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Sor-Jan Xantha's Pathfinder Armor

- - - - - Technology Sor-Jan Xantha

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  • Intent: A Star Wars variant of modernist ranger armor for use by Sor-Jan Xantha.
  • Image Source: Child's Finn Costume (Partycity.com), Jake Lloyd headshot from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (screenshot). Photoshop by me.
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: ExplorCorps Youngling Field Kit



  • Classification: Multipurpose (Stealth)
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters: High

- Vibroblades: High

- Kinetic: Very Low

- Lightsabers: None

- Sonic: None

- EMP/ION: None

- Elemental: Low

- Other (Mechanical-based Sensors): Average




  • Force Camouflage. The Taozin skin nodules stitched into the reinforced shoulders of the jacket function in a manner that cloaks the wearer's presence within the Force.
  • Sensor Jammer. The baffleweave underlay interferes with most motion tracking or mechanical-based sensory input devices.
  • Spider Silk Armor: The use of shell spider silk in the shirt and trousers allows those components to deflect blaster fire as well as vibroblade strikes.
  • Durable Construction: The core of the jacket functions like a light armored blast vest, while the use of duranex in the trousers and spacer's leather in the sleeves extends the wear of the clothing even with frequent use. It's not high fashion, nor is it fine fabric, but it doesn't tear easily and holds up to even.
  • Water Resistant: The trousers and jacket are both treated for water resistance, allowing them to retain their thermal retention properties in incremental weather or very humid environments.


  • Must be wearing the jacket in order to benefit from the Taozin effect.
  • Must be wearing the jacket in order to benefit from the sensor jammer.
  • No Lightsaber Protection or Resistance.
  • No Sonic, Ion, or EMP Protection.
  • Low Ballistic/Kinetic Resistance.
  • No Head Protection: No enclosed helmet or air supply means this suit provides no respiratory support or head protection in case of accident or attack.
  • Low Elemental Protection: This suit is designed for all weather in temperate climates. It is not designed for prolonged exposure in desert or arctic conditions. The overall design lacks sufficient thermal retention to provide adequate protection under extremes of cold. The suit is flame retardant, but lacks adequate thermal protection to shield the wearer from extremes of heat.

At first blush, Sor-Jan Xantha's chosen "armor" may have merely seemed to be common spacer's attire for a Corellian scoundrel. While intended to support the slicer's high-tech adventures, the concept and construction of the armor was very low tech by design. The armor concealed his presence within the Force while also greatly reducing the effectiveness of motion sensor tracking to discern his movements. As Anzati racial traits render them undetectable to most life sign or biometric sensory devices (appearing on medical scanners as humanoid corpses), this allowed the Corellian Jedi to pass undetected by most conventional systems and Force-based perception. Highly trained Force Users could still be capable of perceiving him, however.


The armor incorporated components woven of Shell Spider Silk, which provided protection against the two most common weapons in the galaxy; blasters and vibroblades. However, the armor exhibited Sor-Jan's overall reliance on the Force as it provided minimal protection against the environment (for which Jedi have Tapas) and no head protection at all.


The jacket itself, outside the Taozin shoulder reinforcements and baffleweave underlay, was a rather unremarkable model from off the rack in any number of stores around the Corellian or Duros sectors of the galaxy. The trousers were constructed of a durable material and featured the second-class Corellian bloodstripe decoration on them. The shirt was collarless, made in a wrap-around style that formed a V at the neckline. The utility belt included a drop-leg style holster that could hold a small pistol strapped to the right thigh. The items included in the utility belt were identical to those carried by Sor-Jan while a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars.


Though very few would recognize it today, the front of the jacket included the rank insignia tab of a general in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic at the time of the Clone Wars.

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Under Review.



Adron Malvern

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne



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