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WIP Kent Colony | Feedback/Advice

- - - - - Kent Colony

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Jalnic Whitur

Jalnic Whitur
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Hello, some who have read some of my WIP submissions on a colony, the Kent Colony, pretty much has an idea of things. But if you don't have a clue about it yet, here's some background information.


18 years ago, Jalnic discovered a damaged ancient deserted imperial II-class Star Destroyer named the Noble Kent. However, he found several refugees living inside several operational areas. He then invested into the Star Destroyer and has remodified it to sustain the population.As the population and refugees grew, the more area inside the Star Destroyer became repaired and remodified. As Jalnic became the founder of the Kent The Star Destroyer is completely immobile as the engines are too damaged, about a little more than half of the weapons systems have been either too wrecked or deemed unnecessary, and the life support systems have become more efficient. 




This is a very ambitious plan, but I would like to try it out. Here are 2 WIP submissions related to this topic that I've worked on so far and some of the questions I would like to be addressed to help me out.


Kent's Haven (Location: Space Station)


Kent Colony (NPC: Group)



Does everything seem reasonable?

What other information seems good to add?

Is all the information correctly placed or used?

Any recommendations?

How do you feel about this idea?