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Vode An

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Ronan Vizsla

Ronan Vizsla


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Well, that was anti-climatic. 


He had been waiting for a response from Raxis, but it seemed that there would be none forthcoming. That was fine. In truth Ronan had come here to spill blood, expected to find blood and fire here. 


Instead it all seemed to deflate within a moment. 


Australis and his men left, Mantis said to theirs to leave to and Ronan sighed. Meeting Koda's glance and shrugging in response. While he did join the Fett's side, Vizsla looked back towards Skosk for one moment. Too many words from all of them, he didn't care for them, but something that the young one had said dragged something out of Ronan.


"Mand'alor is not your mother, lad. Not your father. Not your King and not your Emperor. Kneeling at the feet of a Master like a whipped dog and following every command doesn't make you a mandalorian. It makes you a slave and a fool." When had the Mandalorians fallen so low? Licking the heels of a Mand'alor like they were part of some cult? The days that the Clans picked their own path seemed to be gone. Replaced by misguided obedience and weakness. It bothered Ronan, but there didn't seem to be anything to do here.


They were lost. 


"Let's go Koda, apparently today is not the day of blood." Pity. His blade had been ready. With that Vizsla moved to leave unless stopped physically.


Koda Fett

Koda Fett


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Fett listened. It seemed that was something that the silent figure was rather proficient at. Although, listening and heeding were two very different things, after all. A stubborn man, unwilling to adhere to any reason bar his own. Perhaps the logic of another man may arrive to him one day, and on that day may be take those words on board. Today, however, was not that day. Instead, the Bounty Hunter found himself more and more unwilling to hear what they had to say, and was sooner prepared to dive headfirst into a battle of men, not a battle of words. His trigger finger began to itch, it was safe to say.


An eyebrow of his quirked beneath the battered helmet he wore atop his head, clearly due to a few select words and phrases chosen by Skosk Australis. Mand'alor the Mother? Weenies? As if he was being addressed by a child, one hardly capable of complex thought. Yet what else could he expect? As far as Fett was concerned they were nothing more than a bunch of grovelling dogs at the foot of a child. Nothing led him to believe otherwise, after all.


"Hmph." A low huff escaped him.


Seemed as if this was all a waste of time. Yet, surely Preliat had something else in mind- something to deploy later. Until then? They lied in wait. His Visor shifted to Ronan, and the two began to take their leave. These two surely weren't friends of Mandalore, especially not after that incident.


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Silas Mantis

Silas Mantis


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There was a moment he considered disobeying, considered moving in and seeing the fight to its finish. But the time was not right, instead they would wait. Silas' tomahawk found its way back into its sheath and he gave Awaud a simple nod of respect. The man had earned that at the very least. He talked a little much for his own good, but so did all of that lot, and he got to the point. No hesitation, no lengthy ramblings like the blind man that had taken to karking the help and then scurried off. Just blood and beskar.


Silas appreciated that.


There was plenty he could've said to the one mouthing off, smart remarks, pointed insults, but they were all a waste of breath. Instead, a second street urchin appeared from nowhere to launch insults for him. Mumbled something about Clan Americus being way cooler? He didn't know, kids were weird and typically weren't great at getting points across.


Without further ado, he followed after his brother in silence.


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Briika Munin

Briika Munin

    The Baar'ur ~ Oya!

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Briika caught the motion below by Stardust Bloodstone that indicated her sniper nest had been spotted. She shut things down and moved quickly like a leaf on the wind as there was a second location for overwatch already scoped out... But then Preliat Mantis made the unexpected early call for the exiles to make their exit.


In a way, the Baar'ur was glad; less wounded to patch up and save this day, but then again... The Tor Munin wanted this all to be over with - the bad blood business. She didn't want Kayra and Adenn to have to deal with it when they came of age. No this was her and Vilaz Munin's fight for their children's future as a genuine Mando'ade. Talkin' the talk and not walkin' the walk just wasn't good enough for them.


[ Hey Old Man... Short the negotiations were I see. I'm falling back to the ship. Meet you there. ] Bree called to her husband over their encrypted comm channel as she made for the stealth transport they'd come on. 

