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Sebastian Thel

Sebastian Thel


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Between splines and gears smeared with grease, Sebastian squirmed his way through the inner workings of a large construction site on one of the Vergesso Asteroids. The details of the design repeated in his head and he muttered calculations beneath his breath as he tried to tighten a gear on the shaft, which continued to come loose. Growling in frustration, Bas collected the gear and heard an alert on his comm link.


The beep told him that the shift was over. Attaching his spanner to his bracers, Bast reached for his comm and turned off the alert, before hauling himself out of the tunnel. He jumped on the deck and pulled his goggles off, letting them fall around his neck. Waiting for him was Dash, who seemed to know more about materials and hands-on construction than Sebastian, whose knowledge was limited to theory.


"I'm just having a bit of trouble with the splines, seems they haven't been fitted properly." Walking towards a table, over which scores of designs were laid, Bas scratched his head as he held up the gear. 


Bas placed the gear on the table and leaned in closer to check the design. Of all the engineers working on the elevator, he shared the compartment with Dash alone. Not one for small talk, Sebastian said nothing as he retracted his hand and walked away to a large crate, where he found his thermal mug of coffee.


Pulling himself onto the crate, Bas sat down and crossed his legs while holding the mug to his chest. He took a sip and postulated the design of the elevator, which was being constructed to haul material into space. 


"Maybe I just don't have the different parts down yet." He admitted his lack of knowledge regarding the different components and materials making up machines, in the hope that Dash might be able to lend some advice. He knew he had to put the endless theory and calculus to the back of his mind and focus on the pieces in front of him.


Dash Kessler