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Planet Template 2.2

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Planet Template 2.2

  • Intent: [Describe the plan for your planet. NOTE: This section alone can have your planet dismissed. Planets created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of Star Wars will not be approved.]
  • ‚ÄčImage Credit: How to properly source your images
  • Canon: [Is this a canon planet? If yes, please link to the original planet wiki here, if no simply put N/A. All canon planet submissions must be tagged "Canon" in Topic Tags]
  • Links: [Provide links to any relevant development threads, characters, companies, locations, etc here. Please list your links/sources for any images used here as well.]


  • Planet Name: [Example: Arkania, Korriban, etc.]
  • Demonym: [What a resident of this planet would be called. Residents of Coruscant are called Coruscanti.]
  • Region: [Core, Mid, Expansion, Outer, Unknown)
  • System Name: [Example: Abrion, Herrik, etc.]
  • System Features: [Here you may list suns, moons, other planets, important asteroid belts, spatial anomalies, or other features of the star system. You may also include moons, suns, orbital position, rotational period (length of day), and orbital period (days in a year) in this section.]
  • Coordinates: [The X,Y coordinates of the planet and its relative position in them according to the Galaxy Map]
  • Major Imports: [What the planet frequently buys from other planets.]
  • Major Exports: [What does the planet produce and bring to the galaxy, note that not all planets have to produce things. They can be barren or have riches yet to be discovered. Materials and ores should be specifically listed (e.g: Durasteel ore, Quadranium).]


  • Gravity: [Standard is, to human senses, Earth-like. Use terms such as "Twice Standard" to describe other types of gravity.]
  • Climate: [Temperate is Earth-like. Make notes of anything substantially different yet similar to Temperate. Add Controlled for when most of the climate is controlled by technology. Use words such as Arid or Frozen to describe single biome worlds.]
  • Primary Terrain: [Significant types of terrain that can easily be found. Examples: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Tundras, Forests, etc. Multiple can be used.]
  • Atmosphere: [Choose one of the following: Type I, Type II, Type III, or Type IV. Full descriptions of each can be found on the Wiki here.]
  • Major Locations: [What are the major locations on your world? At least one paragraph for each. If you wish to add a Force nexus (light or dark), you must justify it through your submission and history. Included for Force Nexus should be general size, intent, and information pertaining to it's creation. Below is the template for force nexus.]

Force Nexus


  • Native Species: [Species that have always lived there]
  • Immigrated Species: [Immigrant species with significant populations]
  • Population: [Choose from: Heavily populated, Moderately Populated, Sparsely Populated, Minimally Populated, Uninhabited]
  • Demographics: [Please describe the population assortment found in this city. Is it primarily human inhabitants with only a small percentage of aliens? Or perhaps the other way around? Is this a city open to all kinds of races or is there a strong theme of racism and xenophobia? Specific race percentages are welcome but not required.]
  • Primary Languages: [Galactic Standard Basic is the movies' English, all others are can be seen on Wookieepedia]
  • Culture: [General overview of the planet, should include information about daily life, society, arts, sports, religion.]


  • Government: [Federal Republic would describe a government such as the United States. Other general terms can be used.]
  • Affiliation: [Does this planet fall under the rule of a certain person or faction? Company or group?]
  • Wealth: [Low, medium, high? Describe, briefly, why.]
  • Stability: [Low, medium, high? Are there major issues causing unrest? Is this a planet of chaos or one of peaceful law abiding citizens? Is it dangerous for travelers to visit or are you safe as an outsider? Describe the general feel and theme of any over-arching government or rulers/leaders in this city. Are the people fairly free or is oppression of society and commerce heavy?]
  • Freedom & Oppression: [Describe the atmosphere of freedom on this planet. Does it have a dictatorial ruler? Is fear of the ruling body prevalent? Relaxed and open? Is anything unusual illegal or permitted?]


  • Military: [Describe the military capabilities of this planet. Is it completely demilitarized? A fortress world complete with heavy defenses? A space-faring world with a substantial navy? Is it a hive of scum and villainy with no discernible defense structure other than what it's inhabitants have to offer? Or maybe due to low tech the people here are still in the bronze age.]
  • Technology: [A description of how technologically advanced the planet is relative to the galaxy.]

Be sure to cover the following information in at least three paragraphs:
How was the planet discovered? How was planet settled? When was it settled? Why was it settled? What major events specific to the planet helped shape its inhabitants to what they are today?