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Skosk Australis

Skosk Australis


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Ronan VizslaKaine Australis Mavarah Koda Fett


"You mistake me a slave for following something I believe in, perhaps an old wash out like you should have paid attention to what I had to say. Then again, thick skulls do have smaller brains." . The egos of these men showed they were not real leaders, and showed how out of touch they were with the people. Few agreed with them, who would follow someone that would betray their own daughter and allit? Darmada are outsiders , and that is what they would be treated as for Skosk. The red, and black armored hulk , turned his back ,fire burning in his heart, they thought themselves so high and mighty. They themselves following a forgotten wash out, and looking to the past. Had they fallen so much? Still the berserker was looking forward to smashing things, these fools obviously not having enough attention like in their past lives.


The horned being of death making his way to his beloved angel, "Come Cyar'ica , lets follow the rest of our clan, and get a drink. " . Endearment flowing through the famed hunter, as he held his hand out to hold his winged lover. She had been learning more about the codes and beliefs of mando culture since then, learning the language piece by piece. Now, rallying to the call of the mandode, the angelic healer becoming a prime example of the next generation. The masculine figure proud of his lovers willingness to convert to the culture, in order to raise the children they would have one day as mandos. The jetpack of the giant activated, entering flight so that the two could make it to a fancy restaurant. The powerful thrusters roaring as the mando lifted off the ground, his boots leaving the ground.  

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    A little slow, but I get there in the end

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So there was to be no fight today, it seemed.

I didn't even care who saw, I was relieved. Bloodshed was a nasty business, particularly when one was able to feel every wound and strike. I watched with my heart in my throat, clutching the bag strap around my shoulders, as the men seemed to disperse. My wings ruffled as they left, fear of our numbers, perhaps? I would have liked to believe it was a stroke of empathy that had overcome them, or wisdom even... but I'd shed that naivety some time ago.
As Ronan Vizsla turned to Skosk, I reflexively stiffened, preparing for the worst. However, he had only words for the Zabrak, something I should have sensed, but hadn't. Perhaps, for once, my own fears and trepidations were getting in the way of my empathy. I kept my head low, waiting to be acknowledged before speaking. However, even tho he never addressed me, I heard what he'd said. I had my own thoughts and opinions on his words, I buried them, pursing my lips and keeping everything to myself. In case perhaps another empath or telepath was around, I would have hated to be the one to shatter what fragile peace had settled.
My attention was drawn back to Skosk Australis, as he called me away. With but a low nod to all who remained, I turned to accompany him,
"Yes, my love." Came my reply, likely too soft for those out of our immediate vicinity to naturally hear.
I waited just a moment for him to take flight, so that I had enough room to spread my wings. With a mighty downward push, I launched into the air after him, my medkits unused, my hands unbloodied.
Who ever said that angels couldn't bring miracles? 



Tonka Fett

Tonka Fett

    In the Dark

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The Tro'zet walked into the crowd like a mountain walked into field. His short life, like most of his race, was just a series of fights dotted with gaps of waiting for the next fight. He heard the words come from the thin skinned men's mouth holes. Some he understood. Most just sounded like baby talk, squeals and gurgling but no gett'se. He didn't like how it sounded. He stood to his full height over the gathered Mandalorians, if that was what they really were, and shook his great horned head.

"Many words." He said, his voice like stones in an auto-dryer, "Big talks wid small heart. Fight or go lick shebs on other space rock. Tonka makes war, womans make war, people here make noise like babies."

He removed his heavy rough forged beskad from its Krayt dragon hide sheath. They were all puny, with soft hearts and afraided bellies. Tiny smooth skins in iron skins.

"No more mind." He continued, "No more talks. Fight or I call you little cowards in cans."

Ronan Vizsla Koda Fett Briika Munin Skosk Australis Mavarah Preliat Mantis


Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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“Goddammit.” Vanessa muttered, sipping down her fourth iced tea. “I wanted to see what was going to happen.” She sighed. “Oh well.” At least now she knew that the stability of the Mandalorians was, to say the least, questionable. Standing up, the remnants of her fourth iced tea still about half full, she asked for a refill before going to the counter and paying. Soon, she would step out of the cafe, still sipping her tea as she walked through the area the near-conflict had just started in. It was a long walk back to her ship, after all. Now was as good a time as any to head back if nothing else was happening.