcome. We welcome everyone!




If you're looking to get involved, some of our newest members just started RAZOR SQUAD, a Quick Reaction Force, meant to deal with ground combat situations of the nastiest variety. I am always looking for more people to get involved with the REPUBLIC RANGERS, our special forces and reconnaissance unit. We are also open to you making your own unit if you want. Everyone can do their own thing in the Republic. We're just all on the same team!


The NAVY could use a few good men and women to flesh out the naval forces. STARFIGHTER CORP could always use more pilots for WHITE SQUADRON or whatever squadron you want to make.


There are a few worlds that don't currently have SENATORS if political RP is your thing. Or you could even be an attache to one of the senators. That's a good way to get some extra RP and ensure you almost always have an RP partner. We also have the currently forming JUDICIAL BRANCH, which is intended to have judges, prosecutors, and police of all stripes in order to keep the streets of the Republic safe for everyone.


Whatever you want to do you can do in the Republic and we're all here to support you, so stop on by! Just click the image in my signature to reach our main page. Have a nice day!

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