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Dubrillion-class aquatic destroyer

- - - - - destroyer

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Varindar Asyt

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The Dubrillion with its main battery retracted





  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: Dubrillion-class aquatic destroyer
  • Modularity: Yes
  • ProductionMinor
  • Material: Durasteel, Hexheim ERA plating


  • Classification: Aquatic Destroyer
  • Role: Anti-submarine/aircraft
  • Size: Very large
  • Length: 144.24m
  • Width: 18.80m
  • Weight: Very heavy (6500 tons)
  • Minimum Crew: 40
  • Optimal Crew: 150
  • Propulsion: Propeller
  • Speed: Slow (60 kph)
  • Maneuverability: Low
  • Armament: Very High
  • 5 heavy turbolasers (1 on the bow and 4 on a midship hardpoint)
  • 6 underwater proton rocket-caliber flex-tubes
  • 40 VLS flex-tube launchers 
  • 20 Anoat electromagnetic plasma cannons
  • Defenses: High
  • Squadron Count: None (1)
  • Passenger Capacity: 400
  • Cargo Capacity: Large



  • Slim bow-on or astern profile
  • Heavy armament
  • Heavy defenses


  • Slow, ponderous
  • Limited ammunition: if the magazines are exhausted, the ship is vulnerable
  • Large broadside target
  • Exposed heavy turbolaser hardpoint
  • Exposed decks are vulnerable to projectile weapons

Description: The rebel engagement on Dubrillion proved that simultaneously policing water planets against submarine and airborne threats is not as straightforward as previously believed; it required a platform that could operate in the high seas, far away from ports on landmasses, and also pack serious firepower both underwater and above-water. As usual the hull is covered with ERA, both above-water and underwater, allowing it to take projectile hits better, but, as with the Cerrabore, the exposed decks are not equipped with ERA, making it a vulnerable spot for being hit with projectile weapons. The main battery comprises one quad heavy turbolaser hardpoint, mounted at the top of the mast, but since most of the mass is closer to the waterline, thanks to the 40 vertical launch system (VLS) units, capable of mounting projectiles up to the size of a proton torpedo, six proton rocket tubes being below the waterline, and engineering sections being on lower decks, the stability and the seaworthiness aren't compromised. Also, the ordnance fired from the underwater proton rocket tubes is able to target above-water targets, and the missiles in the VLS units may also target underwater targets. As for point-defense, 20 Anoat electromagnetic plasma cannons line up the edges of the ship, both port and starboard.


In addition, the aft hangar and flight deck allows it to handle half a squadron of aircraft, outfitted with ordnance as practical in anti-surface and anti-submarine operations. Yet, the Dubrillion's sheer size makes it a rather large target if fired at from broadside, but also a rather slow one. Also, its reliance on projectiles render the ship vulnerable if its projectile magazines are exhausted.

Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Under Review.


Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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