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[Please Archive] Zethrux & Arkoni

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Zethrux & Arkoni. For most that know of the firm, the name invokes mixed feelings. They are famed for their skill, but also for the numerous high-end criminals they have kept on the streets. They are famed for their mastery of Corporate Law, but also the astronomical fees they charge. That, however, is only the surface.


What appears to be an extremely selective legal firm headquartered in Empress Teta's Core District is, in fact, also an equally selective criminal organisation. They are not, however, a group of thugs. There is no petty crime, no crude gang wars. In fact, aside from the occasional application of mentalism from Zethrux himself, the vast majority of Zethrux & Arkoni's (surprisingly few) employees are the whitest of white collar. When legs need to be broken, throats slit, and entire bloodlines wiped off the face of the galaxy, external contractors are the ones who get their hands dirty, in all but a few cases without knowing who actually hired them.


In addition to the exceedingly small number of actual employees, Zethrux & Arkoni employs a staggering array of shell companies, brainwashed contacts, and altered memories to keep any who would investigate their activities from learning the truth. At the centre of this twisting web of deception sits the Senior Partners, Thuux Zethrux and Sagrax Arkoni, with a handful of Partners possessing a large piece of the puzzle, though only Zethrux himself knows the true extent of the operation, with some nasty little secrets kept even from Arkoni. For his own good, of course.



After being exiled from his homeworld of Falleen, Thuux Zethrux travelled to Empress Teta, where he lived off the considerable funds he had brought with him while immersing himself in Galactic Law. After a few years of getting to know the inner workings of galactic society, the power-hungry Falleen set out to find a worthy partner in crime (and Law). Seeing much to be admired in the brilliant young Zabrak Sagrax Arkoni, an offer was made. A partnership established.


While an odd pairing, with Sagrax being freshly educated and Zethrux having practised Law on Falleen for over a decade before his exile, it proved to be exceedingly effective, both in the courthouse and in shadier dealings. Quickly, a division of responsibility emerged, with Arkoni taking responsibility for the firm's legal practice, while Zethrux took charge of its illicit dealings. That being said, both partners were intimately involved in both sides of the business, with one frequently consulting the other in times of doubt.


Slowly amassing influence amongst Empress Teta's elite, while simultaneously cornering its niche in its underworld, the firm grew slowly over the years, particularly due to its extraordinarily selective recruitment policy. Having amassed a reputation as truly excellent lawyers and "fixers" of the highest echelon, the pair's greedy eyes turned outwards, towards the galaxy at large. Empress Teta was magnificent indeed, but it was only one amongst innumerable worlds. The galaxy was vast, the galaxy was diverse, the galaxy was filled with people to exploit for their personal gain.


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Adrian Vandiir

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